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  1. I've been playing halo for literally the majority of my life. Was very good at 3, Reach, 4, and now 5 but never actually competed. Looking for a To2, To3 or even another F/A to start something up with. GT: SurkaGe Onyx's in everything (doesn't really mean anything) by just playing by myself. <3 hit me up bbys
  2. Hello F/As We are 3 really talented players looking for one for the Last Chance Online Qualifier. We've been friends for the past 5 years and our chemistry and teamwork is honestly amazing. We just need one level-headed individual who we can play this Qualifier with and see what happens. We all handle criticism very well and we are all very mature players, if you're something similar to that then we'll mesh really well; we're all very laid-back and can get along with just about anyone. GTs: SurkaGe Snydermxn DinGOAT 2015 points combined (if that matters). We're frickin' sick I promise. Message any of the above and we can game
  3. Audio INCREDIBLY fucked up in H2A playlist now.
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