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  1. Now that I think about it I don't want h3 maps in snipers playlist. (H3 + snipers playlist= No homework getting done) lol
  2. You know i wouldn't vote h4 sniper over any other sniper, but it still wasn't that bad; the game itself just really sucked and also the one shot sniper kinda ruined the sniping experience.
  3. Well I'm sure they're highly skilled people in their field, but I guess there are problems that are just really difficult to overcome even for the best. They are also still working on a ton of other problems with MCC, while developing h5, so they probably just have a lot on their plate and putting halo 3 in the snipers is just the least of their worries.
  4. Yeah haha after I posted it I was oh shit I'm speaking from the future.
  5. No way I'm from frankfort! How old are you?
  6. Yeah, but they screwed up the MP so bad the OG halo players do not look passed a poorly made product unlike cod players, so it'll be hard fort their rep to stand with h5.
  7. Not sure if reposting, but is anyone else upset that in the new Snipers playlist there aren't h3 maps. To me it doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't.
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