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  1. 1.6 ttk hitscan BR starting weapon lol
  2. Honestly those 2 games (Doom 2016 and Eternal) could be a really good case study for game design when compared back to back. You could write a lot about them.
  3. There are 2 different things being said here lol. Doom 2016's art and atmosphere was WAY better (no floating random arcadey crap everywhere like the 1UP lives). The enemy design in Eternal while "more true to the original" looks worse, straight up. Don't get me started on the HUD. the writing and story was actually very intelligently done and easy to follow with only 3 characters (Vega, Samuel Hayden, Olivia). I'm pretty sure Hugo actually took over the actual wiring in Eternal and it shows because it's a mess, and really cringey a lot of the times. There's also a corrective progression to the levels that make it very easy to get involved and follow the story. Mars > Hell > Back to Mars > Back to Hell. Eternal had you jumping around constantly to who knows where. Simplicity also goes to 2016. They made really weird decisions in the sequel like separating the chainsaw into 2 different buttons, being the chainsaw and the sword. So what used to be the "Oh shit I need to kill this big thing quick and get ammo" button is separated into 2 actions, except the chainsaw still does that if you have enough ammo? But also it has infinite ammo and can always be used with 1 bar even without ammo? Except if you use it on a 1 bar enemy when you have more than 1 bar it still consumes it even though it's infinite? It really is super poorly thought out and doesn't make any sense why they did that, I think they just wanted a cool sword. They added a flamethrower. And the most cracked out double dash that's so fast and recharges so quickly you could probably set the walk speed in Eternal to 0 and it wouldn't change anything because you just dash every .7 seconds. And then the punch has a build meter now. There's just so much more complexity in Eternal that didn't need to be there. BUT. But, at the end of the day, they added skillful and intentional ways to kill enemies and designed them so that you actually wanted to do them. 2016 is basically just fast swapping and ammo blasting enemies without any thought, they actually added a lot of intentionality and skill to the fight in Eternal which I appreciate. And at the end of the day, the design and gameplay is the most important thing by far, so Eternal basically got worse at everything 2016 did well except the most important aspect. So it makes it kinda difficult to weigh the 2 next to each other. Again, they did it in a very non elegant and stupid way. Like your character in Eternal is SO fast that they HAVE to make the enemies cracked out and all of their projectiles move faster than they did in 2016. And they can't just make 1 enemy difficult to fight on it's own because your character is so absurd that the only way to create challenge is to throw 200 enemies at the player at once. Not great design. But still, I appreciate the skill of shooting off an arachnid turret or Mancubus arm cannon, etc. I wish they upped the skill in a way that didn't throw the complexity through the roof. Because they did that, Eternal is going to seem WAY worse and unapproachable to a very large number of people because the complexity and skill floor of the game is so much higher. But the people who get past the skill floor will probably enjoy the combat and challenge a lot more.
  4. I actually thought Doom Eternal was worse than Doom 2016 in almost every way. Lots of questionable design decisions in it imo.
  5. Sounds weird to say but, games really aren't fun lately are they. If you threw that statement out in passing most people would scoff and reply "There are plenty of great games!" but, there really isn't. I'd love to give an estimate but every time I have it's turned out to be false. Right now I think having a trailer out next spring is where my mind leans to but, God's timing and all that. I really don't know. You guys will be the first to see things though, no matter what.
  6. This is the correct answer. It's just insanely high speed projectiles that only will require leading at absurd ranges, effectively hitscan.
  7. I think the easiest way to determine the cut off for the rate of fire for a semi auto is looking at the strafe. It makes no sense to have a semi auto then can shoot faster than you can strafe / change directions.
  8. Truuuuuust me man I am working. I'd say more but my producer would yell at me.
  9. Lol, 75k? Starting salary for designers at Microsoft studios is about $100k for base level. Leads are probably around 185.
  10. You think it's better than 3????!!!? Blasphemy.
  11. 2007-2010 had the peak of Gears of War, BF Bad Company, Mass Effect, Bioshock, the most popular CoD4 and MW2, Skyrim / Oblivion, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were at their peak, Rainbow Six Vegas, Fable 2, GTA4, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, and some other franchises like Assassins Creed were kicking off. Pretty much the best iteration of every franchose existed in this period. Halo 3 had more competition than any game that's come out now. I wish that myth would die. https://majornelson.com/2008/01/04/top-xbox-live-games-of-2007/ https://majornelson.com/2009/01/04/the-top-20-live-games-of-2008/ https://majornelson.com/2010/01/11/the-top-20-live-games-of-2009/ https://majornelson.com/2011/02/03/top-xbox-live-games-of-2010/
  12. This irks me lmao because I've never dropped thrown or done anything to damage a controller my entire life. But I'm on my.... 6th Elite controller? (gen 1). Side rubber completely just came off the entire controller like a snake shedding it's skin. Right bumper fell out twice. Stick drift on both sticks every time. I got the Best Buy warranty that replaces them for $20 each time which was a good deal, but they caught on and raised it to $60 a replacement. Not really worth it anymore. I've heard the Elite 2s are equally bad, and the face buttons on them routinely drop inputs. The Xbox controllers are junk, which is unfortunate because the design is really good.
  13. The Foreunner Jigalo is a Covenant mech made of a gelatin substance that warps to adapt to differently sized doorways. Pressing X when next to another structure morphs the vehicle into a shape to match it. However because it's permeable it can also phase through any object or structure. Pressing RT cycles through saved structures the player has recently witnessed. Enemy players can blindly jump through the Jigalo to kick the event out of it and take his place. Pressing X and B rapidly creates wings that flash each time the buttons are pressed, lifting the vehicle into the air. Lemme know.
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