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  1. @JDunley on twitter is trying to troll Ninja by blaming one of his followers for the shooting today and people are retweeting! edit: twitter is a mess of false reports right now and people are hopping on anything they can find.
  2. I'm motivated by the seething dankness oozing through my keyboard
  3. mfw when non-halo heads are talking about Ninja on my twitter feed... I'm super happy for his success, an absolutely awesome rise to fame and fortune all because he stayed true to himself!
  4. Multi, wow, what a bummer to read. i'm sorry you had to get burned the way you did. if it's of any solace, just know that 343 is the reason many casuals like myself have left the game for good, and won't return no matter how juicy the nostalgia may surface; they are destined for total failure because, to put it simply, they were never halokids. They had never experienced the soul of Halo, so when it was exchanged for easier profits by way of accessibility, no one noticed what was lost. sucks to visit after so long just to see that nothing has changed. don't give up on your dreams no matter what. i wish you the very best.
  5. I feel bad for unsubbing from Maniac's YouTube last week. I had no idea CLG was Optic now. Yikes...
  6. Wow, these rosters are dope. Open Lan is even doper. I'm kind of I missed the hurricane which allowed these teams to formulate.
  7. Why does is always take so long to start a match? What just happened?
  8. Today is the first day in almost two months that I'll be able to watch Halo. RNG vs EG sit on my face
  9. Nothing beats Ogre twitching before and after the quick scope.
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