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  1. Really wish Apex would of blown up on this site. Love this game so much.
  2. Hey guys random question here. Currently I'm just playing on a OG Xbox One, will the Series S handle Halo Infinite? I'm somewhat tight on money so getting an X right now is out of the question.
  3. Hey guys haven't been around for months anything I should know about Infinite! Any leaks since its got pushed back?
  4. Anyone else as excited as me about the new FAble game?
  5. Havent been keeping up with HI at all so i have a couple questions... 1 Any idea when we might be getting a trailer? 2 Any idea when we might get some gameplay? 3 Have there been an rumors about the mechanics? I mean if this game is 5-6 months away seems like we should be getting some of this stuff soon right? Not to even mention all the leaks that will be coming out.
  6. BUMPY So im looking to get a cheap monitor to play on, I have never had a gaming monitor before so i was wondering if you guys could help me out. I looked up a few pretty cheat ones on Amazon. Can someone who knows about them check and see if this would be a decent one? Keep in mind im playing on a 19inch flatscreen $40 tv so basically anything would be an upgrade lol https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-GL2460HM-Technology-ZeroFlicker-Certified/dp/B00IKDFL4O/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=2ms+monitor&qid=1583865607&s=electronics&sr=1-4 https://www.amazon.com/Dell-SE2417HG-Response-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B06XC5RZKX/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=-+2ms+response+time.&qid=1583865530&sr=8-3
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