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  1. Navmeshes that allow AI to read map geo is generated at run time aka it shouldn't matter if it's a forge map or a dev map. The only thing they would need to add to Forge to ensure AI work well are custom volumes for blocking AI paths, and highlighting AI paths that the navmesh had errors on.
  2. So the right move, even for the winning team, is to continue to be aggressive and actually contest the next point. There's no issue here. Camping and holding out in corners we all agree is bad. Until the word oddball pops up and now it's ok because it says Oddball on my screen. Think about that. I've always found the game mode incredible frustrating tbh
  3. This is actually a super super good idea, wow. You could probably degrade time more for melee kills as well.
  4. Fair enough. I don't think I totally agree but I'll drop it. I've heard this argument before and I don't like it. The losing team is the one constantly pushing, if you're winning and have the ball you're not doing that. It's like saying Lockout is an aggressive map because you have to be aggressive to take the tower lol. If you're playing the map right, and winning, you're not doing that. The winning strategy is the one the map / mode emphasizes, not the losing.
  5. You guys make me sad every time you say Slayer shouldn't be played competitively. Also Oddball is inherently campy, the whole point is to defend a dude sitting there racking up time. It's never going to be mobile. I suppose the same can be said about KOTH but usually Hills are placed intelligently and forces players to sit in them to get time. They also cycle. Perhaps Oddball could give several preset locations the holder must stand in with the ball to secure time but, it sort of ruins the simplicity of the game mode at that point. Idk, I've always thought of it as a good FFA mode and nothing more personally. If we're stressing setups I like KOTH much more (I think Koth is the best 4v4 gamemode in Halo, and Roaming King would be awesome).
  6. I'm going to spread some knowledge here on how networking works and hopefully it'll dispel some of the stupidity around the "inconsistencies" of projectile. When you create an online game, there are basically 2 choices you have. You can have the networking favor the shooter, or favor the better connection. What this means is if you favor the shooter, is that when you see somebody on your screen and you shoot them, it's a hit. You dealt damage. It doesn't matter if you're lagging and on the other player's screen they had already rounded the corner; if it hit on your end, it's a hit on the server. The downsides to this method is exactly what I just described. This can create scenarios that you'll see a lot in games like Apex, or Destiny, where you are running away and are clearly around the corner or behind cover but still took damage because on the other player's screen, you hadn't done that yet. So they shot you, now you took damage. That's networking that Favors Shooter. Most games now use this, like the 2 I just mentioned... and basically every other game with decent networking. When someone first explained this to me I was like ew no yuck, why would you ever want that. Until the alternative was expained. Favoring better connection is exactly what it sounds like, you might lead a shot and have a good hit on your screen, but the server (or in P2P, it just goes to the host player) and asks "Were they actually standing where they were on your screen when you shot them? No? No hit then." This is what Halo has historically used and to be honest it's really bad. First of all - this is why it has always felt like you had to relearn how much to lead your shots every match. Because every time you get into a new game with a new "best connection", you are adjusting how far to lead to compensate for where the player "really is" to land your shots. Which is dumb because you can never acquire a muscle memory or knowledge of actually where to aim. It almost sounds more fair, but it really isn't. Because first of all, no one chooses to have a bad internet connection. Whether it's 90% packet loss and 1mb down, or maybe they're like...10ms slower ping than you, we all have different internet. Just because yours is faster, does not mean you are seeing the 'truth'. Because, assuming you are the "best connection" in the lobby and the server is checking results against you, the player's you are shooting at with a worse connection are also not where you are seeing them. You are also still receiving signals as to where they just changed directions and moved behind stuff, and their signals take longer to reach you. So similarly, they are also being shot behind cover but potentially for way longer. And it's a 1 way advantage. There is no truth in online networking. There's your story, their story, and then some kind of weird blobby mesh of the two that you kinda pick from. This is why favoring shooter is what most games use, and it makes shot registration feel super crispy and projectile leading very consistent. Because if you see it on your end, it's a hit! Basically no different than playing on LAN (faster, in some situations) because all that matters is if it hit on your screen. Halo hasn't used favoring shooter as far as I'm aware, which is why you get stuff like bloodshots even on LAN. Your console will do local predictions of where the bullet is going to intersect and spawn the blood particles on collision before it even confirms if the "Best Connection" player is where they were on your screen. I would like to see Halo flip to favoring shooter, which I think is a much better solution. The only game I've heard of where it diverges from these - is Overwatch. They use "Favor shooter" until there is a large ping discrepancy between players. So if someone you are shooting at is 30 ping, and you're 120 ping, for those confirms the game will flip and say "Your connection is an outlier, confirm the other player's position for this instance". And as far as I can tell from playing OW it works really well and is a very intelligent solution. Hopefully this explains why shot leading in Halo actually does feel a little bit different than other games. Sorry I had to agree with Raemis on this one guys lmao
  7. This is probably one of the first things we're very opposite on.
  8. Hi, hello. I've actually worked with their employees. Let me just say that if you think the Halo 4 MP was made without direct overhead direction from 343, you would be wrong. Furthermore, Halo 4 MP for all its flaws, was well made. I think they have very good engineers, and their artists are excellent. The game played without a hitch. As do all the games that they work on. They happen to also be like 1 of 3 studios in the world that can make decent feeling aiming next to Bungie and Respawn. The DOOM MP was an interesting scenario. I didn't hear about this until after the fact because half my coworkers came from CA but that was a very weird project and strained the relationship between CE and id. Supposedly, id dumped the mp on them. Told them what they could do, couldn't do. But then didn't like it or something idk I don't remember, and then ended up borrowing half the weapons CA made for the MP to be used in the campaign because they hadn't finished the game yet and it was like 3 months from launching. And then when the MP was poorly received they both blamed each other and I'm fairly certain it ruined their working relationship with one another. All things considered, CA is a really good studio. And I'd actually consider the Doom 2016 map pool the strongest map pool in any game I've played outside of Halo 2 / 3. There's a lot of diversity in designs, colors, themes, in Doom 2016 MP and to think they got all of that out of 1: Hell, and 2: Space station, that's pretty creative thinking.
  9. Halo was planning to be developed on Unreal Engine, it was just a rumor.
  10. It looks about par for the course, maybe more spammy weapons this time around. But that's just creatively speaking. All that matters is that the aim assist isn't through the roof... Which won't be the case.
  11. You were a server engineer correct?
  12. Every call of duty campaign vs mp? Every battlefield campaign vs mp.
  13. Halo is best when the utility weapon you spawn with is 1: very lethal (moreso than the rest of the sandbox) and 2: very skillful to use. If either of those fail the sandbox fails, and then the game fails. It's not like classic Halo really had any meaningful movement skill, the game basically WAS just the guns. So when the guns suck, the game sucks (H2A). Making less skillful weapons able to contest the utility weapon isn't a good thing. We all know that, just think about why that is. You shouldn't be getting beaten by people using easier weapons. It's essentially screwing someone over. No different than you working a long hard day at your job to make some cash, and then on the way home someone trips you, takes your wallet, flips you off, and then runs away. And then that repeats every single day. That's essentially what bad weapon balance is (read, bad game design), at least in relation to multiplayer because you are literally competing against other human beings to see who wins, who is better. Rewarding the player for doing the less skillful thing feels terrible because you're being robbed. That's exactly what's happening. I don't get mad when I am legitimately outplayed in a skillful game like Halo CE, or in Melee usually. It's fine. I don't consider myself an angry person but man, when I played Modern Warfare reboot, MW2, etc those games had me actually yelling at the monitor when I spawned, took 3 steps, and had my team wiped by 1 grenade launcher from across the map. It's obnoxious. Someone laying in the corner proning with an AR waiting for you to walk by and laser you down without any hope of you seeing him is essentially the video game equivalent of someone taking everything you worked for in real life and then talking shit to you. Anyways, this is a roundabout way of saying - saying to uphold integrity is just a shorthand way of saying - good game design is essentially morality. Every designer knows that game design is just psychology, but they usually stop there. If you take it a step further and actually look at why we value the things we value in Halo you'll find it's because its properly rewarding. You do something difficult, you get rewarded proportionately. That's good game design. Everything is as good as it is difficult to use (mechanically or mentally). Shooting the H5 magnum and then dying to someone using a storm rifle or bolt shot is obnoxious. Why? Because you did something hard and they did something easy and they were rewarded and you were punished. That's all there is to it. Integrity. Don't screw people over for doing hard things. Make sure there's plenty of hard things to do. There, saved you 4 years of game design school and 50 GDC talks.
  14. I would consider this your 2nd ever good idea. I still don't think I'd do it but, it makes more sense than what you usually recommend.
  15. Better game design is not screwing over better players for the sake of "variety". Not all aspects are created equal, you don't compromise skill just so people can use different guns. We've seen that in Gears 5, Halo 5, Doom, Quake, etc. doesn't work. Most important thing is to uphold integrity, then focus on adding more ways to be skillful. Not just removing the almost only fun aspect of Halo 3 being the BR and then saying you improve the game. How long do you think Halo 3 would've lived if the BR didn't exist. Like what lol I don't care how many stupid dual wieldable guns I can pick up, let me do something hard.
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