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  1. anyone else ever sit on a good idea for so longi t starts becoming a shit idea in your mind got a bunch of good gameplays for a vid, everythings all set and i dont wanna do it anymore, ROFL
  2. the pistol is such a sick ass design that it boggles my mind both bungie and 343 (bungie moreso) have fucked with it dare i say it is "iconic" and its literally the first gun you ever use in halo and they replaced it with the fucking sidekick ROFL
  3. why do people think phil spencer is "setting things straight" or whatever there's no way he hasnt checked up with 343 over this dev stuff, halo is still their number 1 exclusive franchise and this game is xbox's best weapon this generation, there is no way he didnt see the state of the game beforehand
  4. ^ the same used to be true of half of this forum maybe not as much now everyones just busy waiting for a halo game to be "the one" and we're all getting older, and theres almost no hype. i give it a week before the hype of these pics wears off and everyone starts wondering why they made a reward for halo 5's most dedicated players literally the colors black and white
  5. Yikes, not a good look Lots of weird stuff and keeping people in the dark with this game, Wonder how monster and all those promotions feel now that their deals will essentially be null when the game actually comes out
  6. Soul Flame still the GOAT for being right about everything in this game pre launch, you can see the "armor augments" in the map screenshots rofl
  7. Soul Flame's right lol, come on guys we know this game is gonna be half assed at best, no vision for this game and what we've seen is troubling like sprint , coatings, generic looking maps i can make the SR-152 reward in 5 seconds in halo 3 on a new account lol and thats besides the developer drama and behind the scenes stuff keep expectations low and if u like what u play in fall 2021 (or whenever it ACTUALLY comes out lol) then enjoy it but my expectations are in hell
  8. i'm making a video lol this update has me heated for a bunch of reasons, graphics look better though
  9. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/inside-infinite-december-2020
  10. hard way is right but if your game never starts strong, there will never be enough people to play mcc was broken when it launched and had no ranked playlists besides h2a for months, so the population never recovered, and then with pc the games were staggered and also released broken (h2 sticks out, and h3's hit reg didnt get fixed til september or so), so the population also basically got screwed attaching incentives to ranked now feels too little too late and more so hard bc the low population skews rankings too much where level 15 = a level 45 player for example
  11. halo matchmaking is bad enough with low population... i feel like i run into the same people all the time there was a time where i think i had like half the halo 1 playlist on my friends list tying challenges to ranked playlists without a huge population is a bad move but im not too upset since im not playing for skins
  12. Guys i literally made that post while i had just woken up from a nap and talking to my friend why the fuck did it blow up LOL thank you @MultiLockOnfor handing me the halo 4 headline couldn't have done it without you for fuck sakes i just wanted to play halo splitscreen with my s/o this year just to feel something again
  13. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-28/microsoft-s-new-halo-game-loses-top-director-after-project-delay ...... Chris Lee is out at 343
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