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  1. I have got 2 wins in a row a few times, sounds like you need to carry me sometime bro. ;p
  2. Agreed, this being their first season I think they will learn a lot from it going forward with all the feedback they are getting.
  3. Whats everyone's thought on the battle pass? The rewards are pretty meh honestly.
  4. I like how different Legends have different size hitboxes, but I feel like the larger Legends aren't powerful enough to balance it.
  5. I dont know about you guys but I'm ready for some info about this battle pass! I'm hoping when get some by the end of the week.
  6. Great way to find some local H1 players! Please sign up guys. http://halo1hub.com/playerfinder/
  7. Ninja wins the first Apex event, what a shocker. lol
  8. ? The charterers you have to purchase to obtain can be unlocked by just playing the game, so I wouldn't consider those to be locked behind a paywall.
  9. Monday & Tuesday I was just playing with randoms, today I was able to play with 2 friends and it made it so much more fun. But to be fair this game is pretty fun with the ping system so even with randoms with no mics its still pretty cool.

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