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  1. Your team name: We do it for the chicks Winner: We do it for the chicks Round Number: 2 Score: 2-0? We have been waiting for Team Queen and Inisidous to finish round 1 but it's been an hour and 15 minutes and still no report soo
  2. I was doing more of an overall for the full season, specifically to this tournament you are right I probably wouldn't put him on that list, but all season he's been a gamechanger
  3. After this last tournament it's hard not to put aPG in that list. I'd say Snip3down, aPG, Hysteria, Mikwen and 2gre
  4. I normally search Solo while listening to music super loud or I'm playing with a friend.
  5. The viewership was hovering near 25,000 people near the end of that amazing Noble Black and CLG losers final! Another thing we all need to remember is that Counter Strike had 800-12000 viewers for the LONGEST Time even after Go came out. We are kind of restarting the competitive scene for Halo, and we've done a lot since Halo 4 (which i remember only 5000-8000 viewers normally). This was a great event with amazing moments, except for the Grand Finals 3-0 domination, but if there's a time to believe in halo its now.
  6. Everyone on Denial are people who can take over a game/series/tournament. If one of them gets hot early they can seriously dark house the whole torunament like bTh did in '09.
  7. Although they probably won't win, the 15 year old kid in me will be cheering for Str8 rippin. If I had to put money on it though I would guess CLG will win though.
  8. Team: Do it for the chicks GT: iParaSit3 GT: x2GAT Good luck to all, really looking forward to this!
  9. Been hoping it comes out before Thursday night so I can celebrate finishing all my schoolwork with a whole weekend of halo, not lobby waiting. For obvious reasons don't have high hopes though
  10. Haha you're probably right, hopefully this patches fixes it and we can get a Doubles playlist later this week!
  11. Made an account just so I could sya ... THIS 10000000%
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