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  1. So I know I'm bumping an old thread but is this still happening or did it get cancelled?
  2. Did the pro team lose? I was at work so I have no idea what happened or even what this really was
  3. I don't want to post details because it's not my place to do so but apparently liquid is not competing today. Really sad about what happened and I really really wish their team and this particular player the best .
  4. Liquid just posted on Twitter to follow their full roster, ninja, ace, chug, and mikwen..... Just saying its oddly odd for the org to tell people to follow liquid if he were leaving. You would think they would remain quiet if it were true.
  5. Is there somewhere we can see the individual stats breakdown like there was for ATL where we could go and see all players k/d and stats including amateurs.
  6. I messaged you back on Twitter to see about running some games.
  7. Is there a bracket anywhere or a list of teams with the teams roster?
  8. Before getting started the best way to get ahold of me is through Twitter Twitter: @TuViciouz Xbox GT: TuViciouz After some changes and some time to get things organized Mettle Gaming is again looking for some competitive Halo players for a team. At the current time I am looking for 2 possibly 3 more players. Our current objective is to prepare for Halo 5 although i do plan on grinding the rest of MCC out. Some of the things I am looking for are: -Maturity -The ability to consistently call out intelligently. -competitive halo knowledge -willingness to attend events within reason. Again hmu on Twitter or xbl. @TuViciouz Some information from Mettle Mettle Gaming is a community of gamers that has been around since December 2013. Mettle Gaming is a strong community that is involved in numerous games. Requirements - Maturity - Functional Mic Those are very basic requirements and everything basically comes down to the individual. Some basics from Mettle. - Diversity (We play numerous games and have people responsible for organizing that title) - A functional website mettlegaming.com - Access to our community slack (a app that allows you to communicate with the mettle community and find people to game with) - Veteran gamers across multiple titles/platforms Recent Additions We have recently added a few top tier competitive players. If you are interested in learning about competitive gaming for battlefield, they would be more then happy to help you! That help includes call outs, set ups, understanding strats and rotations. Mettle is Family WEBSITE www.mettlegaming.com SPONSORS/ AFFILIATES www.battlebeavercustoms.com - USE CODE "MettleG" for 5% off www.Machinima.com http://savagejerky.com/?ref=sloyalty&token=ujryHP9mQKpW- 15% off Savage Jerky http://www.onlinekeystore.com/?partner=1162428&lid=950- Save with Online Key Store FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE!! https://www.facebook.com/MettleGaming https://twitter.com/Mettle_Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC374K5tc1gzydEyDWc9bijg
  9. Mine was working perfect until this. I just got it working though. I turned xbox off and then unplugged everything for 3 minutes and plugged it back in and I finally found a game
  10. I hard reset my xbox and my modem/router and no luck
  11. Is anybody else having problems finding games at all? I can't find a single game since the update. I have 56.99 down and 3.65 up speeds according to xbox so it can't be my connection but I literally can't find a game at all. I'm about to uninstall the whole game and reinstall it aince everybody else seems to find games still
  12. Is there anywhere we can see individual stats or particular game stats for Atlanta?
  13. You lost me at halo reach :/
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