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  1. The default mode control? It's just Rush from Battlefield lol. But yes it is a good mode.
  2. So awesome. What's the current projectile travel speed set to for the pistol?
  3. You ever see videos of Quake players using 360 fov lol
  4. Vanilla (Or in this case TU) Reach is an abomination oh my lord it's even worse than I remember it. Every time I lose a DMR Bloom fight to a jetpacking king with his 12 other teammates crouch shooting me across the map I want to throw my monitor out the window. Hardcore is like a completely different game. Wish it was 4sk though.
  5. You think Narrows flag is bad? Or TS. Because I think Narrows CTF is one of the most solid experiences in Halo as a franchise.
  6. I dipped tf out during Reach, can't stand that game. You'll wanna talk to @HeX Reapers or @a Chunk for Reach stuff, they're way more knowledgeable.
  7. Biggest difference here is that overheat doesn't actually hard stop force you into stopping, ever really (given the right circumstances). I think if developers really wanted to enforce their ridiculous vision for shot pacing, overheat is the way to do it. In Reach if you wanted to disregard that and go for a perfect 5-shot at max ROF go for it, at the penalty of an overheat. No random accuracy drop, it would just overheat at that ROF meaning good players would lock the kill down anyways. Shot pacing would just allow you to continue shooting, forever really. Doesn't require a button on the remote, and doesn't hard cap you at however many consecutive kills you can usually get in a single magazine before having to reload - for the Halo 5 magnum that would be 2 lol. I don't think it's the best solution but I'd take it over bloom a hundred times.
  8. No disagreement here. The Dreaming City in D2 might be the best looking thing I've ever seen in a game. Links for anyone curious to see what they're capable of
  9. Reach forerunner isn't great and I think the UNSC weapons are too busy. But this is comparing it to H3 which is king. On the whole nothing Bungie has made has ever looked bad. You really can't overstate how incredible their art and audio team is.
  10. Aarlong quoted me in a post but I have him set to ignore, someone tell me what he wants.
  11. There is nothing more frustrating than you listing out issues you've had with something for someone to come and say "idk but it's been fine for me it's not that bad" as if their lack of problems somehow proves yours are false. There's always someone on reddit to pop in and say "MCC works just fine for me" or to tell you that Destiny pvp isn't that bad because THEY never run into the broken builds. Or the Xbox One runs fine because theirs never routinely kicks them from party chats.
  12. Lol, as funny as that is there's nothing wrong with changing your beliefs over time. I don't agree with a lot of the stuff I said not 3 years ago.
  13. Okay questioning Halo CEs overarching writing is one thing but the characters in Halo 2 are actually some of the best written I've ever seen in a video game, maybe ever. I give the Halo franchise shit for writing moments all the time but Halo 2s characters, their motivations, and the dialogue and interaction between them is seriously nothing short of perfect. There's nothing wrong with Arbiters conversion, he heard it from the Heretic, then the monitor, then the gravemind, and then chief.

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