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  1. 10 Years. 10 Years this game has been out. And for some stupid reason I still get nothing but quitters on my team. 0-0 game in CTF? Nah I don't want to play anymore. Every. Single. Time. Nothing has changed. I have to be the unluckiest player on the planet.
  2. I have had the MLG Gametypes on my File Share for years. I keep trying to download them and more than half won't download. What gives? EDIT: I also went to MLG Gametypes and some download while others won't still. What is wrong with the system?
  3. But on XBox One, don't you only have to add them as a friend? They don't have to accept anymore. That was only a thing on the 360.
  4. I played MCC for the first time in months today. It was my first game of Halo in months. Immediately go into Hardcore and my teammate quits instantly during the loading screen. Had to play CTF 3v4. It did not end well. I hate this crap.
  5. I don't know what's worse. That my friends all deleted MCC and it's near impossible to have fun on it because the game is broken........or the fact that I am playing Halo 5 with a friend of mine and am realizing very quickly that MCC is still more fun than Halo 5.
  6. Anyone want to play MCC today? Anything really except Halo 4 preferably.
  7. I'm on MCC now because I want to play Halo and enjoy myself but do not like Halo 5. Yet I already know trying to play MCC is going to result in me just being annoyed with the game. Again. It's sad that this is what my gaming has come to. Well, here goes nothing.
  8. Ranks are literally a number next to your name with no value of any sort. It's amazing.
  9. If you're near a PC and you are just playing casually (not using your headset to listen for all noises) you can use the XBox app on the computer. I've never had any issues in party chat with that.
  10. Why doesn't it shock me that people are cheating in MCC. Amazing
  11. I'm going to turn 24 in November but if you'll still have me I'll join. I don't play many games anymore but it would still be a lot of fun to actually play some Halo. I may know someone else interested too.
  12. I just got into a Team Hardcore game and it was Halo 2. I was in shock. This is amazing. I look at the ranks. A 43, a 27 and a couple of other guys in the 20's against me and.......three Rank 1's. They of course danced the entire game with their guns pointed to the sky. I got to play a legit 1v4. Love it.
  13. I still can't find a game in MCC anymore no matter the playlist. What happened? It worked fine on Saturday.
  14. That actually made me want to play Halo 5 and I don't even like Halo 5. Great job with the montage!
  15. I can't get a game since 7 AM (Eastern). Is the game this dead in the mornings?
  16. Three games in a row H2 gets chosen in Hardcore. First game doesn't start, someone quit the build. Next time it gets chosen, someone quits less than a minute in. Third time, I've got a quitter and a betrayer on my team. And a guy who got a goose egg. Thankfully my rank goes down because of it. I mean why shouldn't it? But ranks don't matter since I match up with a 40 and a 1 in the same game. So I suppose it is meaningless. EDIT: Four games in a row. And of course I get betrayers on my team. Again. And 0-11. That's just awesome.
  17. Wait, people are playing MCC again? I think I need to jump on then.
  18. To each their own. I'm honestly not a big fan of the pistol in this game. It's solid but I feel the BR is much smoother. It's just personal preference I suppose. It's why I've played a little more MCC lately. Which is not consistently viable of course since I can only find games in Team Slayer. Overall it's just disappointing for me nowadays.
  19. Thanks. So it's only on one map and it's still just on the map rather than being the starting weapon? That sucks.
  20. Curiously, I haven't played Halo 5 in awhile and I'm hearing that the Halo 2 BR is in the game. Is that in Team Arena or just Warzone?
  21. I could only find games in Team Slayer today. I played against the thumbless robots. It wasn't even fun going +20.
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