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  1. If you're voting 3 AR's over CE, I honestly have no clue what to say. Now if it were H3 BR's I'd totally get it, but even then CE doesn't get enough exposure when it should.
  2. Holy shit, Dammy is like 2/3 of the maps I play. It takes fucking FOREVER. That must be why.
  3. Yes and no. Thruster would be awesome if we could shoot and I could see that being an awesome enhanced way of strafing, and ground pound is offensive as well. But other abilities....no.
  4. Timing as best I can. Problem is teammate and enemies keep running across the map and there's no positioning with who I'm playing with. That's partially my fault since I'm not playing in a party, but man does it make the game stale when people are just staying on their side of the map and my teammate won't push.
  5. Pre-order the LAN edition of H5 and you get access to it offline
  6. A lot of people on this sub really like CE because it's fast paced in terms of TTK and weapon spawning, but every time I play the game lasts the time limit and it's so boring. The game itself is satisfying but since there are just two people, the game really slows down, at least in my experience. Is it just me?
  7. The problem is that, while the logical thing is to do option 3, I feel like the moral thing would have been to put Halo 5 on halt. At this day and age where many people are seeing so many broken games, a delay for a game shows devs aren't going to be satisfied until the game is good. I recall EA did this with Battlefront and Mirrors Edge when Battlefield 4 was broken.
  8. The biggest problem with season 1 and 2 was playing the same maps over and over again. Couple that with not telling us the guidelines for what they want from the forge maps until they're already submitted and it was just...boring. Halo 5 needs more diversity. I can see some awesome maps in the future, and thruster will make some cool plays happen I hope.
  9. I get that Frankie is a bit of a wildcard because of how the culture used to be at Bungie, and I respect that because it shows he's not a corporate suit. But saying "Halo might not be the game for you" to someone who, along with many other people on and not on GAF, are concerned with the fact the the HCS crashed like 10 times and DC'd about the same amount and how that'll affect Halo 5. There's something very snarky about that. He could afford it back in the Bungie days because no game was released basically broken, but if there had been, he'd have to be very careful about what he said, like he should be now. I appreciate you coming here, but nothing about his last visit here and that comment do him any favors for me.
  10. I'm not revising history, hell my first post on this forum was me asking why the hell he had to be shithead with the "visits must be short here" shit he pulled. Still, there's asskissery and there's legitimate questions people were asking him. Better to get some response out of him then none, I guess, especially after that immersion bomb Josh dropped on us in December.
  11. There's a time and place, man. What, did you want us to say "FUCK YOU" and drive him away without even trying to get answers from him? I agree there was a lot of asskissery but stop trying to be some special snowflake. Newflash: You and Saucey weren't the only ones to criticize them. I respect both you and him not giving your ground, but I don't blame other users for at least trying to ask them what the hell is going on with the game, either.
  12. When was the last time we got communication from almost the head of 343 Industries? Never. People were playing it cool so we could actually have a conversation with this guy. I got pretty pissed off but I realized I was being way too much of an asshole to actually get any answers I'd want from him. Now I won't lie, Frankie is a massive douche and that NeoGAF comment made me lose a lot of respect for him, but don't act like you're the only one here calling them out on their shit. There were quite a few back then and a lot now.
  13. I want to see at least some commnunity interaction with the HCS, especially because I know that there will be base maps that won't be as good as others. I trust players will figure out the game better than the devs at some point and figure out how to make better maps around the abilities.
  14. Damn. Well, at least we can look forward to more than 3 maps and clear instructions on how to get forge maps into the HCS. I hope they show off some maps from beta for the invitational so we can see what changes have been made.
  15. I really hope H5 can bring some of competitive Halo back. Have they announced when season 3 starts or is that Gamescom thing the opener? I'd hate to wait 3 more months.
  16. At that point it was like the first communication we'd got from that high up for the game. If you recall a lot of people were pretty pissed with him then, as well.
  17. At least Halo 5 won't have disconnects Let's hope it has more variety.
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