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  1. It'll be playable again on Xbone soon boys, it'll be sick
  2. Do they have fusion frenzy on PC if not its worthless!
  3. Cooper padded my stats when no one else would #FreeCooper
  4. Welp since my xbone kicked the bucket sold my halo 5 copy, I recommend everybody do it if they still dislike the game here lol It literally will not get any better so you have nothing to lose!
  5. maybe if u had actual points besides "they're not that bad guys:" i would have said something with more substance lol
  6. Ripharambe whats ur quake account name lets play a duel, really shows how broken the abilities are
  7. Nyx can literally disappear and not be harmed or seen for 10 second, come out with a gauntlet, and two shot people to death Duel is bastardized TDM is still fun as always though, Freeze tag also needs to make a return Oh wait this is the Halo 5 thread. Halo 5 sucks. Thats my contribution for the day
  8. Damnit dude I was hoping you'd actually bite and be able to experience Quake on a mouse and keyboard
  9. Do not EVER use the Reach AR as an example of good to bad
  10. Smh The correct question is "Hey is that Aerowak from Quake in CE 1.5"
  11. What about component cables Those tube TVs also make the game feel responsive as fuck my guy
  12. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to whitelist this site on my adblock bless you
  13. We're at war with China folks @@The Donald where are you when we need you
  14. Links not working Edit: NVM

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