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  1. half the the people who did vote did, or roughly 1/4 of eligible voters
  2. haha wow you care a lot about a guy that represents your country and can pass legislation that could hurt or kill people and affects millions what a loser
  3. so you dont like poor people got it
  4. Rick explain me to why you dont want poor people to have healthcare
  5. not surprising at all considering the population is low as shit, i run into people ive played with before every other game it seems
  6. thanks for helping me stat in social that one game
  7. i'd roll both of u @Infinity @washedfrank also in other news frostbite was sick
  8. Everyones talking about Cooper but forgetting about lax cooper xal
  9. Playing halo during our university smash weekly i stream it
  10. who knows maybe it'll be improved when it comes to pc...or not
  11. Played in bracket made it to div 2 somehow lol. Ended up on stream too which was sick tho i lost. Overall good time
  12. Looking good as ever you should play mcc with me sometime
  13. went to big house 9 this year played 64 was pretty dope. definitely going back next year @LimeSodawe still gotta play man lmao
  14. Oh fuck i just remembered @Cursed Lemon lives in MI too LOLLLL
  15. @Hard Waydo u still lan with people in ohio? 2020 summer i am trying to make an effort to go to some since ill have plenty of time to do it
  16. All i'm thinking right now is i desperately want this to not matter and i want this game to be good and quality and polished and if people leaving causes it to be subpar i want them to delay it, I don't care about 'lol 343 sucks' or whatever i just want a good Halo game and i really want this one to be it

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