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  1. Got nothin against the colombian players a lot of them are scary good, just shitty reality of networking from far away and high pings
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyGrotesqueOtterGingerPower-w7EvDF-WOzP47yVu I will never surpass the colombian strafe guys
  3. You can barely win 2v1's in h1, be that mcc or lan and thats just on god, im pretty sure bigshow did some math on it assuming a player reacts perfectly to the first shot on their teammate it requires a complete choke on player 2 and a complete robot aim from player 1 to consistently do it Hard truth is team games = team shot, it will always be the "optimal strategy," every game of CE i play im trying to help my teammate whenever possible or get multiple lines of sight so we cover each other, thats all Hang em High really is to be honest, or Dere too if you wanna remove it from the whole "spawnfuck and stay on top" thing TTK, movement, map sightlines, etc all play off one another. TTK in h5 is slower than CE if you look at the fastest kill times or objective numbers but I wouldn't call it a slow or teamshooty game
  4. can confirm downrush works boys along with just about every other map your little heart desires here's a little 1v1 between me and @JukkisP on downrush mcc, match starts at 1 minute bc of a weird start and the scoreboard is messed up likely due to the refined hud from the pc version changing the scoreboard text also its the patch edition of the map meaning no more two ways at gooch or shottie ports enjoy
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/PuzzledUglyKittenWutFace-uPCexvwvSXCbBgMP halo ce mcc is a very pleasant and uplifting experience
  6. Plenty of people play games without radar, people play Halo and expect radar the casual experience is definitely tied to what casuals want : autos, radar, equipment, shit like that why do you think there was a huge outcry over having automatic starts for MCC match composer and why they doubled down on keeping radar in comp h5, radar will not be going away any time soon
  7. Casual halo is bigger than competitive and radar being gone would definitely piss people off lol I dont know what universe ppl are living in where they dont think that will happen, been in the series since day 1 and its about the only thing thats stayed consistent besides the fact that you have shields and a gun
  8. Alr play with me tomorrow and we will reach great heights
  9. @Cursed Lemon when are you helping me get my 50 in ce doubles
  10. truth be told halo exists in the public consciousness rn as a game that they feel nostalgic for and was about its atmosphere, if a halo clip or meme goes viral people inevitably in the comments start talking of how it was what they and their friends did, the music, the environments, the story, and ofc the fact that it did fps on console better than anything at the time nobody mentions the time to kill or the battle rifle vs the pistol or whatever, and honestly i dont think people would generally care about the TTK because when people think about halo that is usually the last thing on their mind
  11. dont know why nade spam matters when you arguably spam more nades in the games people like than the later ones
  12. No i honestly can't because they've been talking about a custom browser since like 2017 and neglected to mention that it would be released in parts until literally the last update It won't be out in a timely fashion and Halo infinite will steal away all of the hype
  13. Cant believe they have to build the custom game browser for each game individually It will take months for h2 and 3 to get custom browser and by that point Infinite will be close and all the hype will disappear We still have no idea about the modding tools either lol
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