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  1. ya xlan is not nearly as popular but it is new after all. dunno how to convince people to play it over xlink but the functionality is all there and its simple and easy to set up
  2. the latest build of it has it, what build did you last play on
  3. xlan has a channel listing that shows active channels, does that not fill the lobby system role only problem is that the lobby system becomes less important for halo 1 since no JIP
  4. you're the type of kid i want to hit offline
  5. i want a ddos gun that lets me hit kids offline when i lose in matchmaking but we dont always get what we want
  6. We could play Valhalla again with it Its the return of the h3 BR baby
  7. Knew it was gonna be this fuckin video before i even clicked the link
  8. Boyo what is your opinion on the Berenstain bears
  9. Quiet arent you the guy who runs around with the needler and somehow gets kills with it on PC hahahah fucking power weapon right there
  10. No teambeyond is certainly the place for that
  11. Ah ok gotcha becauae i was gonna write a spergy essay on why my opinion is better than yours
  12. ^ @@Kell Of Scots when did plasma rifle, shotgun, and the assault rifle become a gimmick lol they get used a lot not sure how they're not meaningful to pick up
  13. Why cant they just fuckin disappear when they die just like the energy sword in halo 1 and be done with this madness @@Boyo how do you feel about the berenstain bears
  14. Sounds like the excuses of somebody who got outplayed
  15. Shouldn't you have deleted your XBL after getting out AR'd all the time in matchmaking then :P
  16. IS there a skill couch? Perhaps a skill desk or table. Maybe even a skill lamp
  17. Deucey i dont know how you did it bro but thank you for trying to restore that shit, i literally caught the feels watching it the first time and i REALLY want to rewatch. As relevant today as it was 3 years ago
  18. @ How Can Rooms In Halo Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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