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  1. http://www.forgehub.com/maps/hard-jump.1254/ Gamertag: KevinPDZ This is my first Halo 5 forge map. It is called Hard Jump. Hard Jump is a puzzle level that has spartans jumping from one object to the next, all the way throughout the Alpine canvas. It starts at an easy difficulty, and progressively gets more difficult as each checkpoint is passed. There are 8 UNSC checkpoints to teleport from at the start of the map, just in case things get to difficult. You can restart from the checkpoint you last left off on if you die, or you can begin a new checkpoint if a section is too difficult. Default recommended gametype is slayer. Highly recommended time limit set to infinite with instant respawn time to allow players to take their time completing the course, and to recover quickly from the numerous deaths from falls that players will endure. NOTE: The name of the fileshare map is "Hard Jump 1". I hope to make more of these in the future with the different canvases if the reception is positive. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. We are at the end of the loser bracket, which means the winner of the loser bracket (Chill Out) will vs. against the winner of the previous segment of the tournament (Midship). Oddly enough, the winner of the loser bracket is the same map that versed against Midship previously. It is a finals rematch between Midship and Chill Out. Will Midship officially win it all again, or will Chill Out come out on top this time? If you guys have any ideas for another tournament, let me know. I'm already considering some suggestions, such as a "Worst Multiplayer Map" Tournament, and a "Big Team Battle" Tournament, for example. Happy voting!
  3. We have come to the semi-finals of the loser bracket rematches. Shockingly enough, we have the same battle of Chill Out vs. Prisoner as we did in the previous segment of the tournament. Will Chill Out still win to go to the finals for another rematch against Midship? Or will the tides change with Prisoner beating Chill Out the second time around?
  4. This is round 11 of the Loser Bracket. The next match will be the semi-finals of the loser bracket, followed by the winner of the loser brackets facing off against the winner from the previous segment of the tournament, which was Midship.
  5. This is the last match before the one match of round 11, followed by the semi-finals of the loser bracket.
  6. The next two matches are The Pit vs. Hang 'Em High & Lockout vs. Prisoner.
  7. This is really intense. I loved Lockout on Halo 2 back in 2004, but overtime it became so overrated. Damnation is incredible, one of my favorites from CE.
  8. It's over very soon after a couple more rounds. I think it reaches round 11 before the semi finals and finals. Then I will consider doing a reshuffling for a 'worst map' tournament or a big team battle map tournament.
  9. The matches are getting fewer each round as we near the end of the loser bracket. Here are the round 9 matches.
  10. A worst map tournament sounds fun. I would reshuffle the seeding of course. I'll look into doing that after the loser bracket is done.
  11. We are starting to wind down on the loser bracket part of the tournament. The matches are getting fewer and fewer, but the choices are getting even tougher.
  12. After some tough battles, we are here at round 6 and 7 of the Loser Bracket part of the tournament. The matches are getting tougher as we move on. Happy voting!
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