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  1. Woah. It's been a while folks. A lot of doritos dust to clean off the old forum keyboard. I don't hate what I saw. In fact, I liked a lot of what I have seen. But this is 343 - they still have a long way to go. The game functioning fully at launch being number one. I will reserve judgements on weapons and tuning for a bit. Art style and music are all absolutely gorgeous so far and represent a modern Halo title/what so many fans asked for after Halo 3/Reach with touches from its predecessors.
  2. Not surprising unfortunately but the correct decision, especially given the last time 343 released an unfinished game. If anything, I hope throughout development more of the game is actually shown versus just making the decision to delay the game and on top of that decision, leave fans/consumers in darkness on the point of development. EDIT: Also now zero excuse for public flights/beta testing before full release. Zero excuse.
  3. When you post to not only contribute to the current discussion of the online forum but also continue to remain true to yourself as a long time memer.
  4. I don't see it as a negative either. A positive if anything. Anyone who follow both of their transitions to Mixer saw the decrease both had in viewers over their time on the platform. They both have said its not about the viewers but we all know within their subconscious they were fully aware of their decline on the platform.
  5. Very interesting considering the rumors/discussions around streamers like Ninja and Shroud come Halo Infinite.
  6. Alright forum users - it's another Halo weekend. You know the deal. Only post the absolute shittiest and most dank memes possible. Anything subpar will be deleted and you will be disciplined with a large amount of internet force. You have all been warned.
  7. One thing I noticed from this, that hopefully is a positive sign of the original engine/version that is running, is the detail in the floors, walls, etc. 21:36 in the video shows a very good example of this on the floors, ceilings, and walls. This detail was covered in a YouTube video by LateNightGaming Hopefully this is a sign that the original version is running with as close to its original coding as possible.
  8. I am all for the addition of Assault - it's always been one of my favorite gametypes but one I also believe, given the right game i.e. Halo 2 (Midship Bomb), that requires a high level of team coordination to succeed in and thus makes for a great competitive gametype. My overall hope is that the professional players are not only open to changes but participate and give feedback. That and 343 coordinates to make the changes occur.
  9. @Boyo You got it - was thinking of Sanctum. It's too bad if the grenades sticking are the issue because that makes it essentially unplayable unless 343 made changes/fixes to it.
  10. A little off topic from the KBM discussion - which is a mess if it's currently putting someone at a disadvantage (maybe don't hold these events on a pre-release version of the game 343?) Anyway, does anyone remember the forge versions of Sanctuary which used the actual forge world ground/terrain and came extremely close to the true angles/design of the original Sanctuary? I would love to replace the current/MLG Sanctuary with that version if possible. I know framerate was an issue but I believe there was another issue with it as well but can't recall. If the issues are fixed/a non issue being on PC, I would love to see that change happen.
  11. Incredible. When players are still finding things to do in the game more than 10 years later, you know you have created something special. Well done guys.
  12. That CLG vs Noble Black match is absolutely legendary. I attended the event and the crowd was fantastic all weekend long - and the location of the stage in the venue lend itself to a lot of people having to walk past the stage to maneuver through the rest of the venue, thus being able to easily stop to see what all the hype was about - combine that with H2A being a great game, even with the MCC issues at the time - and you get the HCS Season 1 finals. That event seems easily forgotten but was easily one of the best in the post-MLG Halo years.
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