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  1. Gotcha gotcha. Lemme know if these mods somehow find their way over to the console version, I don't know if you're editing specific map files to achieve a lot of these traits or if it's done through local stuff but - impressive work nonetheless. Looks really fun.
  2. So, wonderful work to all involved. You guys made a better sandbox than 99% industry designers I know do. I'd play in a heartbeat but I don't own MCC on PC. Few questions. What was the reasoning behind leaving the brute focus rifle as hitscan, I figure a charged single shot like that would do really well as a fast projectile. Was leaving the DMR in the mod a compromise for some people who wanted it? Seems a little redundant given all the other work you guys did. And what was the thinking behind the pistol and DMR doing 5 body shot kills instead of 6. Super curious about all those things. The focus rifle also looks crazy strong. That being said, wonderful work again guys.
  3. It's very responsive. Fastest strafe accel in Halo and the quickest response time of any game in the franchise. Good jump arcs.
  4. The word you're looking for is depth, not complexity. Halo was simple and deep. Now it is complex.
  5. A like is just a much more emotionally and sexually charged upvote.
  6. This is exactly what I did with the key in my key map since it acts as a soft obj to fight over, and I love it. Just gave it an ammo limitation and then 3 spawns it cycles between in order every time its burned/exhausted.
  7. I can dig it. Purpose building is always great for the quality of design but Halo has usually lived on the opposite end of the spectrum where every map plays every gametype and has some flexibility in player count (Turf in H2 was in the 1v1 playlist and the BTB playlist). You sacrifice some quality for quantity. Opposite end of the spectrum is OW where every map works for a single gametype and that's it. There's value to both, and I think it really depends how efficient your development team is at creating. 343 is not efficient.
  8. I'll restoke the conversation I love slayer, and I think the gametype works excellently so long as the core mechanics of the game carry enough depth. I look at additional objective modes as a necessary evil for shallow games that wouldn't work without them. I'd use pro COD as a reference point to show how exclusively kill based modes just don't work inside that envelope, whereas Quake or CE can live fine without them. Also player count plays a large role in determining what works best here. A 32 vs 32 kill based mode would be silly, there's no focus there. Objective gives it direction. I think conversely the lower the player count dips the less objective makes sense, and I've struggled to think of enticing 2v2 objective modes for years now. 3v3 probably marks the turning point between kill based or objective based just thinking about it from a mathematical perspective.
  9. Just depends on the bug. But given the fact that it's 343... it's probably not that intensive of a bug fix.
  10. The amount of stupid shit I got myself into as a kid due to roaming the streets with my friends is actually absurd. I all but stopped playing games throughout high school and it's not really a regret of mine. Similarly my parents didn't allow me to play games during the week when I was much younger so I guess I just got used to it.
  11. Pretty sure the Halo CE AR has a faster kill time than the H4 AR. I think what you want is range.
  12. That's love, good looks brother. I do enjoy conversation so long as the other body tries to be somewhat competent and realize when they're at a loss. I feel like if I have the knowledge to contribute regarding to design then it's just as much on me as if is anyone else to help educate when you can. Otherwise we're all guilty too. Also, a lot more people are reading these conversations then just the couple people that post. That AR/plasma rifle clip I posted here the other day has 500+ views. So even if there's someone there on the other end reading this that's learning then that's a win too.
  13. Are you serious with this shit lol. I described an ideal weapon sandbox. I listed 4 games that had them. And I linked you gameplay footage of someone actively proving that it not only is easily possible but that it works at the highest possible level of gameplay. The first ever real 3d FPS in history managed to do this on its first try, why is this concept so difficult to grasp now. Oh, and Boyo literally took like 2 minutes to list out random attributes you could give to weapons to give them utility beyond just "Hur durr this one is better because it has more auto aim". That took no time at all to come up with a hand full of better solutions than what we have now. Good job. 1: You don't know what the masses want. You think you know what reddit wants that's currently upvoted on the front page, and there's still contention about it. 2: What the masses think they want is not necessarily what they actually want or what is good for the game. 3: What the actual masses want is probably a classic Halo with a classic Halo sandbox. The original fan base for the trilogy completely dwarfs whatever you're seeing nowadays. They're just not the ones actively posting on reddit. 4: Interestingly enough the exact thing you're describing is the opposite of Halo 5. You are wrong for using certain guns in Halo 5 because they are straight up outclassed by others. That is much less the case with the other examples I provided. You just have a shallow understanding of what you're talking about so you can't even recognize that. Nope. Not even true. People, even now, love what the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol are. Do you have an idea how lame it would be if those guns were killing efficiently on their own merit. What makes them great for the sandbox is that you need to couple them with something else to maximize the functionality, you don't just pick them up and shred everything in sight. Halo could stand to have a lot more weapons like that. 1: Quake is not defined by the balance of its sandbox, that's just a good principle it follows. Many good games have sandboxes in this vain, look at Murder Miners. The movement tech and speed is more closely related to Quake's identity. 2: Halo does not become Quake if it chooses to subscribe to an actual diverse and skillfully balanced weapon sandbox 3: If this did make Halo more like Quake - that is fine, and much preferable to the alternative route of leaning closer to a military shooter. Which it is. 4: I'm talking in circles with you when I say this but we've already seen what this sandbox looks like in Halo CE, and less so Halo Reach. If I gave you a modded version of Halo 5 that removed all the artificial appearance of the weapons so that they all shared the same model of a generic white block, no sound effects, animations, etc. And all you had to determine what you were shooting was how the weapon actually shot and killed opponents (ie, the things that actually define the weapon) you probably would not know if you were shooting the magnum or the DMR. They are essentially the same thing but the DMR has a better zoom and 2sk melee. That's it. The LR is not a different weapon because it shoots orange bullets. That is completely superfluous. It is the same gun as the pistol but it kills faster and easier and is just better. The colors, the weapon model, the sound effects, all of that isn't real and doesn't define the weapon's actual performance. We're getting closer every Halo game to Call of Duty levels of weapon balance where they have 20 black rectangles that all kill in 3-5 bullets at full auto and have slightly different recoil patterns and Rates of Fire. A kindergartner could see past that. Also I've played plenty of splitgate for no reason other than to have ground to completely dismiss it when people recommended it. I find the whole premise of everyone having infinite access to teleporters completely asinine and it's not a wonder that the game died instantly. It's actually game breaking. I'll have to upload all my clips to youtube sometime and paste them here to show how ridiculous they are.
  14. Okay it sounds like you're agreeing with me but then you use the words "utility weapon" and I have no idea what you're trying to say. That quake video is cool because the weapons are all different and have different strengths so they all get used. They aren't clones that are just better or worse. Halo 5 is just a bunch of clones where some are better and some are worse. That's not variety, there are no decisions being made, no choice offered. Thus half the weapons don't have purpose. The ONLY reason to use the magnum is because you spawn with it. If you come across any of the other rifles you drop the magnum, it basically IS useless in the sandbox beyond spawning with it. All the rifles do the sane thing. The boltshot in h5 is just the magnum but easy? I seriously don't know why that weapon exists. Delete the supressor. Storm rifle and smg why? On top of the AR? All these weapons are the same thing

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