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  1. Bc if it truly is coming in march i imagine they’d be focused on polishing what they originally intended to release in november, not add more things that may still be out of their scope with regards to corona and other shit behind the scenes
  2. If its coming out in Spring I highly doubt they'd do a beta, they'd probably be pushing everyone to get out whatever they planned to and not adding more stuff But lets be real the game is coming out Fall 2021 and they didn't mention a new release date when they revealed it bc they'd be essentially saying you have to wait a year and half to play this game that you've been waiting for for the last 2 years
  3. Its not like theres a shadowy cabal that is dictating Shyway’s opinion, in his mind he thinks sprint benefits the game and thats all there is to it Interestingly sprint in the demo looks like it is literally just an animation without adding speed so i have no idea if its an early halo2 type thing where you ramp up into a sprint animation automatically or maybe its just either the demo being (painfully) incomplete or that you can upgrade sprint in campaign Too many years nerfing this mechanic, its time they let it go lol that’d be the biggest dub of the last decade
  4. Seems like you were right on the money when you mentioned the commando being considered as a potential starting weapon
  5. Thank you Multilockon for bringing up the block out shit, I used to always wonder why a lot of the maps felt samey beyond just their textures and that plaza example really stuck with me Only bungie game I remember being that simplistic is H1 where you had Hardy learning 3ds as he was making the game lol. I hope Infinite has more unique designs and angles rather than the 90 degree stuff This video gives a similar perspective for Valorant
  6. game checking for ground pound probably
  7. This would be right around when they stopped using Unreal Engine 4 / a little after based off what soul has said
  8. Just wanna point out that Soul Flame is credible here. Years ago he told me about this exact conversation he had in 2017, and on top of that certain details like the gunfighter magnum being the new pistol (which I assume became the sidekick) along with them experimenting with equipment pickups and these armor abilities. This was years ago. He also mentioned the open world aspect and something about being able to shoot somebody across a Halo ring if I remember correctly. (Can't find the logs to support that one so maybe I'm just being a dipshit) Either way I trust Soul's info. He's been consistently on the money based of what we've seen and his info hasn't changed in the 3 years I've known about some of what he's said.
  9. The most interesting thing for Infinite rn for me is watching the behind scenes development play out COVID is definitely a big part of why everything is behind but there was clearly more going on, and I really hope they're not overworking the devs on this game and fucking up their shit like Halo 2 did I really hope they bite the bullet and delay the game to Fall 2021 to get a feature-complete and popular Halo. Only one chance to make a first impression here
  10. Covid is def not a cope but they weren't showing things for 4 of the 5 years before covid existed. That on top of Tim Longo leaving probably fucked this project and forced them to switch gears. This delay can only be a good thing so glad they made that call
  11. did review tech really just make a video reading out reviews that have been out there for years like its some kind of new information lol
  12. holy shit i never thought i'd see the day lets fucking GOOOO
  13. Shekkles and SMARTAN i actually completely agree, i have been having fun with halo for the first time in years playin with my friend and just playing games i like it helps h3 works well too. And my standards haven’t lowered either; im just more realistic about stuff. And im hopeful for infinite but i have hard limits and if it has certain things i’m just not gonna purchase and put it out of my mind rather than post about it. Posting requires investment
  14. I’m pretty impressed with the h3 port, QOL changes like centered reticle and a forge overhaul are awesome things i didn’t expect, plus the port runs well and I have yet to encounter gamebreaking bugs
  15. Reminiscent is one of the worst halo maps ive ever played lol that is straight trash
  16. Its not what he did lol No ctf? Thats like one of the cleanest, simplest, and most engaging gametypes i can think of in any fps
  17. not surprising at all considering the population is low as shit, i run into people ive played with before every other game it seems
  18. thanks for helping me stat in social that one game
  19. i'd roll both of u @Infinity @washedfrank also in other news frostbite was sick
  20. Everyones talking about Cooper but forgetting about lax cooper xal
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