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  1. Team of 2 looking for 2 dedicated players who are experienced and know the callouts preferably. Gt: ShadowPrecursordank tOr Gt: megaviper
  2. I have a team of 2 for season 2 hcs looking for two more dedicated players. I would like experienced players who know what they're doing and know the callouts. Message me or my teammate for more information GTs: ShadowPrecursor or LD50 II
  3. Me and my fellow teammate at elemental gaming have fallen short with members and would love to have a team for season 2. We do PGLs, online play, and scrims whenever we play. Msg me or the captain at our gts Gt: ShadowPrecursor or LD50_II
  4. Gt: ShadowPrecursor I have quite a bit of experience with playing halo. Although I've played halo since halo 2, I have never been to an event or competed in one, but have watched most of them. Love playing halo, I play most every day of the week and am a serious gamer. Know most of the callouts for halo 2 anniversary. Would love to play on a team, contact me by messaging me on Xbox because I probably won't be back on this forum but will be looking.
  5. Also I live in North Carolina so I am on eastern time zone for online play or scrims

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