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  1. This right here is the reason I don't understand why Frankie came here. I get he wants to discuss Halo 5, but surely he has to know the problem we have with the game are the fundamentals they've changed that they won't removed. To get any discussion here is pointless since nothing will change. This doesn't mean I want people to want to fucking kill him or anything, but did he expect a bunch of people to be happy about the changes? Or that everyone would be an angel about the whole thing There's no excuse for being a dick, but it happens with EVERY forum. It's unavoidable.
  2. True. However, every pro player is pretty happy with hearing "arena" and "equal starts" again. I'm going to let the full game sink in before believing their opinions.
  3. The problem with this is that this isn't Teambeyond exclusive, it happens everywhere. To assume any forum environment won't have dickheads is naive. Does that excuse it? Absolutely not. But instead of getting hung up on those guys, actually talk to the people willing to have a discussion. Its what he came here to do, and I saw quite a few people asking real questions.
  4. Again, it's a new game. Everyone's going to be in love with it. It happened with Reach and 4. If they feel the same after a few months of the full Halo 5, then I'll concede. For now, I doubt they'll be playing after month 3.
  5. Most pros also loved Halo 4 at first. Remember Ninja saying it was as fun as Halo 2? Then he said it sucked a couple months later and a lot of people left. If they like the game I'm going to guess they're in the honeymoon phase. Not because I think 343 can't make a fun game, but because it's happened before.
  6. When your main answers for new features involve "immersion" and player expectations, it's a sign maybe that those features aren't good for your game. You look at gameplay mechanics for what they will do in terms of GAMEPLAY
  7. While I get him not liking hostility from people, I don't understand him when he says the conversation isn't useful. Most of our gripes with Halo 5 come from the fundamentals that they won't change, so I don't know why Frankie came here thinking anything useful was going to happen. They'd still have the features in, we'd still be pissed at them. Does that excuse being a dick? No, but I see a lot more good guys than bad ones here.
  8. I suppose. To me personally, I got where SAUCEY was coming from. I guess the language seemed elitist, but honestly, the last two releases from 343 have been either a flop in terms of population or a flop in networking. I understand resentment. However, there are also people willing to listen too, if you wade through some of the shit
  9. @@Frankie Yeah sorry about that comment got kinda pissed and I guess it was over nothing. Still, to leave over some dissenting opinions (and admittedly, some hostile people) won't change much for you, especially when there ARE people here that are constructive. I understand you're not as involved in game development, but personally I understand where SAUCEY is coming from. I mean when the last game is at a 20K population a year after and the MCC is how it was after release, there's going to be resentment. "Fuck you your game sucks" isn't constructive, but telling you what they don't like is.
  10. I guess that came off a bit abrasive. But I mean, it's not like saucey was saying "Fuck you guys your game sucks" I saw some actual constructive criticism in there, even though it seemed a bit elitist. I know there are hostile people but there are PLENTY of people willing to listen to Frankie and ask him questions.
  11. Look, I understand there are hostile people. But just because some people are hostile doesn't mean everyone here is. SAUCEY is giving his opinion, and as someone who has a public presence, if you think it's offensive then don't respond. There are quite a number of people here who are being constructive. If you chalk this comment up to bias, fine. But I understand where he's coming from when he says "forced game mechanics". Not to mention having a lead who hasn't had any experience with Halo up til Halo 4 when he was hired. Still, don't write off everybody here as offensive because you think one person is. There's TONS of people here giving you constructive comments. Just look at the last 15 questions for you. Not everybody hates you, man.
  12. Not really. You can play a competitive game casually, but not a casual one competitively. There are plenty of games that are easy to learn but hard to master. THAT'S what I want.
  13. What the fuck? You're telling us we're not useful or having a discussion and blocking out any criticism. "You have no clue what you're talking about". We are interested in what you have to say, you just won't listen to what WE have to say. "Self selection bias" amirite. Way to generalize all of teambeyond too. Yes Frankie, we're all out to get you.
  14. Very true, from a business standpoint you need to include all types of communities in order to both pull in new players, make money, and make new experiences. My problem with that being when there are to many chefs in the kitchen, you dilute what you're making due to the amount of ingredients you put in.
  15. Again, I understand what impact these people have on Halo. Everyone needs to have their say. My point being if they want something successful in terms of multiplayer and overall gameplay, target competitive, because they usually have a better understanding of game mechanics than most (again, that's not true for everybody, just in general there's that correlation) and they stick with the game. Trust me, forgers and speedrunners are dedicate and should be listened to. I'm talking raw gameplay, without map editing or speedrunning. Those two communities, along with the casual community, machinima makers, and grifball players are just as important, but for different reasons.
  16. I'm not Frankie but I'm responding, not so much for the first question, but for the second. Personally, I don't think they will admit the direction they took is wrong, not because I'm a rage filled bastard who hates 343, but rather because in game design, first they look at why people don't like the direction and try to fix it so people WILL like it instead of just completely changing it. That's how I feel about it. 343 knew people hated armor abilities and sprint, so instead of taking both out, they made the abilities default and sprint tied to shields. I think both compromises, personally, are both stupid, but that's my opinion on it. I honestly don't think they'll change direction if Halo 5 flops.
  17. Very true. Grifball needs to make a return. But the difference between grifball and overall competitive players is that grifball is it's own special gametype with it's own special rules. Competitive, on the other hand, includes nearly all aspects of the game and they stick with it. That's why I want them to focus on the competitive crowd: so we can get an overall good Halo game with longevity. That's not to throw any other community under the bus, though. Their feedback also matters.
  18. I understand exactly what you mean. Sure, you could argue "it's just visual/ its a sound" but thats the point: if its just that why change it in the first place? No need to change shield recharge, no need to change the SPnKR, no need to change the zoom if it's functionally the same. I don't understand it.
  19. Stick with as in keep playing long after the game is relevant and/or new. I'm also looking at this from a gameplay perspective as Halo is a video game. I agree grifballers and lore fans are devoted, trust me I don't think they aren't dedicated. But competitive players are fans of the gameplay which is what Halo is, because it's a game, which is why I didn't count lore fans. This gameplay thing extends beyond multiplayer and also into campaign. 343 needs to focus on the big thing in a video game, gameplay, before lore.
  20. This is another thing. Lots of minor changes make it really hard to get that Halo feeling. It's like if you changed the Milennium Falcon to a B-17. It just doesn't sit right.
  21. Trust me, I'm not naive enough to think our numbers overpower the majority. But there is that correlation of who sticks with the game and who's competitive. Now that doesn't mean we need to get rid of BTB or any other relaxing casual playlists, I'd just rather them have a focus on those who will stick with the game so that way they can avoid the problem of a low population count by trying to please everyone, if you see what I mean. But again, this is all conjecture, so yeah, discussion wouldn't really work here.
  22. I would say the Halo audience that they should be going for are the competitive crowd. Not because I don't want casual gameplay in there, or speedrunning, or machinima makers, or forgers, and all that stuff, because I do want these guys to have their say and I love what they do for Halo, but because at the end of the day, those competitive players are the ones who stand by the game. It's important to make a game that can be played over and over again and for the most part, the casual audience won't in 2015. Again, I don't want to be elitist or anything, I just think they should target the crowd that is going to stick with their game and keep the population stable instead of going all over the place and having a game that is abandoned after a short times.
  23. @@Frankie Not here to cause an argument, but I'd rather like to hear why you think appealing to all demographics is a good thing. I understand it's a business and you have to make money, but isn't that the problem? When you mix too many things in, you dilute the whole. Halo 4 had a similar problem. You had some classic playlists like Legendary Slayer BR, but you also had this Infinity Slayer deal. Split the community and what do you know? A lot of them left. The thing here is that for the most part in 2015, the casual audience will pick up your game for a month then move on to the next thing. If you develop a game for these people, sure, you'll rake in lots of money, but at the expense of a game that has longevity and player retention. Halo 3 pretty much stuck to what Halo 2 did then added some things. Theater, Forge, equipment (many here don't like it but personally I enjoyed their addition and actually used them) all help add to the game rather then change the game, if you know what I mean. Stayed in the top 3 games for 3 years and it had to compete against MW2. I feel like 343 has this philosophy about having "revolutionary" game design instead of "evolutionary" game design. By that I mean you guys have this tendency to want to change a lot of core features of Halo. Don't get me wrong, change is good. Personally I like thruster, but I really dislike the rest of the abilities. To me, thruster seems like a natural evolution of the strafing, and with base movement speed increased for strafe it shouldn't mean that thrusting necessarily nets you the kill. If you can shoot while thrusting, even better. But these other abilities are changing the core game. Bungie wanted armor abilities to be the fourth layer on the golden triangle, and you guys saw how poorly they were received and so took them out. But now you're doing the same thing with these abilities, trying to make a fourth layer of the triangle rather than improving the already existing one. This in turn causes the game to feel alien and not like Halo. I can't speak for everyone, because I know there are a lot of people who like these changes, but I think I speak for a lot of people in that these abilities really feel no different than the armor abilities that we all disliked. A lot of people were pissed when Josh mentioned immersion as a factor in deciding what goes into gameplay, and rightfully so. You can't use lore to justify a game mechanic, because gameplay is a completely separate thing. Would it be lore friendly if human weapons didn't affect Spartans because the armor is so advanced that human weapons wouldn't stand a chance against it? Yes, but it would suck for gameplay. Would it be lore friendly if weapons jammed randomly because they do so in real life? Again, yes, but that would be very annoying and isn't that great of a justification for a video game that isn't bound by real world physics and features, you know? Appreciate the response if you give it. Thanks for your time.

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