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  1. If I make a platform that drops off 25 feet to a ledge below it, it doesn't matter good you are at aiming and moving. It doesn't matter if you're champ 1 or bronze. When you are 1 shot, you will drop to that lower ledge and obey the maps pathing. Or you will die and lose the encounter right there. We call them hard checks, it doesn't matter if someone is a pro or not, beyond extreme examples like jumping up the tree S1 to S3 on guardian, geometry is predictable. Unless you're so good that you can just jump 25 feet higher than anyone else map pathing and hard checks is the exact same for everyone. I have several videos on my channel that talk about this. I have also made several maps that all uphold this. This isn't rocket science. I don't owe you anything Boyo, I come here because I enjoy discussion and teaching, and I know a lot of people genuinely enjoy learning. If you're going to be obnoxious I have no obligation to respond to you and convince you otherwise, you're free to continue playing 343 Halo until you die. I've already done the hard work I've spent years building maps. If you really want to learn then go play them.
  2. Boyo that entire commentary I linked you was me talking about building a map free of the influence of powerups / power weapons that is self balancing. That was the entire video, and now you're asking me what the point was. I've given you pretty clear examples of everything I'm talking about because you said you couldn't understand what I was saying, and then you mocked the simplicity of my example. You said these maps don't exist and we're just imagining them, and I linked you 6. I have 4 of my own in Halo 5 in addition to that. Now you want me to link a video explaining everything that happens in those maps lol. Boyo, I've already given you more time and attention than you deserve. I've already spent the last several years making these maps and growing at design. The least you could do is read and think. You. Don't. Get. It. And I can tell you don't by the ideas you throw out, Necromancers, rolling balls, like if you understood this stuff you would know the moment that idea entered your head it was bad. And if you don't understand why your own ideas are bad then you're never going to understand the more principled and difficult things.
  3. It wouldn't how clearly I explain it to you, you wouldn't understand it Boyo. Which is why I'm not entertaining this conversation anymore.
  4. I gave you the simplest possible example because you literally were just complaining about not being able to fathom a map that self balances. What do you want Boyo. I don't even want to post here anymore lol.
  5. No in order to agree with us you just need to think of the simplest possible thing that hasn't been made in a game yet. How can you sit there and throw out a million random ideas never before seen in Halo and the moment someone asks you to imagine a map that is balanced you say "yeah no way bro, not possible." Legit imagine 3 ramps on the ground in a triangle. Each time you ascend one ramp, you are higher, and have sightline control / head-glitch on the person underneath you. You beat them, A beats B. They are on B ramp, they walk forward, and have an advantage over the person underneath them, and are still in view of you. B beats C. The person on Ramp C walks forward and has a head glitch and sightline control on you. This is like kindergarten level stuff. Just make every spot on the map countered by some other spot on the map.
  6. Well this would be really the worst possible case scenario in my eyes. As my slightly hyperbolic examples of rockets just giving you 4 free kills in this case would literally you be getting 4 free kills. I lie on the opposite end of the spectrum where every single weapon, and every single powerup on a map could have you standing in front of it wondering to yourself "Hmm, I don't know if I should even grab this" because ideally, in a perfect game, every single weapon and ability would require a completely unique skill from one another to the point where you might be fantastic with one weapon, and completely garbage with another. That has never been the case with a game like, Call of Duty per se. I suppose if you really wanted to split hairs you might say a player is exceptionally good at sniping, but.. for the most part, if you're good at one thing in CoD you're good at everything. It's just general aim skill. The same is more or less true for Halo, and although I'm sure not many here would be willing to admit it, Halo really only has like... 2, maybe 3 relevant different skills? (mechanically). You have your general gun skill. And then your frag grenade skill because the part of your brain that makes those rapid fire decisions as to where to hit that angle to bounce that perfect frag is pretty unique from what you do to aim a gun generally, which is why some players are exceptionally awesome at just placing the perfect grenade, which is a skill that really no other game outside of Halo has. Outside of that.... there's not really much? I guess you could say The CE / H3 sniper was different enough that some players were exceptionally good at it, but those players were usually just great overall. No one in Halo is 'good with the shotgun' or ' really good at using the plasma rifle' because they're all effectively the same exact skill. There's not many unique skills in Halo and I wish there were. And before anyone brings up traversal / jumping / movement skill ; before Halo 5, the amount of times making a difficult jump actually comes into play to make a difference in the outcome of a match is so astronomically small it might as well not matter. This is because the difference between a regular jump and a crouch jump is so tiny that it rarely really comes into effect in a match. Halo could use more movement skill, just not in the way H5 implemented it.
  7. Doesn't work in 2s *using CEs spawn system". The spawn system we've come up with address all the shortcomings CE had. Including the randomness and inability to scale beyond 2s.
  8. I mean effectively, yeah. If both parties are willing.
  9. You're right it's not, but it is starkly out of character for Halo. Which is very important when it comes to dishing out ideas for a franchise. You don't want to compromise Halo's tone and identity, even if the idea if mechanically sound it needs to mesh well with the rest of the game and the universe. A lot of your ideas, even if they work mechanically and hold integrity, are just really odd. And not always in the cool interesting way. Things like the spartans becoming rolling balls or burrowing under the sand, I think, don't suit the franchise's tone very well and that's important to uphold.
  10. Camo is honestly a tricky one because of what it inherently is. You can do arbitrary balancing things like, say, your "energy" to cloak has to be drawn from enemies so you can tie it to melee damage like Black Eye, so you really want to get in close to enemy players and punch them to reinvigorate camo strength instead of just waiting for them to walk into the open and then shooting. But to be honest stuff like that doesn't really hit the problem at its core which is to introduce actual mental skill and mechanical skill. You can still play the way you would've otherwise, it just wouldn't last as long. Or if you DO refrain from shooting any end up going in to punch, that in and of itself isn't really a skillful action so much as it a limiter on what you want to do. But punching isn't skillful itself. I think when we first began discussing powerups a long time ago for our project we were pretty clear early on that we're not just going to triple your health or damage or turn you invisible we wanted things a little more skillful and interesting to drive. When I was thinking about camo I was thinking about the asymmetry of you being able to see the enemy but not the opposite and that was the first thing I tried to solve. The phase shift from Titanfall came to mind, and if any of you played that game you'll remember what an absolute get out of jail free card it was lol you had 2 charges and could activate it at any time and just phase into another dimension and run away. The single cool thing about it was that because it literally separated player dimensions - not only could you not see other players when you phase shifted, but if someone else phase shifted at the same time you could fight in the other world. I think at one point I was thinking about a lantern that you would pick up and just attach to your waist (our game is not sci-fi as you could probably tell) and it would cast a light in a very specific orb radius, think a bubble shield but maybe 2 or 3x. And anything that entered that radius would be pulled into an alternate plane. So because it's attached to you, you're effectively walking around in an alternate plane with very little idea of where the enemy is since you can't physically see them (although we could let you locate them with some cool sound design tricks like the audio bleeding into your dimension) but once you stumbled across an enemy if they entered the light radius around you they would instantly be in the alternate plane and you two could see each other and engage in combat. And they would have the full freedom to move about creatively in and out of your light radius and escape that specific plane but it would make a very cool isolating effect where the "camo" (lantern) player still moves around sneakily and creatively, effectively invisible as it is intended in Halo, but there is actual counter play and integrity to it. I imagine a big part of using it would be responding to your teammates callouts about where the enemy is on the map and you could bolt it to that area, or you could locate them using audio cues. I'd imagine projectiles would also move through it freely so although you have no visible of people outside your immediate aura, you could still shoot somewhat blindly and hit some cool shots, and just as easily they could return fire on you if they have a good idea of where you are if they see projectiles materializing out of nothing escaping your little phase shift radius. There, that's a random solution I came up with for camo like a year ago. Honeslty I could sit here and come up with a half dozen more like that but, ideas are a dime a dozen.
  11. I am very, very against AI of any sort in MP. Tracking projectiles in destiny, AI spawners to fight, etc. AI is not predictable or controllable and by definition, if self operated. I've never seen a fair and skillful implementation of it and frankly, unless you've got a good example I don't think it's possible. The closest example of an "AI" in MP that's tolerable is the Ad Victorium style RPG that follows where your cursor is poited and alters its flight path, but that's not even AI controlled lol that's you.
  12. I mean I 100% agree. I just don't think camo holds up on the higher end of that bargain as it comes to providing proper depth and skill. I've seen games do this and I'm not a fan. I've emptied sniper shots into players spawning in Gears which I would've held off on if I knew they were still protected. Even if there were an effect to communicate that it creates scenarios where you're both staring at each other waiting to deal damage, OR they can immediately damage you off spawn but you can't and are waiting for their invincibility to kick off. If it dropped when they shot then you're basically just handing a free first shot to the spawning player in that scenario. The real issue here is to address spawning at its core, and not bandaid over the top of it. You need to make it so that IF you get a 'bad' spawn it's your own fault, which implies there has to be control over the spawn system that way CE does it.
  13. Appreciated brother. I can actually think of a few ways Patch and Ogre 2 could be cheated. The most obvious example is that the magnum and sniper aren't perfectly accurate. The magnum is also not equipped by default when you spawn, the AR is. I've had a few deaths where the moment I spawned I had the enemy looking at me, and I spent the next second doing the pistol swap animation crouch spamming to try avoid their shots (since CE doesn't let you move immediately after spawning). Maybe if I had my magnum out I could've landed a rare 3 shot and fought back. But I couldn't, because my AR was equipped by default. The spawning system, while controllable, is also random. When there are multiple active spawns, it'll randomly choose one with a percentage. That is randomness. It's controlled and mitigatable, but it's random and can lead to some wonky unpredictable spawns where someone ends up getting the 1% spawn over the 99%. Meaning you made the right prediction and looked at the right spot but they got lucky and spawned elsewhere. That's being cheated. Starting spawns determining how close players are to initial power weapons and powerups. I started addressing these on my 2v2 maps by 1: delaying all weapon and powerup spawns 30 seconds to let the initial encounters and inequalities play out, and 2: separating teammates to the opposite ends of a cube's corner. So if imagine the top-down view of a map as a square, your teammate is always directly on the opposite corner and the enemies are on your left and right. This lets the initial encounters play out way more flexible and you can collapse in any number of ways, or both opt for 1v1's off the rip. There's a lot of ways you can be cheated of a life in CE, lots of maps like Dammy and Prisoner are uphil battles and can snowball pretty aggressively from one pickup to the next.
  14. Anthem sounds like it would've been a blast then. Power fantasies are literally meaningless without skill. There is no staying power or true enjoyment there.
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