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  1. At least we can agree that Lethul is the most winning H2A pro of all time. #H2AKID
  2. Yeah I had Liquid at 9th with 90 points. Edit: 9th, three way tie for 7th, same thing.
  3. They had one not to long ago, they seem to cycle through hat and shirt styles. I don't like the current hat, but the last one was great.
  4. Umm, MLG still makes Final Boss merchandise. They have a hat, shirt, and hoodie. I wear them like it's 2006. http://shop.majorleaguegaming.com/search?q=Final+boss
  5. Good points, but I can't see Microsoft doing their. Biggest release of the year in the summer, when big new games don't come out. Season 1 was five months, if season 2 ends early July, they would have enough time to make season 3 as long as season 2. Or maybe they want to leave that time open for a COD Champs type event to close out H2A. Really, I just want comp halo all year round.
  6. I'm curious why everyone is assuming this is the last season of H2A? Couldn't there another season August to November, assuming H5 comes out at the end of November like the other Halo games?
  7. You got 6 hours, most of the excitement happens after midnight est.
  8. Guys, isn't this the perfect time for Cloud9 to announce Pistola as their newest member?
  9. It isn't our fault C9 lost their minds. When does the next days +rep start?
  10. I hope you guys are not missing Ninja up repping all these posts. He's killing it.
  11. What a very mature attitude. Now just don't post anymore personal text messages.
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