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  1. isai vs nax at inka fest is probably my favorite smash set i've watched in a long time ill hit u up on discord so we can talk more efficiently. we are one state apart i believe so ssbchicago would be pretty nice for us.
  2. us fello w anime profile pictures must support our degenerate friends you dumb bitch Dont ban me
  3. Boyo is the only good poster in this thread
  4. I think it speaks more to the fact that h5 and the backlash from that got them basically scrambling to salvage the fanbase and story and maybe put a halt on whatever direction they were trying to pursue MCC being the game that holds us over until the next mainline halo game AGAIN is honestly hilarious, they’re relaunching the game 5 years later
  5. I’m glad we wasted 8 years of their previous direction for them to now call it a spiritual reboot and go back to how it was always supposed to be LOL
  6. im definitely taller than you in real life so watch it CHUMP
  7. and by joking i meant u are a joke. ur argument is bad. good day sir
  8. its funny because she hasnt even watched the movies either

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