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  1. ya it would be nice to get games on the og games. if halo 2 ever came to BC i wonder how many people would play? right now its mostly just lockout FFA on xlink, would love to see what could happen if NA players went back to it.
  2. I'm very impressed. KOTOR looks amazing with its upped resolution and 60fps. I just expected a standard port over with the same visuals and frames as the old Since they're doing these modifications, I wonder if they'd ever port halo 1 and 2 over in 4k with legitimate widescreen support, or up the framerate. probably too much to do at once but hey if even one of those happened it'd be great, would love to see that shit
  3. i love cuphead i also recognize that i hate the game when i suck and i love the game when i beat that asshole boss and stop seeing their dumb quotes at the end its definitely worth its price and i've enjoyed the time i've played it so far
  4. cuphead is the beta version of hell
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/77q13s/halo_mcc_what_happened_and_what_happens_next/?sort=confidence Frankies full explanation here Edit : idont read
  6. to clarify its not about going indie so much as it is going for better valued products Just so happens those tend to coincidence. dusk looks interesting but i dont know if i wanna play another shooter. @@QuietMan what would appeal to me about sundered
  7. very good, when i finish cuphead I think i'll move on to sonic mania or something. i want to expand my horizons beyond AAA games since i'm really burned on halo + other disappointing microtransaction filled games.
  8. Anyone play Cuphead? The lovely @ gifted it to me and so far it's been a frustrating but addicting experience, think Civilization's just one more turn except you play as anthromorphic cup man on this one. Doubtless will continue playing, and it's nice that it's a third of AAA pricing without microtransactions. Good time so far.
  9. Its probably possible the real question is would MS allow an app that bypasses their paid subscription service to be supported
  10. I can't believe I got a man fired from his dream job just so he would make a youtube video
  11. His item control isn't top tier, he just plays people that are really shit and don't care to time
  12. reminds me of a choice @@Mythik Nick quote "I don't play Halo 3 because I don't gamble"
  13. GMYF servers are probably the best place to go for xbox like gameplay and such, lots of additions to make the game play more like xbox on those.
  14. you make my day brighter by just existing moa
  15. Hey do any of you fellas know how to transfer original xbox saves from your PC to another xbox? I have copied files from my original xbox hard drive to a compatible USB, and used xplorer360 to open the drive and extract out the partition with all the folders. Is there any way to transfer these extracted files to another USB and then reformat it to be compatible with xbox? EDIT: Nvm boys, figured it out. Just needed to add a folder to the partition on xplorer360 and inject the folders and plug it into a console. We gucci

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