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  1. Looking good as ever you should play mcc with me sometime
  2. went to big house 9 this year played 64 was pretty dope. definitely going back next year @LimeSodawe still gotta play man lmao
  3. Oh fuck i just remembered @Cursed Lemon lives in MI too LOLLLL
  4. @Hard Waydo u still lan with people in ohio? 2020 summer i am trying to make an effort to go to some since ill have plenty of time to do it
  5. All i'm thinking right now is i desperately want this to not matter and i want this game to be good and quality and polished and if people leaving causes it to be subpar i want them to delay it, I don't care about 'lol 343 sucks' or whatever i just want a good Halo game and i really want this one to be it
  6. i seriously was waiting to get invited to play basically a beta for a game that i already played a beta for nearly a decade ago
  7. Now why does this seem familiar....
  8. RIck I guarantee you're the type of guy that liked the 30-50 feral dogs tweet
  9. Dont let the hitscan debate distract you from the fact that 343 still has no idea when the first of 5 games to be ported are ready to be tested for their second flight The hype is gonna die quick when people are wondering why they cant play halo 3 on pc until spring 2020 lol
  10. I literally have nothing better to do than troll for the next year and a half, Halo is drier than the fuckin sahara desert right now

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