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  1. I've said this before but the mantis isn't even a vehicle so much as just a bigger Spartan, there's nothing fun about it. You might as well give the player the mario mushroom. That's not why vehicles are in the game, they should legitimately change the way you move and handle. The warthog and mongoose will always be the most fun because of that, they're just cars.
  2. Pretty interesting huh, haha. Competition by it's very nature will drive conflict. I'd wager outside your anecdote, if you were to view the entire game industry in a broad lenses Halo has one of, if not the best communities historically. Very active, passionate, informed (somewhat) on mechanics, inspired to create media through Machinimas, montages, screenshots, maps, etc. Much of that has more or less nose dived in recent titles but, that's a topic for another time. Are you familiar with the Mortal kombat / Call of Duty pro scene? Or the Starcraft / Melee scene? Halo could probably be better, and worse off. Holding individuals accountable for their actions and words is always nice in relationships but you're never going to change the width and perception of an entire playerbase that way. Only 343 can sculpt their fine base in that way.
  3. Man you guys would have a field day with the mechanics they put in Destiny. I've never seen a shooter with so much stupid shit packed into it.
  4. Not if it's coded with any semblance of sense no. The bullets are shot out at a cone, the speed makes no difference.
  5. Not usually. Dynamic lighting is really expensive on the CPU, baked lighting is basically free. I imagine with these next gen consoles we'll see a lot of dynamic lighting and some cool art stuff.
  6. Well, yeah but. Halo has always had bad netcode, especially H3. I think MCC just accentuates it even further and makes H3 classic look good in comparison.
  7. Well, Ubisofts "own" engine that "they built themselves" Dunia, is actually just built on top of Crytech. Its Crytech with some nice tools and optimizations. CDPR is a fair example. But they're a MASSIVE team who release a game every 5 years and operates in Poland where the cost of development is 1/3rd the US and are coming off the Witcher 3's 30+ million sales. This is all to say, they have a LOT of luxuries that other game devs can't afford. Also, as good as Cyberpunk looks... Itd probably look better and be made faster in Unreal lol the days are coming to a close where proprietary engines are a thing. I give them another 10 years max if Epic continues development the way they have been.
  8. LMAO does anyone? Really? I saw a post on rhalo in like 2018 and it went "Hey guys, just got Halo 5. Quick question; is the boltshot really good or really bad? I can't tell." And I laughed at that for like 5 minutes.
  9. I think it doesn't matter to be honest lol whether or not its a new engine or the Halo 2 engine it makes essentially no difference to a consumer beyond if you want something like real time destruction. Most engine improvements only make differences to the developer during development, or in the graphical fidelity. Neither of which should matter to anyone here. What matters is if the game is well designed lol Halo on unreal engine is still a Halo being made by this team.
  10. Well EA does that with Frostbite where it's company wide, it's still nowhere near Unreal Engine. And they've invested a LOT of time and money into it. If EA and Dice can't make an engine quite as good as Unreal I sure don't expect 343 to. I guess it just depends on your definition of new. Like the new Modern Warfare, 343 probably rewrote some lighting things, added more accurate light bounces, maybe a few tools for them to use while they develop the game, and called it a day and gave the engine a name. You'll still be able to tell in movement that everything about it resembles the engine we know now.
  11. They said they did, but they didn't. If a dev says they rebuilt their engine or made a new one 99.9999% chance they're lying. You basically can't just build a new engine now, it's too much work. It's most definitely still the same one but with some of the lighting tech rewritten to get better reflections and supports higher poly counts and maybe some nice tools for the developers to use. But it is most definitely not a new engine. If you go on the Activision web page and look at their job listings for infinity ward you'll notice under the LD descriptions it still mentions Radiant.
  12. Cod's engine has usually had better performance because it's using Radiant (shit editor from Quake era) on an engine that's derivative of id tech 2. It's very, very old. We couldn't even make a platform rotate in a map without there being some serious issues, I think we ended up just spinning the entire skybox to give the illusion that the map was rotating instead of just rotating something within the map. Also because Call of Duty uses radiant, about half the things on your screen are quite literally just 6 sided squares with nice materials If you look at it carefully you can see what I mean. It's just rectangles and squares and they use some higher poly trim pieces like a broken rubble or ornate trim to cap the corners. This is how they managed to get Cod 4 at 60 fps even back in 2007. But the engine itself is in no way better than what Halo is using, even though Halo's engine is dated by modern engines like Unreal, it's still ahead of what cod is using. As for the connection bit, there's a lot more being repliated in an FPS over the network than there is in most MMO's to be fair. Small movement of your cursor and character rotation are all things that are being updated on the server hundreds of times per sec that I'm sure most MMO's won't do because they don't need to. In a shooter, you do and there's a lot of info to be gained from small things. That being said, the most likely explanation here is that 343 and Bungie haven't done stellar jobs at their networking rather than blaming it on the engine. All the Microsoft money in the world won't make your networking engineers smarter, anyone who's played Destiny for 5 minutes on pvp knows how awful that game runs online. Microsoft's azure servers are supposedly pretty good but, that's also by their own mouth so who really knows. If I were 343 I'd be trying to poach someone from a studio who has historically had really good networking, Blizzard or Respawn come to mind.
  13. If a game dev ever says that they don't have the tools to update things like that post launch, they're full of shit. Fortnite patched in split screen for God sake.
  14. Yeah that's more of an oversight though, definitely not the intended results of Halo 2s mechanics. Halo 5: Clamberbackupians, is very much built with that mechanic to have that exact effect. Drop clamber shoot drop clamber shoot drop clamber shoot.

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