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  1. Now just need a to2 I'm teaming with Kinnze
  2. Just looking to run games and get something going. Used to compete in Halo 3 I've attended 2 MLG events, pretty much just a combine kid. Gt is Nateyyyyyy also really tired of running arena by myself so add if you play a lot too.
  3. Anyone else get a "wtf do I do now" moment for a second once they get caught up? Apparently the forums have been lit and I've been missing out
  4. Welp servers are down for me keep getting a error FeelsBadMan
  5. Probably will get neg'd for this but can't OG2 move? I know uprooting everything for your job sucks but damn "micro disconnects" would tilt me more than packing up and moving would. Lol
  6. Naded might of made the right move, but does anyone else get the vibe somethings bugging him? Doesn't seem that hyped up or whatever. Just seems down? Idk I might just be reading into it too much.
  7. Have they released anymore info on the challenger league? Haven't really heard anything since they announced pro league
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