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  1. We're investigating it. I can't comment on TW's behalf obviously, but it's a known issue.
  2. This is actually numerically false. The majority of my posts ever on TeamBeyond are answering questions. If you don't like my posts, put me on ignore and stop derailing the conversation.
  3. It's my lunch hour, I came in to chat about the game and answer questions where I could. I don't have to and I certainly don't have to accept drive by flamebait. It's much more difficult to post a dumb comment that adds nothing to the discussion than to simply refrain from doing it. It's literally a waste of space on the thread. I'm not sensitive at all, I'm just a fan of polite conversation and actual funny shit. If somebody does a shitpost that's actually funny, or biting or cutting, then that's a whole different kettle of fish. Keep it polite, keep it informative, keep it constructive or keep it funny. It isn't hard. It's much harder to be a jerk, IMO.
  4. Well I had a good run today. Like several posts before we got into insult territory.
  5. We have robust plans for modes and content for the rest of the year. If I had nothing positive to infer, or didn't know the answer, I'd just skip the question.
  6. I think we do things diligently and carefully and with minimum disruption and with a better base condition than some of our and our competitors' games. I think we adjust things at a pace that reflects our engine and our commitment to our entire player base. That's my personal view. There's no answer you can give to consumers that couldn't be improved in terms of time and frequency, but we're also going to get better at it.
  7. Sure but those items are FAR more subjective and less numerically problematic. And as such will be delicately considered rather than clumsily tweaked.
  8. "He's not a dev, he's a loser PR guy" - BlessedOrange, 2015.
  9. There's something afoot with Live matchmaking right now. We're watching it and will update. I don't think it will take long. As for weapon placement on Overgrowth, I PERSONALLY like some of the "problem" things - including being wicked OP with sword when combined with lateral and boost-driven window jumps, but we're going to revisit once it's "settled" since players are adjusting to things still. No point yanking a weapon only to find out that there was a simple Rock/Paper solution that emerges in gameplay - that said NO map is perfect initially and we have zero philosophical resitance to adjusting things. It just feels frustrating because we have to wait for patterns to settle. Also the weapon balance in SWAT is pretty fair, IMO.
  10. We continual look weapon placement, especially in newly released maps.
  11. There's nothing wrong with "Randomness" in a big map if it's relatable - the better term would be "emergent" - since what you're really talking about with Sandtrap, is unexpected routes and strategies. that map had loads of simple flows and routes that people would take, but also had lots of opportunities for comebacks and upsets thanks to people taking advantage of lesser-used spaces. I'd argue there were really no "dead" areas in Sandtrap Slayer games, and even Objective games could feature new sneak routes long into its lifespan. And the weapon placements weren't really random at all, with that in mind. Everyone raced for their favorite spot on game start.
  12. Yeah, something about making lemonade out of apples to oranges comparisons.
  13. What if the dog breeder took that month to toilet and house train the dog, teach it not to chew furniture and attack strangers and delivered it to you in good health instead of, you know, murdering it for some reason? Your analogy would make sense if the plan was to spend a month destroying Forge.
  14. The fact that you'd drag this up after so long says a lot more about your agenda than any perceived agenda from or by the team. I speak at least a couple of times a week in public, and if you have to go back a few years to find something to align with your agenda probably means you're not trying hard enough. And for example - one of the things our team "hated" or correctly, wanted to change or improve upon, was frames per second. But by all means keep flogging a dead horse that didn't mean what you thought it did at the time, and still doesn't. Have a nice day. Try making lemonade for once.
  15. You guys want AR starts for AI, right?
  16. He is only working on the novel. Joe has a day job.
  17. According to my superior tastes, Reach, becaused I hate armor lock and jetpack.
  18. I'm new here, so I'm assuming that the "immersive" meme is shorthand for "343 doesn't get it?" and is a word plucked from something Josh said, stripped of its context and now used as a rallying cry?
  19. That build was already "old" and got locked into a stable point a month or more before launch, then gets optimized and tuned and tweaked till launch, and we updated a few times during the beta. We're obviously much further ahead than that. Campaign will be discussed at some point later this year :-) Nothing new at PAX East however, outside of tourney activity.
  20. It's so simple! 1. Close IE 2. Open Chrome 3. Right click reply or quote, because just clicking quote doesn't work 4. Use toolbar
  21. You See this is the thing - you're making a blanket statement that we are "forcing mechanics that are pointless and take away from gameplay." - I'm not arguing that you should like them, it's subjective, but what am I supposed to do with a blanket objective statement about taste, applied to a silent and as yet non-existent audience? I can't do anything with it. It's an exercise in futility. The mechanics aren't "pointless" - they have plenty of point. They allow us to give players (who enjoy that kind of thing) new ways to traverse maps, allow us to increase the verticality in some map styles and will allow us to do a bunch of things in campaign and as yet undiscussed MP stuff, that require those mechanics. And that's all besides the usual evolution of a game to prevent it from being stale or redundant. One thing I have been a champion of, and Josh would back me up on this, is giving people choices and tools to pull some of that stuff back, or eliminate it entirely, via custom options and matchmaking support. I'm not here to sell you on this game guys. Many of you have made up your minds. Some of you have already moved on. Many of you are waiting and seeing. A couple of you are even optimistic. I can't convert you, nor would I wish to. You should be happy with your own tastes and choices. But I am happy to discuss it, civilly.
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