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  1. So was Bubu's actual team also submitted and just deemed an invalid roster? If he were submitted as a member of both teams, why wouldn't/didn't ESL just ask him which roster is actually correct? If ESL were in communication with E6 and knew the situation the whole time, it seems like all of this could've been resolved ahead of time with about 30 seconds of communication with Bubu. Unless ESL actually just went along with E6 telling them Bubu was on the team because of contract issues, though Shooter's comment implies that the actual organization wasn't involved, and every roster matter so far (i.e. Pro League spots) has always involved the players directly, not the orgs. If they actually were in contact with Bubu and just straight up ruled that whichever roster was submitted first is the one that counts, I don't know what else to say. Use some common sense and uphold the integrity of your own league if you claim to care about "what's best for Halo and creating the best league for everyone" or whatever.
  2. I'd love to see a w0uld/Ryanoob combo for some of the open circuit matches.
  3. El Town played great most of the season and had some huge games for nV. It's completely insane to say that he's not a top 32 player.
  4. I think casting and spectator mode are huge problems when trying to grow and reach new viewers. Promotion is another issue as mentioned above, but even with good promotion, production quality needs to be good enough to keep new viewers entertained and interested when they tune into the stream. I agree that Elamite and Strongside have both improved since the beginning of Pro League, but tuning in and watching Strongside stumble over his words on top of spectator mode, lagouts (which may or may not be fixable, but detract from viewing experience either way), missing games, downtime between matches, etc. just isn't very enjoyable for anyone not already invested in the competitive scene, regardless of how much they've improved. If I were watching last week for the first time, I still wouldn't have been very impressed. Another issue with pros not streaming is the lack of personality. The official stream feels a little too sterile sometimes and you miss a lot of the trash talk and fun that makes the league that much more exciting and interesting. Getting to know individual players by watching streams makes the league infinitely more entertaining and allows for people to have favorite teams and players and really get into it. The post-game interviews are great and provide a much-needed taste of personality. I understand the idea to have all viewers on the same stream, but I think viewers would be more likely to stick around if they could watch some pro streams and get to know the players better. A good compromise that I'd like to see and should be easy to try out is to have at least one player from each match be encouraged to stream and have their stream hosted by a second official channel (maybe the ESL Halo channel?) as a featured pro stream. This would allow people to watch pros, but still have everyone mostly in the same place on an official channel instead of scattered across all the pros' streams. They could still have the normal stream as well for people who prefer casting and the official production. It would also provide a nice boost to some of the pros with smaller followings if they got hosted for a night. Obviously, they would just have to try to keep it balanced and try not to feature certain teams/players more than others, but that shouldn't be difficult.
  5. Yep, mine's at 87% after 8 or 9 hours. 60Mbps connection working fine, otherwise.
  6. I'm finally getting used to using all four paddles and not accidentally pressing them. For me, the key is just to put more force on the controller with my palms, so my fingers can just rest over the paddles without actually providing any force. It has taken me awhile to get used to, though. I started off using just two paddles, then moved up to four once I got used to that. Currently using bumper jumper with paddles mapped to thruster, crouch, sprint, and zoom/ADS. ADS is one that I haven't actually seen many people mention, but I highly recommend it if you're using RTS now. I find it much easier to zoom in and out quickly with the paddle than clicking the thumbstick, and my aim feels smoother without clicking it in. The only thing I might change is sprint for reload/pick-up.
  7. From what I've noticed, this is true, except for the caveat that "walking" isn't just not sprinting, but you also have to be walking slightly slower than full speed. If you hold the stick all the way forward, you'll still show up on radar. If you look at the little arrow in the center of your radar, it disappears when you're invisible on radar. Unfortunately, this means that crouch walking (or at least slow walking) is still necessary, which makes radar an issue IMO. The biggest reason people have defended radar is because people still think you only show up when "not sprinting," which isn't the case. The range is low, which is better, but that still doesn't account for elevation, and in the end I think it should just be removed entirely, at least for tournaments.
  8. It's on The Rig. Camo is on a little platform, and there's a light on the wall that you can shoot to drop the platform, so camo drops to a platform a few feet below it. Can be seen at 1:15 in this video:
  9. Adding the flag to Breakout is better than nothing, but I feel like grabbing the flag is just a way to give away your position. Picking up the flag is an immediate disadvantage, whether you have a numbers advantage or not. The only way it would be easier to cap a flag than just to slay is if you know they are all behind you at your base, so you can just run it over to theirs. They could remove any sort of indication that the flag has been picked up to force people to pay attention and monitor the flag, but people would still probably just camp near their bases. Having some sort of hill to capture/hold like a few people have suggested probably sounds better to me. It still might be a little risky to hop in first, but it should at least get players moving toward each other, even if they just hunt for each other around the hill. Has anyone considered having a power weapon or powerup spawn in after a certain amount of time? If they removed the indicator after it spawns in so you can't tell when it's picked up (which should be removed from all of Arena if it hasn't already), I think most people would go for it. I'm not sure what power weapons are on the maps already, but if it's just BR/DMR, I doubt many people would ignore rockets dropping in.
  10. Haven't seen this mentioned yet, but does anyone know if Team Arena has radar? I'm assuming it will, since I haven't seen anything specifying otherwise. To me, this is a much bigger problem than Breakout (which we already knew they would at least test). It seems to me that radar is now in the main competitive playlist, which then also leads to it potentially being in tournaments. Someone please tell me I'm missing something here.
  11. [GAME] I'd love to play a horror/survival game based on the Flood. Everyone always talks about how scary they thought 343GS and The Library were the first time they played H:CE, and I think a game focused on horror would be amazing. I'd probably prefer a horror FPS, just my personal preference, but I think something like H1Z1/Day Z could also be good. Either way, the Flood have the potential to be absolutely terrifying, and some of that is lost in the games so far, since you're a Spartan and can just run around mowing them down.
  12. Am I missing something about Contra? Everyone constantly talks about how he has as much talent as anyone and how much he deserves to be on a "top team," but I don't recall him really standing out much on either Winterfox or Optic. In fact, I remember him playing relatively poorly on those teams in most of the games I watched (or at least no better than any of his teammates). Maybe I watched the wrong games or something, but I don't really understand why everyone seems to think he's done anything to deserve a spot on any better team than those. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's terrible or anything, but the way people talk about him makes it seem like he belongs on EG or something.
  13. I'm pretty sure Roybox placed 4th in their first event as 5K. Anyone know what time the PGL 10k continues today?
  14. Elumnite is Denial's 5th and has been streaming for them. I believe he's subbing in for APG this weekend, actually.
  15. Stopping by for the free +rep But really, this is a great idea so the future event threads don't get too clogged with invite requests. Twitch username: stanielstein
  16. Sucks that C9, Denial, EG, and Optic are all stuck playing each other so early. CLG and Elevate should both coast through to Top 4 (barring a Reality Check for CLG ) and then Noble/Randa should end up playing for the other Top 4 spot.
  17. They tweeted out Roy's stream the other day, so maybe they'll at least tweet some streams or something, but it would definitely be nice to see them host various streams throughout the day. Tweeting his stream is a good step in the right direction, though, it seems like they've finally realized they have a lot of influence and didn't use it very well during Season 1. I'd like to see them tweet out updates about the tournament throughout the day, including links to twitch/Halo hosting pros during big matches, as well as starting their own stream about 30 minutes before the tournament starts and again later tonight closer to the final to get more notifications out to all of their followers before they switch to hosting.
  18. Totally forgot about this map. Looks just as good if not better than most of the maps on the current list IMO. It would definitely be interesting to see how they got the list they got and why they left off maps like this, Oracle, Orion, and Complexion (and probably some others that I'm missing, but those seemed to be the most popular ones that got left off). Haven't seen this one before, but it looks like it has a lot of potential (and it's pretty aesthetically pleasing, which helps). I wish the video had shown more of the other side of the map, though. The fact that it didn't makes me think not much would happen over there, which could end up in it getting stale pretty soon. Though this is the first I've heard of it, so who knows. Pro gameplay would be cool and maybe some CTF. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll look at anything not on the released list since there isn't much time left. Maybe if they're planning on squeezing in a Season 3 before H5, which I think they should, they can start looking at maps earlier while Season 2 is going on in case the one(s) selected don't work out very well. I don't really understand why they waited so long to look at these, it's almost guaranteed they'll have to be tweaked constantly throughout the season. Most of them still have pretty big issues with kill boundaries and spawns from what I've heard, and since they still haven't even picked which maps are in... I'm glad they're adding new maps, but I'm definitely worried it'll cause some issues for the first few tournaments or so at least.
  19. Really love Epicborough. By far my favorite out of these, but I'd be content with any of them. Athelon also looks great. Sucks to see both Temple and Tesla on here, they should have just picked one of them to test (and Oracle might be better than both of them). I'd also like to see them test some more Oddball and Hill maps. Eden looks pretty good, but I'm not too crazy about Venom, and I feel like we might end up with just Lockdown and Warlord ball/hill still. As for Ricochet, I'm all for it for the variety, especially if we only get one new map. I'm a little worried about how well it would play competitively, though, as I haven't really seen it played more than once or twice. Edit: The more I think about it, the more it sounds like a worse version of assault (no arm times and the ability to throw the ball/bomb), so I think I'd rather not see it. Ideally, we'll get 2 new maps and that should be enough variety to hold me over.
  20. Concerning the Halo twitch channel hosting the IG channel, could they start a stream early with the title "HCS Event IG Atlanta starting in 30 minutes" or something like that, then switch over to hosting? Email notifications get sent to all ~60k followers, but IG still gets to stream on their channel and people can still find it through the Halo channel host. While we're on the topic of the Halo twitch channel, I'd also love to see them host various pros when they stream during the week and during online cups. Only potential problem I could see is some sort of weird favoritism controversy if they host some pros more often than others and things like that, but it'd be great to get viewers to check out pro streams and stay reminded of and involved in the competitive scene, other than a few LAN events per season. As others have said, in addition to utilizing twitch and social media better, an in-game pop-up for event weekends reminding people would be great. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't know/care about HCS that might go to play and switch over to check it out if they saw a pop-up when launching the game.
  21. The other day during the All-Star game, he said he doesn't have a capture card at the CLG house, so he hasn't been able to stream since he moved out there.
  22. Can't wait to see the trash talking and rivalries this creates among all the Noble members.

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