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  1. It's obviously not a fixed decision, it's a ratio. And I'm referring to "happening across a power weapon" in the sense that with extreme attention and practice you'll be able to lock down the weapons / objectives. But I've lost many doubles matches in Halo, quake, whatever that basically came down to my team winning every static encounter but they happened to win the single encounter before the quad damage spawned, or the OS came up. Meaning a 5-0 run, with one inconvenient death at the end can instantly be flipped because they happened to win the encounter before the tide turning weapon spawned. That's bullshit in my eyes. And it's happened to me to frequently to become content with the current state of arena shooters. Now if you happened to control that run and you do secure the pickup... It's worth asking why. You already won the encounter and secured the point (in slayer) what sense does it make that they're further rewarded. In my eyes that's just snowballing, albeit more mild. Hence why I don't like power weapons, or the way they've ever been handled at least. Whatever skill is added in controlling the map leading up to that spawn I think is compromising the natural integrity of the rest of the games gun fights. Especially with the "fast spawning weapons" that a lot of people here champion for, there's not even enough down time for let the highest skill encounters play out without influencing every decision because of things spawning constantly. There's nothing I would love more in quake than to simply focus on out moving and out maneuvering the other player and doing my best to juke them, but the LONGEST interval without something spawning is 30 seconds. More realistically it's every 15 seconds because health and armor are staggered. What that means is you're just running from destination to destination, not ACTUALLY making your own decisions. It's both insanely mentally challenging and yet somehow mind numbingly repetitive. I don't have an issue with things spawning quickly, but you shouldn't feel obligated to go for them. Gears of War has done a better job with its sandbox historically because the difference in the type of skill between the snub, shotgun, longshot, and torque bow are actually different enough that not everyone picks them up. It's entirely possible to be good with the sniper in that game and suck with the shotgun. I think that'll be the ideal goal for Halo is to get to the point where someone could actually BE a good "shotgun" player, or a great sniper. But perhaps bad at something else because the weapons and powerups actually offer different non transferable skill sets. There's no such thing as a bad shotgun player in Halo. Or someone who's "good"with rockets. They're just easy, and better. It was only ever true of the sniper and not even any more. That same reasoning is why I think slayer is a more competitively viable gametype than objective, or at least it could be if we had viable dev maps that didn't rely on objective or weapons to incentive movement. I don't like that forced weapon pickups force players to predictable decisions, and I don't like that map movement and decision making is boiled down to just focusing on the objective. You're never REALLY allowed to perform how you could.
  2. Eh. The idea of actual power weapons doesn't sit right with me much any more. I like that in CE the sniper and shotgun mostly served as different weapons, rather than better ones. I walk over them quite frequently in that game and don't pick them up. That was never true in the franchise past that point.
  3. That was my impression as well until I watched that full video. Seems it's game wide.
  4. Unrelated but not really. 4:00 Looks like Gears 5 is a hero shooter. Also Gears 5 isn't short for Gears of War 5. It's officially being renamed to "Gears"
  5. It's a general segment with Xbox devs, I think it just happened to fall at the tail end of Bonnies bit. I instantly recognized it as Gears though, looks like Dam or Dry Dock.
  6. I think fromsoft has the best animators in the entire game industry. Something about watching things in that game move is so badass. The quality is superb but the movement is stylized, like you're in a dream.
  7. Wasn't sure about H2, my mistake. I only knew it didn't work in CE and wasn't effective after 3.
  8. Well first of all that's more of an animation thing than a proportion thing. I'm saying in H3 more than any other game I've played I know exactly what I'm shooting at all the time, no matter how far (whether the bullets hit is a different question). The silhouette is tight, controlled, the limbs aren't flying and bouncing around all over when they turn and run. I've had more shots go between legs in Halo 4 than I care to admit because the legs are longer and they spread more for the running animation in an attempt to be realistic. On another note, do people here not like strongsiding? I always thought it was a really unique skill only found in H3. Requires some knowledge of the play space to do, and is pretty inoffensive.
  9. Well if we're speaking strictly in game models then I'm with you 100%. I'm just saying if we're this close to getting what could be considered near perfect I would love it they want the extra mile and just corrected some textures. But yes obviously if we're strictly speaking in-game models then this is the best we've gotten I think. I don't think anyone here disagrees that this is the best looking chief 343 has ever put out at least. Again the comparison shots are exactly that, comparisons. I think either of those chiefs still look better personally. Reflectiveness and other material attributes can be changed on a slider in Substance Painter and most modern engines will show the updated material in almost real time. Changing the perceived material of chief very well could be done in minutes to great effect. I haven't done extensive material work because I'm not a material artist obviously but I've done enough to know how it works. And I know what I'm looking at right now is a little off. On the note of the body proportions. I'll agree with you again there in strictly for visual purposes correct proportions look nicer. I just think it causes gameplay to be a bit finnicky. I think Halo 3 for all its caricaturized sizes had the best models to shoot at.
  10. That picture was taken from reddit I didn't make it, but I was using it to make an argument. The chief in the trailer is poorly textured. I don't care whether the in-game model of H3 matched the screenshot above from its CGI trailer, I was just showing better examples of how metal should look. I don't need to sit here and try and convince you if it looks like metal or not when I've read half a hundred other comments saying the same. Even the screenshot you linked above looks like an action figure. That being said - it's a very easy fix. Minutes even, if the artists wanted it done. " Furthermore, yeah, of course his forearms look bigger than his biceps. That's anatomy, let alone what armor will do to you. That isn't exactly a new thing. " Right, but spartan's in game have never been anatomically correct. They always used stylized proportions for good reason, correct limb length/girth gets funky when it comes to placing shots. Lots of games, Halo included, increase the chest and head and then shrink the legs to make combat more purposeful. If you played a good amount of Halo 4 you'll notice sometimes things like rockets or grenade will fly right inbetween enemy player's legs with some frequency more than they used to. This is just a side effect of having "correct" leg proportions. I think it's a bigger deal than it sounds and is one of those things that just makes the shooting very purposeful in Halo. You're shooting at a relatively tight silhouette instead of a flailing blob of limbs like you see in titanfall sometimes.
  11. Whoever the material artists at 343 are need to readdress this. When I saw the helmet reveal last year I remember thinking instinctively that it was from Installation 01 or some other fan game. It looked soft and unfinished, which I attributed to them rushing a trailer out. Now I'm seeing that this is the actual art direction for chief. Totally missing the sheen and reflectivity it needs to convey metal. Looks like an action figure right now. They also made the proportions of his body more proper as they did in H4/5 so his legs are much bigger than they used to be. I'd take the more stylized proportions as before. Some redesigns on the shoulder and stomach area. And his forearms are bigger than his biceps.
  12. Standard for using UE4 and launching on Epic Store is 12%, but if you're a big dev you can usually make deals with 'em. No matter what it is, it's more than 0$ which is what Microsoft pays for using it's own engine. Or that's the thinking at least. Doesn't really pan out when you're doing 5 year dev cycles though.

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