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  1. I love 2gre but Im sorry there is zero way to spin this as a good move for EG. Was Devon playing like shit recetnly? Yes. But hes proven himself on lan time and time again. 2gre although the best player of all time, is not good at this game. Pull out any allegiance to the goat and watch him play and thats the truth. It was a panic move that will come back to bite EG, mark my words. Notice how fast Devon got picked up? He is an elite player. Sometimes I dont like that pros come on her because I truly am a big ogre 2 fan but just have to state my opinion. No different than when your favorite NBA or NFL player gets washed up. As much as you love them you have to think about whats best for the team, despite the past accomplishments.
  2. Im not trying to be a dick but you think if 99 percent of people dont understand it, maybe you're the one misundertanding it? Agree that maybe you could make the thrust a bit shorter, but I think clamber really adds to halo and would love it in all future halos. People may say "It makes moving around the map easier for noobs" which in reading hundreds of pages on here, is not a popular addition. Many people don't like anything that makes the game easier for the casual, which I somewhat agree with. But in terms of clamber, just because you can clamber onto a ledge, doesn't mean you can compete with better players. I watch streams everyday and cannot fathom what the pros do with auto-stabilize and clamber. They make thrust jumps slides etc that I will try for hours and still not make once. My point is I believe clamber is a great addition because it does make the game more fun for the everyday casual player, but not where it gives you any advantage over higher level players. Something like the snipe having high magnetism is something that would close the gap between an average player and an above average player.
  3. 6 days late but this deserves to be posted again. Well said.
  4. I know this is a few pages back but holy shit its almost scary how perfect your posts are.
  5. I was on the stop hating on 343 train until I made the mistake of thinking I would have fun playing FFA.
  6. Can a mod delete this? Meant to quote the guy above me.
  7. Such a bummer that they insist on adding bullshit to a game with such a huge upside.
  8. So usually when I come on here I bash people for being negative and hating on Halo. I am usually extremely optimistic about 343 and Halo in general. But last night I finally had a night off and was planning on playing halo for hours upon hours. That didnt even get close to happening. I am not a great player so I play either FFA or Slayer because I can usually play alone and have mild sucess, but in arena I usually get spanked because I literally only play alone. At the rare time I have a friend online, I only play arena. Long story short last night I got on and played about 20 FFA games and holy shit I havent raged that hard since Halo 4. Its insane how they can make a game that should be amazing but dilute the experience so much. I cannot exagerate out of those 20 games I played majority 3 maps: Mercy, Riptide, and Pegasus 2. I had 3/20 games played on HCS maps and the other 17 or so, all DLC maps that are just awful. On top of that the servers were absurdely bad all night, another thing I have been really positive about. I guess my point is when 343 knows how bad those maps are, and knows that most of the community does not enjoy them, why do they balance them so they come up so often? It's almost like they hired someone to make these maps and now feel like they must use them so they can properly utilize their employees or something. It's so backwards. They basically throw you up against a wall. Want to play fun maps that they spent years making? Better have a solid team of 3 or 4. Want to play gametypes that you dont need teamates for? Better be ready to 75 percent of the time play our awful maps that was spent 2 weeks making, and are usually remakes of other maps, and not good remakes. My rant is done but I have never had less fun playing halo than I did last night. Was planning on playing for 5-10 hours and played for about 2. I will edit this post and post the exact maps later tongight.
  9. Have to disagree a little. i think the server does matter. I had 8 perfects in a game against onyx/diamond players and I'm not too good. Clearly theyve done something right when the server is good. But a bad server is still a bad server. I hate talking about this stuff in this thread though. Want to talk about teams. That being said, I am a little confused on whats going on with pro league. I know it's somewhere but I actually find it pretty hard to find information on halo tournaments. I feel like Im always struggling to find brackets/team rosters etc before and after tournaments. I know worlds is March, so does pro league start after? Or are they going to coincide? And if teams don't stay with another player from their past team in pro league will they have to compete through the am bracket? Will teams change again from worlds to pro league? Thanks in advance, been a little out of it over the holidays.
  10. Don't really agree with this. I am involved in professional sports and was in college at the highest level. Most of the guys at the top have passion you can't even make up. Do some of them eventually loath the sport? Yes, But putting in the ammount of work that pro Halo players/ professional athletes does not come without a love for the game. If that love goes away, they usually retire or dwindle away. But you used "Hyper competetive" as the ones that do grind and love it. But I would argue you can't get into the pro league or any professional sports organization without being hyper competitive. Would guess most Pro Halo players still love Halo and love putting the work in. Ive had to and have seen friends make alot of sacrafices for sports the last 10 years of my life but most will say it was worth it.
  11. If there is one AM that deserved a chance at the pro league is Trippy. Not even a big fan but anyone who has watched his gameplay or scrims last few months knows the kid goes off. His biggest issue in the past is tilting but he seems to have calmed down last few months. Really think he is number 1 AM available. Also why is Contra not scrimming with ALG? He streamed for like 15 hours wonder if that had to do with it. Maybe he was just asleep? Feel like that team is not nearly as good without him. Hate him or love him hes an unreal player.
  12. Totally agree man. The positivety was flowing here for about a week after finals and now were back to "bring back classic halo." I played every Halo quite a bit and this is a fun game. Do I want classic Halo back? Yes. But things change, they evolve in alot of sports and video games. I love Halo 5 and I think more people are playing it than they think. Is it h3 numbers? No. But I have alot of friends online when I play and many people I play with I know love this game. I really love the direction we are going and think we need to help Halo 5 grow, not keep dreaming about something that will never happen in regards to halo 5. For myself as a Diamond/low onyx player clamber and thrust are great additions. Are they bad for really good players? Maybe but that is like 1 percent of the games population. I think we have to meet somewhere in the middle with 343 and push for things like spartan charge and super easy sniper to be taken out (See im compromising, I like the h5 sniper). Defintely some old stuff I would like to see brought back, but lots of things I hope stay going forward. As for radar, I am unsure on if I like it or not. I really hated playing slayer in h3 because of it, but on this game it works in some situations. I also don't think that taking it out is going to boost viewership by some insane margin. Maybe we get some diehards back, but I can't see it making a large difference where viewership is concerened. As for going Halo going forward, we just had our largest viewership since worlds, we have a great 2017 planned, and 343 is finally listening to us. Lets save the "bring back old halo" for the halo 6 thread and enjoy what we have coming our way for 2017!
  13. Are you under the assumption that we are not capable of reading lowercase letters?
  14. Nothing ironic about alot of people being negative. There is a Big difference between stating your opinion (which is awesome) and just having a terrible attidue in general. Your post is a prime example of a great post. Puts opinions and offers room for response. Bashing and bringing people down with very little actual reasoning and no room for response, is negativety. Which is seen here alot. @@RyaNoob had a great post where he bashed 343 but put lots of thoughts and ideas behind it. That is how it should be done. When someone has a post full of negativetely and very little backing it, I almost think they want 343 to fail. We all love halo and want it succeed, thats why were here, right?
  15. It cracks me up that neighbor comes in here, states some information in which he didnt have to, and then you guys use it as ammo. " Why did they have to fight for descope?" " They must know nothing." It actually makes me wonder if any of you guys have ever had a real job or am I too old to be on here. Think of the pro team as "consultants." It was an extremely smart move. We live in a world where most people think they know everything. Someone at 343 knew they were not where they wanted to be and brought in pro team. It happens with giant multi million dollar companies every single day. They will bring in past experts or people studied in the field to make sure they dont fuck up, and thats exaclty what the pro team has to do. I am all on board with saying 343 has made some DUMB decisions, but if 343 already had all the answers then they wouldn't have hired the pro team in the first place, right? Don't bash them for trying to perfect their trade. Neg bomb incoming Im sure but lets not use something neighbor said as more reason to bash people who we are all hoping suceed. Really their choice to bring in more minds may have saved the game, and like I said happens eveyday in business.
  16. To be honest I am not in favor of the Contra/ Devon split up. I think they work amazing together. Although Im not close to the situation, it seemed like they didnt win because they were always on the short end of the team changes (Maybe their own fault). I think Contra is one of the most idividually skilled players in the game, and even when everyone said the aiming was messed up, he rarely missed. On lan with the new build he will be insane. That being said I like Devon alot and am very curious as to where he will end up. He has only teamed with Contra for Halo 5 and there is not much known about him besides that. He really seems to keep to himself. I'm very curious if he gets picked up or if he just falls off the map live weve seen so many other pro/ex pros in Halo 5. I think hes really good and hope he gets picked up. If they really did split I think the three best players that are probably open to team changes are Contra Bubu and Stellur. I think those three guys should create their own team. I think the only issue is I dont know if any of them even have a pro league spot. Alot of logistics need to be done if something like that is to happen. I think another big point going forward is that if Radar is removed, or made less of a factor, Roybox will be a force to be reckoned with. They have more knowledge of Halo than any other players in the game besides maybe 2gre. Radar I think would make teamwork and knowing when to push and pull flags much more important. With radar, movement and indivudual slaying skills has taken the front seat. No radar would defintely change the dynamic and I wouldn't be shocked to see some old names pop up at the top. Someone like Flamesword is a prime example of someone who would have been more successful without radar. Curious what others opinion on the subject is.
  17. Fair enough man, maybe im a little off here. I am just going off the eye test, not really stats. Everytime Ive watched him stream and his POV in games I have not seen a top 3 player. Certainly a great player but not top 3. In most sports, stats dont really speak for who is the best team/player. Same argument is had in college football alot. Do you go off record and stats or what you see on the field? He could prove me wrong though.
  18. I love all the hype today! I also want to say how important it is that they keep fixing the game. The multiplayer experience has improved so much just by adding social and custom game browser. Literally such a blast to play. But all of the new events and hype means nothing if we don't keep getting players to come back to the game. The upcoming game tweaks will be make or break 2017 In my opinion. Hoping for the best. Props to dreamhack for hoping on board. Also happy UMG stuck around for another event, loved their last one. Im just happy with all the positivety Im seeing on here today.
  19. Have to disagree here. Suspector has widely underperfomred since HWC. Seemed like he has been pretty stagnant the last few seasons. Not really hurting his team but not going off too much either. Shooter also may be one of the smartest minds in the game, but in my opinion doesnt have toe slaying power or movement to keep up. Think about players like snipedown and snakebite, they have both. Bubu is one of the best players in the game and if he's doesnt get on a top 3 team next season I would be shocked. He just needs to make the right moves. Stellur in the same boat.
  20. Yestertday was the most fun Ive had watching Halo since HWC. Just really felt the passion. Loved the story lines and loved how you could see the effort everyone wanted to put in to see the game succeed. I think T2 is the future of Halo casting along with Simms. I enjoyed all the casters though. I also had more friends online playing the last few days than since the game came out. We are truly on the up this time for real. 40k viewers was the most since HWC. I think we have more people back now lets make some awesome setting changes and see where this thing can go! I also love seeing the passion of Hastro and Hecz. I was following them on twitter and it truly makes me happy to see two of the biggest org owners really getting passionate about Halo and their team. Still can't get over how cool it was Hecz bought a halo team in the first place, putting faith in the game getting better. Last, I think the best two players not on Envy and optic are Bubu and Stellur. Really think they should get together and form a team. Also think that because of all the lans and the game being a litle better online, Contra will be one of the best in the game going forward. Would love to see those three together.
  21. I guess im a little hazy on the KoTH is it coming to arena?
  22. Certainly agree with you. Feels like this shouldnt have been a year in the making. The only excuse here is we don't know what kind of deadline they were on when the game came out. Maybe they had all of this in mind and just couldnt get it done correctly and on time. Do we know if microsoft gives them a deadline to release games?
  23. Your negativtey on this forum truly concerns me. Why would you need to host it in the custom game lobby if you have the full players? And what i mean is if I have a full 4v4 party why would I need to host it for others to join? If someone leaves then we can host it. Maybe I dont get it. But to call something lackluster that isnt even out yes makes me laugh. Lets hold off on the judgement until we use it.
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