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  1. My first thought was, “if only everyone could move around like this without having to spawn with equipment”, but we all know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I also hate to be the guy that keeps bringing up Destiny, but if you’ve ever played on a hunter, you’ll understand how a quick double jump with minimal hang time is pretty sweet. If we could have that, with a reticule always at the ready, the game would have much better flow, and bad spawns like alley on Bazar or under tower on Live Fire would be tolerable.
  2. I wish skilled jumps that don't require clamber or break momentum would return to Halo, however I still think the booper has merit
  3. Out BRing someone in H3 was satisfying, but it didn’t shoot fast enough, the random spread would occasionally fuck you out of a kill, and playing online was torture if your connection sucked; this was the common sentiment. The most egregious sin was the random spread. Random anything is bad for competition.
  4. Well panic shooting with a sidearm shouldn’t result in a kill on full shields anyway, unless it’s mag dumped, which leaves you vulnerable to getting cleaned up, or if 3/4 precision shots are hit, which is ideal. If someone is charging for a trade or sword lunge, players should be able to quickly punish them while backing away. The BR currently has very little chance of accomplishing this, as opposed to the AR or Needler which kill must faster with no effort. I’m just guessing now, but I think spawning with a sidearm would curb the mangler’s dominance as well.
  5. I just want people to think twice (once is probably more accurate) before going for a beatdown. I might be the only person who hasn’t experienced the thrill of landing a super dragon fist on a fellow spartan’s face.
  6. A gun which is only deadly at close range, shoots faster than most guns, and can kill very quickly with precision shots (?)
  7. (Tattered makes another joke about the color blue) Isn’t funny how blue meth is cheaper than the blue armor coatings in Infinite?
  8. Tip #1 is, “just sit back and let the aim assist do the work for you”
  9. Has anyone else experienced the sniper reticule noticeably dragging across the screen when scoped in? It’s cringe inducing. Aiming needs to be harder. No hitscan for starters. I feel like that alone would sieve the decent players apart from the great players, not to mention that gun fights are extremely bland at the moment because of this. In addition to the crouch strafe, which seems to be the only seasoning in Infinite, it would allow for Gandhi hopping to spice up the gameplay again. I also think it would be cool if everyone spawned with an effective sidearm for cqc.
  10. Lol. This is like saying you can’t have an opinion on meth if you haven’t smoked it. By the way, why don’t devs or pros post here anymore? Is it because interest died or did something happen to prompt them? I can imagine that the devs just can’t face the music anymore, however the pro players who posted and lurked here seemed to be pretty avid.
  11. I stumbled across this guy’s rant and the poor lad had me dying laughing by the end
  12. My vocabulary is extremely problematic
  13. I really wish there was a preference or veto option. I don't want the two of the three games I play every few days to be on Behemoth and Launch Site. I'm just going to be that guy who quits. Not sorry.
  14. I didn't realize HCS was doing an open today. Is there an official stream scheduled?
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