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  1. If hcs just implemented pro teams to stream mandatory scrims on these testing maps, it would resolve most often issues as well as get feedback.


    Tired of these changes being implemented then reversed because of how bad they are.

    Well it would help if even before teams got on to scrim if those pros that play during the day just get together and play random 8s on the maps to test them. It's more reliable than the pros streaming and getting viewer 8s to test them IMO. Most teams don't really want to spend their team practice time that they do get on maps and gametypes that don't even have a possibility of even being implemented in the future.

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  2. It doesn't work in a REAL WORLD scenario because the audience will be put to sleep by the players being asleep. This will lead to HCS being put permanently to sleep.


    Testing out new maps is fine but a new gametype that is proven to be ZERO FUN? I really feel bad for the pros right now.

    I don't know about ZERO FUN. I would play it drunk with my friends. Never in a competitive scene though.

  3. I think the way 343 is going about putting new gametypes into the HCS rotation is completely wrong.  Apparently Tashi said something along the lines to Heinz, "Prove to us that ricochet doesn't work in competitive play and then we'll take it out."  This is the completely wrong way to go about implementing gametypes into a tournament setting. MONEY IS ON THE LINE! 


    The way implementing new gametypes into HCS should work is that the gamtype needs to be PROVED that it is COMPETITIVE, not the other way around.  I personally don't want to be competing for money and play a gametype in a tournament setting that has a huge luck factor in it and exploits such as throwing the ball into the goal from one step away from where it spawns.


    343 needs to test these maps and gametypes further and make sure they are making the right decisions. Money is on the line and in those cases I think it should be obvious you need to create the best tournament environment for those competing.  Implementing ricochet like this is a reckless decision IMO.

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  4. I'm am really sick of seeing event after event have way too much downtime between series and games.  There is little to no entertainment during that time and I swear I spend more time waiting for games to start than actually watching gameplay. This has been happening for far too long and I believe that the downtime is a major factor of why the viewer counts for Halo tournaments are so low.  343i needs to address this issue with the companies hosting their tournaments otherwise I don't see myself watching tournaments after sticking with Halo for the past 6 years watching almost every single event, including the European Halo tournaments.

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