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  1. We're at war with China folks @@The Donald where are you when we need you
  2. Links not working Edit: NVM
  3. Ok bye now amnd god damnit @@Moa im pissed now
  4. - A walkthrough of the Imminent map @@S0UL FLAME and I made - A full 2v2 game on the Downrush remake - A walkthrough of Decidia by the creator
  5. It's not enjoyable whatsoever which is why I don't play it
  6. @@MATCLAN Kingnick brought up an interesting point about the shooting and aiming in h1 to me that makes it feel so...weird up close. Could be related to the 180 glitch. As you're snapping your reticle around shit just doesnt line up with your view so theres drag on the shots Its so differerent than PC and MCC its not even funny, more pronounced on higher ping xlan as well
  7. update: got my cables working thanks @@Riddler for suggestions and fuck you @@Hard Way i will never be a dino in a halo game unless i feel like trolling
  8. Surprisingy imminent works way better with abilities than in evolved but most if not all remakes suck Idk I liked Cobalt
  9. So i recently went out and bought a new original xbox for softmodding purposes. Got NHE v7 installed and everything, got myself a component adapter for the xbox as well to get some niiiiice visuals Unfortunately the colors seem to be fucked. I kepe getting this weird blue-yellow hue on the screen. The audio is fine and everything, but the colors ingame suuuck any suggestions?
  10. ^ when even Cratos is shit talking Cratos you know its fucked
  11. Isn't this like the 17th time Batch has rejoined Infused what the fuckk
  12. "For better or worse, Halo 4 feels like a sequel to Halo 3, and that’s what I wanted to avoid. In fact, I wanted to change the game so much that we couldn’t even call it Halo 4. There’s a hint of that idea in Halo 4, but it’s not obvious... If I could do it all over again, I would’ve fought hard to not make Halo 4 as it shipped or this innovative, forward-thinking Halo game we dreamt up. I would have remade Halo: CE internally at 343—for Xbox 360 or Xbox One—and made it a faithful, unbelievably beautiful, well-designed remake that would teach the team how to ship together, how to work within this engine, and how to earn respect from the fans. We should have done that before creating something wild and crazy." this quote right here basically says it all, to me. 343 never seemed to figure out how to work together internally, and it shows in their products with Halo 4, MCC, and H5. I won't pretend like bungie did either, but something about this particular piece of this article stood out to me. it isn't even about making classic halo; it's about getting a group of people to focus on an idea and make the best possible game. really puts into perspective why everything in 343's games feels of lesser quality and polish than Bungie's, from the social features down to the gameplay loops.
  13. Quiet please tell me you actually drew that
  14. The pistol being a pistol better makes it 10000x fuck that
  15. not to bring the whole lazy strafe topic back to the forums but there is clearly one superior way to play

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