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  1. I was suspended for 2 days from r/halo for calling Reiku78 a shit stain. r/halo is apparently fine with 343, once again, flipping the script. I was under the impression, based on what 343 said, that I was getting early access to HWDE. That is the same shit as getting an unfinished game apparently.
  2. At one point it was very comparable. BF4 was broken for almost a year (10 or 11 months, was fixed in late august or early September the following year after launch). The user base was pissed and not playing. The team could not figure out what was wrong so DICE brought in a different team and said find out what's wrong with this shit and fix it and they did. The user base came back massively. The only real difference between these two games is that DICE fixed it and 343 said fuck it and ignored it. That's the biggest reason it pisses me off when people say it doesn't matter if it gets fixed now, no one would play. BF4 is a good example of the same situation with different outcomes and the people did come back to play, more people played.
  3. This guy is just a super troll. He says the most insane shit because.....fuck it. He is is the Reiku78 of r/halo
  4. I think Scufs just use a basic Xbox controller for parts.
  5. Didnt know that. That makes me hate this ranking system even more. What is point of placement matches then? or am i misunderstanding this?
  6. what do you mean it retains where you are? You cant get ranked any lower than your last seasonal rank after the placement matches? Why would a 1-50 seasonal ranking be worse?
  7. Seasonal 1-50? Im not really into the seasonal resets but would snap take this over the ranking system implemented now. This seems like a good compromise. Not that i believe this is something 343 will spend anytime on improving anyways. Seems like it would be quite low on the "to do' list
  8. I have only used Scufs so cant comment on the Elites, but neither my One or Infinity have ever given me an issue. I do prefer the screw in paddles on the One over the push in ones on the Infinity though.
  9. Its all good, this guy says MCC is fixed so.........it must be.
  10. idk man, what about this ranking system makes is twice as good? I personally have hated this ranking system since its implementation and would love it to go back to 1-50 even more than i would love no radar. I can not see any positives with it and do believe its just broken. I could very well just be ignorant thought. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  11. It might be time to read more and post less dude. Trust me, you can learn a shit ton more about Halo, especially competitive Halo, and how to interact with people without without the hostilities.
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