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  1. Bigshow36 I have not seen you in the CE playlist....when we playin man
  2. Anyone asking for custom settings to happen forget what happened to Gold Pro and our own evolved settings lol
  3. ^ lets be honest it was a failed attempt a unifying completely different worlds of Halo together while appealing to nobody it failed to generate the interest of casuals and the viewership by said players as well as the own company's neglect of the hcs shows it (lets not forgets worlds 2017 or che's infamous congrats to whoever won whatever) they can say whatever feel good thing about respecting halo's identity to justify the new settings but the reality is it's literally them throwing in the towel on their original idea and doing what the community wanted from the start after 10 years of trying other shit to get what cod had and what fortnite and other popular f2p games now have
  4. Would it be if they added a sand torpedo ?
  5. "Modes will be Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball." No king or assault is wild to me considering they literally added assault back with its own announcer in h5 i really am thinking we are once again getting a lack of game modes at launch to the surprise of actually nobody.... was expecting different given the datamined gamemodes from the flight but guess thats just the way it is
  6. ngl was expecting them to say they took out sprint in comp when bravo said something like "we know people have been asking for this for a long time...."
  7. game looks decent out of the box might be interesting in trying to compete somewhat, at least online, if they follow through and the maps are
  8. everyone on TB afraid to get exposed for sucking dick ....
  9. I found most of the UI/HUD hard to read because of colors + locations Not sure why we're still regressing on that front but like Halo 3 is essentially the pinnacle of HUD and visual stuff and since then it gets harder and harder to read
  10. i dont care about whether or not an fps has advanced movement, like i find that shit usually really interesting i dont think 343 is the company that could ever nail it and their attempts thus far are meh maybe a universe where thrust was better implemented could have been good but as of right now i am not happy with any of it
  11. i think a scarier reality for team beyond is that the vast majority of casuals want halo to take this direction yeah we can say that people left the franchise and they don't have a voice in it anymore because the game changed but like the average guy seems pretty fine with halo as it is, plus f2p this game will be a success at least at the beginning who knows boys...
  12. Behemoth is ass when you cant reach a rifle off the spawn with ghosts hogs and skewers/snipes hounding you BR starts in btb , actually just across the board. game will be 100x better with it
  13. That makes 3 Bazaar Flags that I have had go to overtime and tie out worst map in this beta but the others aren't far behind, lets just remake midship and see that on this game
  14. https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteYawningStarJKanStyle-Ldph_EOvTQi7x7o0 so sick
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