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  1. What a great Idea @simms! I'm a competitive Halo Player, I recently placed Top 24 at IG Atlanta and I'm hoping to place higher with the right team. I'm always streaming if you guys want to see my great gameplays againts the Top Halo players right now. I'm Looking foward to Halo 5, I can't wait for it but Hit me up guys! Twitter- @triixster_ http://www.twitch.tv/triixster_ ‚Äč
  2. Your Team Name: Maximum Velocity Winner: Maximum Velocity Round Number: 2 Score: 2 - 1
  3. Team Name : Maximum Velocity Gt: Ayo TriiXsTeR Gt: So In Diverse
  4. Im a F/A who knows how to play.the game been doing this since 07. I have Lan/OnLINE EXP EVEN EVENTS. MY GT: Ayo TriiXsTeR Just a gamer who wants to play with the best
  5. Hit me up im BEAST Solid player you don't want to miss out on. I can do it all slay, support, obj and key callouts. Im very dedicated so please hit me up try me out let me know what you think. My gt: Ayo TriiXsTeR
  6. Hey hmu im a BEAST PLAYER I can do it all slay, support, obj and key call outs. Im a very dedicated player that's wanting to explode to the top! My gt: Ayo TriiXsTeR Location: Texas Experience: MLG Dallas 09 FFA Tourney A few texas Lans GAME BATTLES online tournaments
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