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  1. Great way to find some local H1 players! Please sign up guys. http://halo1hub.com/playerfinder/
  2. Ninja wins the first Apex event, what a shocker. lol
  3. ? The charterers you have to purchase to obtain can be unlocked by just playing the game, so I wouldn't consider those to be locked behind a paywall.
  4. Monday & Tuesday I was just playing with randoms, today I was able to play with 2 friends and it made it so much more fun. But to be fair this game is pretty fun with the ping system so even with randoms with no mics its still pretty cool.
  5. I've been playing since Monday and I'm having a blast! First BR game I actually like.
  6. I thought it was pretty well known this event wasnt gonna actually be LAN? Another disappointing finish and Saltdown is back!!!
  7. I found it pretty funny how Pistola got 3rd after talking shit about "Online kids" and saying how he is a God on LAN.
  8. So what happens when some of the top 6 teams break up? how do they determine who goes to the invitational then?
  9. http://fortune.com/2019/01/02/ninja-fortnite-10-million/

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