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  1. Hey everyone! I am a To2 with xo Domino and we are both 100% going to IG ATL. We are looking for two to attend ATL with and hopefully stick together throughout all of season 2. We are both extremely dedicated and serious about competing and getting a good team together. We're looking for people who are just as dedicated, have strong communication and just people that we can get along with outside of the game and enjoy playing with overall. Domino has attended several events, including locals, in the past. My first real event was UGC St.Louis where I went with a last minute team because Domino couldn't attend at that time. If interested in running just post here, follow/tweet at me/message me on twitter @Veronickuhhhh, or add/message me on XBL. GT=Veronickuhhh (Twitter has 4 h's, GT has 3.) If you add me on Xbox or follow me on twitter please message/tweet at me that you're looking to run so I know to add back. =] Also, our gaming schedule varies but we are often on for at least 3-5 hours and game late. Schedule will change a little when I start my new job(and depending on her schedule as well), but we can usually game every day. I will also be willing to adjust my schedule and stay up late to practice. Looking to do PGLs as well!

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