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  1. Hey you - yes, YOU - what are you doing? Oh, you're not watching BeachLAN 8? SAD! Well you're in luck, here's a link to the stream!
  2. Walshy to Red Bull is awesome - happy for him and hopefully it will lead to some more Red Bull involvement with Halo. Now let's admire 2 things related to Walshy on this casual August Wednesday - one, his 2nd Halo 2 Montage - one of the best montages ever made And his original custom Red Bull headphones
  3. It has some - just like any game, especially on PC when using a controller - but it seems like Apex has less than most games out there. Someone else could probably speak to this in greater detail.
  4. What Snipedown pulled off is absurdly impressive. To transition to a new game/play in a large tournament with top tier teams for a "secondary" game (secondary since Halo is his primary game/job) and place second - incredible feat.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if there was something in his contract related to Halo Infinite and it's launch/the launch of Project Scarlett - but on the flipside Ninja is a big enough get for Mixer/Microsoft that he may not have agreed to that or that Mixer/Microsoft did not deem is necessary and the money spoke louder. He has said before he feels as though he owes nothing to Halo in regards to his success, which is of course true, so it will be interesting to see come next fall.
  6. From Halo 5 to Infinite - I have gone from a 22 year old average internet meme shit poster to a (will be) 27 year old average internet meme shit poster
  7. Saturday evening memes: Going from H2 Lockout 1v1 to Halo 5
  8. That Bravo counseling session content was 10/10. Well done HCS team. Seriously funny content.
  9. The first Halo 3 weekend of 2019 has officially come to an end, congratulations to TOX on winning the event! Thank you to UGC & 343 for the event, and I cannot wait to continue to watch streams and thus watching the HCS Invitational in March. This post will be very similar to the feedback threads we used to do a few years ago . With the Grassroots program in place and thus many events being run by indepedent TOs such as UGC, this feedback is going to be even more crucial, and I hope corrections are made for future events with the help of 343. A point I would like to address before getting into the rest of the post: This is NOT, I repeat, NOT, a post that is being done in the name of trashing UGC/343. This is for constructive criticism to help improve future events. We are all grateful that Halo competitions are continuing - and it's fantastic to be excited for Halo again. If you have feedback to give, do so in a respectful way. Much of what will be addressed are nit picky topics - because they are what will take these broadcasts to the next level and make the experience enjoyable for ALL. With that said, let's get into it: GOOD - CE stream I can't stress enough how enjoyable the CE 2v2 stream was. @Hard Way is a casting animal - Gandhi sharing his wealth of CE knowledge was excellent - @Knighty Knight was also very solid. The graphics/overlay were excellent. All in all the CE 2v2 exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad it was part of the event. @Tashi - With future events, I genuinely believe there should be side tournaments such as CE 2v2 or Halo 2 FFA - hell both would be amazing. 343 has said previously their desire for events to have a feeling of being a celebration of any and all things Halo. That can be accomplished by having these side tournaments alongside the main tournament. Watching the 2v2 stream on one monitor with the Halo 3 4v4 on my main monitor gave me that feeling that this is a true Halo weekend. - Talent/personalites - Falloutt, Shyway Overall, the talent and personalities were great. The usual crew - Clutch, Onset, Bravo, Wonderboy, Elamite, Walshy, etc. were all great as always. Just like many, I am hoping to see @TheSimms at all future events he can possibly attend. Legion was a great mix of his very funny personality and Halo knowledge. Lottie is an excellent desk host and her banter with those on the desk with her is enjoyed by many. @Falloutt and Shyway are two guys I want to give a special shoutout to. Falloutt, for those that know him, is old school - he is a former professional GoW player during the glory days of MLG, and has made the transition into caster/presenter in the past few years. His knowledge of Halo history combined with his professionalism and natural ability made for an excellent experience of stage hosting. Shyway was a very solid addition to the analyst desk. I will admit, after watching him on a few of the UGC HCS podcast streams, I was skeptical as he would interrupt his guests in an attempt to relate too much and show his understanding of what the guest was saying. With that said, on the desk this weekend, he was a very solid addition. He was not afraid to challenge the likes of Clutch or Elamite or Heinz to bring up points that are not the repeated/cliche themes spoken about hundreds of times throughout the weekend. Kudos to you Shyway. - Number of streams & quad POV streams This doesn't need much explanation - the number of available streams as well as the quad POV streamers was excellent. Having matches up on both monitors throughout the weekend was fantastic. Along with the number of streams, having the surplus of talent to cast all those matches by people such as @throoper adds to it. If UGC can have multiple streams throughout a weekend, future events can as well. - Skillshot production This was touched on a bit in the discussion of the CE 2v2 stream, but the Skillshot production was great throughout the weekend. The Halo 3 FFA stream has great, even on mainstage - switching POVs was flawless with no issues of incorrect names/cameras on players and no lag/buffering when switching. NEEDED IMPROVEMENTS - Audio. Audio throughout the weekend was more problematic than it was stable. This occured on the desk, on the mainstage - the audio issues seemed to be present all over. Coming back from a commercial to only being able to hear one, or none, of the members of the panel is an easy way to have people quickly close their browser. - Graphic Errors: Spelling, Gametype Pictures, Player Names & Cameras The graphic errors throughout the weekend, to be blunt, were simply unacceptable. These errors ranged from incorrect spelling (EXAMPLE: Feature Station "Cahrlie" or "Assult" among many other examples) to pictures of Amplified being used for Onslaught on the series gametype graphics to multiple times where player names and cameras did not match. Attention to detail is everything. This cannot be stressed enough. Issues like spelling, using incorrect pictures for gametypes, etc. shows a lack of attention to detail. Do mistakes happen? Of course they do - but on Saturday alone I lost track of the amount of mistakes present on the broadcast. These are easily preventable if attention to detail is given. These are what separate a bad broadcast from a great broadcast. - Downtime. Downtime. Downtime. This has been stressed with most events, but downtime continued to be an issue this weekend. What the cause of that downtime was I am not to say, but it simply needs to be improved upon. Viewer numbers rise and fall because of downtime, and it is hard to keep interest when such periods of downtime occur. If this means being more stern with rules about players needing to be on the stage at a certain time - do so. If they don't like it that's too bad. TOs need to put their foot down and let people know they need to be where they are supposed to be at the given time. - Stream stuttering; mainstage especially This was a pretty major problem throughout the weekend, both on the mainstream and sidestreams. It seemed to happen more after switching POVs. Oddly enough, this did NOT seem to happen with the Skillshot streams - even the Halo 3 stream done on the mainstage, which was produced by skillshot, had none of the same stutter/buffering issues - so I'm not sure what the issues were. - Transitions causing gameplay to start/show up 5-10 seconds into the game The transitions going into the games seemed to be delayed, or even if they were not - with them in place, viewers would not be seeing the stream until around 5 seconds into the match. Transition graphics are fine but could easily be started just before the game is about to begin. If you are going to have transition graphics in place, have the transition end early (when the map is just about load up) versus removing time from the actual game view itself. - Day One Mainstage Gamertags With this point - I would like to stress - it is understood this is an Xbox problem, not to do with UGC. I am not sure what can be done to fix this issue - someone with some better insight can hopefully post with some kind of information that can help. - Disconnect in what was going with other matches This did not occur as frequently as other things listed above, but it did occur. Storytelling throughout an event is vital, and that is done by those on the desk or the casters. They need to be relayed the proper information so they can continue to speak of the news/storylines. If you can't do it through a headset, have someone walk over and hand them a note. However it has to get done, get it done - again: attention to detail to bring a broadcast to the levels of being great. - Talent dress code With this, consistency is key. Casual or business casual - blazers with t-shirts - whatever the choice is made by the TO, have it be one throughout the weekend, again for the sake of professionalism. If anyone else has feedback - whether watching from home or those who attended the event, post up and hopefully help to make future events even better.
  10. I do understand your point, but if Halo is the game he is passionate about, then no? Money does not dictate happiness/enjoyment.
  11. Not your fault at all. Yesterday Joe Fries had his hair tied up with a blue blazer and t shirt on - Clutch and Knighty were still wearing sport coats. It's been throughout the weekend so nothing to beat yourself up over.

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