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  1. Im just going to come out and and say, Halo on PC isn't going to do much for the franchise at all. The entire series was so successful because it did everything it needed to in 2001 to adapt itself for a controller. Slow itself down, provide the right amount of aim assistance, etc. Kbm doesn't suit Halo AT ALL, and all the nuance and skill of the granular movement with the thumbstick will be lost with wasd input, and the gunplay is frankly just too easy straight up. Halo 2 will be micro'd to death with quad shotting. And the fact that PC players first impressions of Halo will be of reticle bloom armor lock on sword base will quickly bring everyone back down to to earth. They should've started with CE / 3 as those have the best chances of long term appeal.
  2. That video was taken at the absolute maximum distance for the BR before the bullets disappear. At the max range they still connect on the same frame.
  3. I don't know why you used that clip to prove your point because I literally took it to prove that the BR isn't projectile. The damage is taken on the same frame as the shot.
  4. I thought splitgate was one of the worst games I've ever played. Unsurprisingly it had the general support of the community as everyone clamored over "arena warfare" (it's as far from an arena game as you can get) and then expectedly drop it as fast as they could. The whole idea behind it is already a stretch, and their weapon balancing / maps / art certainly didn't help.
  5. If I had a dollar for every time I died because grenade switching was on the dpad instead of the A button in H5 and MCC (bumper jumper / helljumper) I would be a rich man. Dpad belongs to nothing that needs to be done while shooting. Gears shows you can get away with weapon switching on it but you're also talking about a cover based game and actions that would cause down time anyways.
  6. Drop amount based on the ammo type? If that's what you're referring to
  7. Not knowing something is not the same as randomness. If I am shoving my face into a wall for 2 minutes and get naded from behind that doesn't make it random because I had the opportunity to have that information. I just didn't take it. And if the randomness in question can be negated by simply turning your stick a few degrees it's not random. This is sorta the bane of Siege as a game with a million variables is that you scout out at the start and retrieve all the information you can to make it predictable. Also whether or not Halo 5 style movement takes skill compared to classic movement is not the point or what should be discussed. It's more about what it takes to accomplish that skill gap alongside its other effects on the game. If you can make a comparable skillgap out of 2 actions (stick + crouch) as opposed to.... However many actions in Halo 5 (stick, crouch, clamber, hover, gp, thrust, slide) and have none of the downsides...why wouldn't you. Quake creates arguably the greatest skill gap for movement out of NO additional inputs. That's an even better designed system. If this has all been discussed I'm sorry I'm just jumping in I didn't read that far back
  8. The reward for getting a kill, is getting a kill. You don't reward it with a kill streak that gives you more kills. Likewise. The punishment for missing a shot is that you missed the shot. Not adding randomness to your next attempt.
  9. There is no way to ever make team shot not matter. You're doing 2x the damage, it will ALWAYS be good. Raising individual empowerment doesn't magically lower reliance on teamwork, it's not a ratio. You can lose one something and gain nothing in return. The only way teamshot wouldn't matter is if the kill times were literally one bullet. Or if damage didn't stack when shot from two sources. Idk, maybe if it were like an electric gun as the utility weapon you could justify that design choice or something I don't know. But that's not the case in Halo.
  10. I know this discussion has been had but equipment as an idea is just another archetype of tool to use in Halo, and it's done in the best way possible through on map pickups. The only issue with it was the specific implementation of some of them in Halo 3. I'd love to see them come back.
  11. I'd rather clamber become blindingly fast then slowed down to punish players for using it. Philosophically it's more important to not wrongfully punish good people, even if that means letting some bad people through the cracks unpunished - than it is to wrongfully punish some good people in effort to catch every bad player. That extends to game design as well. Inevitably the best players will find themselves in a long drawn out animation with their face shoved into the wall while they're being shot in the back in the name of "risk vs reward", which tbh is silly. Make the mechanic as unnoticeable as possible.
  12. I suppose range tests on all automatics to see the gradient of kill times over differing ranges. That alone would be a more credible qualifier of the AR's kill potential unlike his video. Basically showing bloom/spread and how it relates to the magnetism. Also, magnetism isn't just on/off, it has a range of strengths based on ranges. Friction, by swiping your aimer over a player while standing still, while you're moving your left stick, while you're moving both sticks, while you're moving your right stick and they're also walking, while you're moving both sticks while they're walking - and conducting that at close medium and far ranges. The biggest thing though is how AA is made to work over networking which is very difficult to show over practiced examples, it usually just happens while you're playing. Everyone here knows exactly how ridiculous the H5 snipe can be in a game but recreating those scenarios won't always show how egregious it is in controlled environments like that video. You just have to feel it out and have a lot of gameplay I suppose. Which is why his video is really disingenuous. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/multilockon/video/42266124
  13. Completely ridiculous. Still standing tests don't take into account a LOT of correction that happens during movement, a lot of Halo's AA mechanics are designed to not take effect unless you or the enemy are moving your thumbsticks. Halo 3 uses projectile, and 5 steps backwards will show a massive difference between the two. Halo 3 doesn't have headshot multipliers. And it's also the AR for Christ sake lol. Also bullet magnetism is more problematic for single fire weapons (halo 5 utility weapon) than it is also/burst fire weapons (halo 3 utility). Also, bullet magnetism is only one tool in the AA toolkit and completely disregards friction, adhesion, arcing, RRR. It also disregards the trade latency Halo 5 uses and how it networks compared to older titles. Anyone with an ounce of time on both games could tell you that Halo 3s AA mechanics are a drop in the bucket compared to Halo 5s but he pretty frequently goes out of his way to spin narratives.

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