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  1. The in-engine bots were extremely helpful at Treyarch when it came to testing my maps between scheduled test sessions, even before the pro input was monitored they had really excellent natural pathfinding so that you just press play and they would work. Halo would be more complicated as the nature of how you move in the game isn't as restricted or conventional as a game like COD.
  2. I don't think theyre gimmicks, I think they're insanely OP in high level H5 doubles which is the context where I was referring to them. Both OS and camo are free kills. Theres skill in setups, yes. And there are forms of management in playing against them, yes. But I think a huge role in their acceptance comes from the fact the powerups are as old as time and engraved in everyone's expectations. I'll have some better, more unique examples for players to use in the future that don't involve someone turning their brain off running in and soaking up damage. Just about every map in my game is built around a mechanic, such as the key. Every map mechanic/element is unique and skillful. Not gimmicks. Really fun at low level play, really intelligent and malleable at high level.
  3. Lots of new game studios under Microsoft Very cool of them to invest in new developers & ideas like that.
  4. Okay. So I’ve been somewhat tipsy since 11am today for a friends birthday but I’m home now and there’s some things I want to say. Maybe this is me being drunkenly brash, but truth be told I think there’s some things I should’ve been saying for a long time that I didn’t really have the bravery (read: balls) to say until now. My life this past 10 months have been an absolute rollercoaster. Beginning with getting picked up from Forge, to Treyarch, to 343, and now this, there have been a lot of evolutions and life changing things. Even outside the realm of my professional career and venturing into my personal relationships, monetary standings, etc. July 2017 to July 2018 will probably be the most hectic year of my life and there is a lot I’ve learned and discovered about myself, and others. The only reason I am who I am, is because I made a group of friends who were, and are to this day, the best forgers in Halo. They were in 2007 Halo 3 and they still are (Given to Fly 93). We would spend hours every day making maps, showing each other, one upping one another, and then going back the drawing board to completely reinvent the wheel. We’ve been doing this for years and frankly it wasn’t until I talked to Cursed Lemon the first week I registered on Beyond (2015) that my eyes were truly opened for CE. And that was it, game over. My entire perspective on what was “good design” changed, and I created my 2v2 map Trinity. Since then everything I’ve made I’d like to think is groundbreaking. Some forgers might agree, others wouldn’t. That’s just the nature of artistic mediums honestly but I’ve made a name for myself even before the whole 343 spiel. I know how to design maps that work at the highest level of play and I know how to make them look good. And let me tell you the AAA industry is not what anyone here thinks it is. I’m going to do my best in the following anecdotes to not break NDA but whoever the jackass that made the comment about something something I’d bet industry veterans would disagree with you something something… go fuck yourself. No seriously go fuck yourself - because the truth is most industry veterans WOULD disagree with me. If there was 1 thing I learned at Treyarch is that everything I’ve come to learn and understand about level design the past 10 years was everything they didn’t believe in. If you all had heard even a fraction of what I listened to every day post-testing session you would understand. “Hey man…..I don’t know what to tell you. I felt like, everywhere I went I had to make decisions, like…. I don’t like it. It just felt like oh hey I turned here and now look, another decision I have to make. Left or right? I don’t want to have to think man I just wanna run around and shoot. It wasn’t fun having to think.” “Hey man, I told you the highest verticality we allow is 132 inches. That ledge is 140 inches. You know better than that what are you doing, you know players don’t like to look up. They should never be shot from above them or from the side.” “Hey man, I shouldn’t have to worry about anything that isn’t 100% in front of me. I don’t want to be shot from the side. I don’t want side junctions. I don’t want ramps steeper than 30 degrees. I don’t want to have to think. I don’t want to look up. I don’t want cheeky sightlines. I just want to run forward and shoot.” There was literally a point in time where one of the leads recommended putting a barrel down to ‘mark a point where a player can post up and shoot’ and I replied with “Well COD players don’t typically aim for the head. So if anything putting a chest-height barrel in front of them will weaken the position because it’ll just show the enemy where to aim and force them into headshots.” You know what the response was? “It really doesn’t matter if it makes it stronger or weaker, it just matters that it feels good.” Screw AAA level designers. There has literally never once been a game that has impressed me with its level design outside of Dark Souls 1’s single player and that shit is god send. Everything else just feels like a group of guys throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. No focus, no purpose, no integrity in the design, no principles, nothing. Just mediocre watered down bullshit. I couldn’t even begin to tell you HALF the shit I had to conform to, hell I couldn’t even work in 3D until the production team Ok’d my design from a top-down photoshop layout. And you bet your ass if you didn’t hand them the most generic 3-lane of all time you weren’t getting approved. This is the same industry wide. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you work for, 98% of professional developers are going to force you into generic, rule driven, derivative practiced bullshit and I couldn’t do it anymore. I won’t do it anymore. Because to be honest I can do better. I have done better. And you know why? Because everyone is too afraid to say anything to the leads about their awful ideas and awful mechanics so that they have job security. You know who was the most outspoken person there about Black Ops 4 on day 1?? Me, the new guy. The guy who isn’t even a Call of Duty fan. Because it was never about the job security for me, it was about speaking my mind against stupid ass decisions that no one else would speak up about. I just wanted to give my opinion whether or not it would change anything and frankly - stupid opinions deserve to be called stupid. Simple as that. You all have no clue how much time is wasted in the AAA industry. It’s literally one higher up getting some ridiculous idea, forcing the team to prototype it for 6 months, deciding they don’t like it, and then starting over. You wanna know why despite the fact that Halo is a 20 year old franchise and the dev cycle should be getting faster, is NOW ON A 4 YEAR DEV CYCLE? Because they don’t know what the they’re doing. It’s wasted time on maps, on design, on mechanics, on writing, on everything. Because job security is more important than anything else. Which sounds ironic because truthfully, it is more important. I spoke with my parents regularly when I was at Treyarch and would always tell them how outspoken I was and my dad was always tell me every day that I should just shut the fuck up and make maps. And maybe he was right - I should’ve been like everyone else there and just recycled the same tired 3-lanes. I’ve always liked Beyond more than any other forum but hell, I can’t even post as bluntly as I’d like to anymore here without some smart ass having something to say about it so it’s not worth it. I hope this isn’t coming off as some manipulative guilt-trip post because that’s not the goal. There’s just a lot that needs to be said that no one will except me. This is going to be my last post here until I release my game. I shouldn’t have to convince myself to tiptoe around people for critique that shouldn’t be taken offensively. Calling a map shit isn’t any more of an insult to someone’s intelligence as critiquing quite literally ANYTHING someone has produced through their work. If you make it, there is room for comment. Hell I don’t even LIKE Halo anymore, the only time I even turn on my xbox anymore is to use forge as a blockout tool for my own game because I’m still slow in Unreal Engine. I mean shit, I’m making a game that might as well be a direct competitor for Halo and I’m still here trying to get better maps for you guys into HCS. I haven’t even watched professional Halo in 3 years lmao. I have NO incentive or attachment to even comment. Hell you find someone else that had their job pulled by a studio and still routinely post on the game forums. You won’t, because people don’t care like I do about what I’m passionate about. It’s literally absurd that I’m insulted for calling maps shit (and they are completely mediocre in every sense of the word) and recommending better maps (that I didn’t even make mind you). I swear people like to get offended about things that literally don’t even pertain to them. I just want everyone to know that I believe I’m here for a purpose. Just speaking from the background of someone who identifies as a Christian, and I don’t expect everyone here to agree or even sympathize, I actually believe I was put on this Earth to head this studio. And there were a lot of things in my way that had to be removed before this could happen. Truthfully - I was comfortable enough at Treyarch that I would’ve never left, regardless if I enjoyed the games or not I was making really good money. When 343 made the offer of course I jumped ship despite the fact that Microsoft pays less than Activision - it was Halo. Then they pulled the offer and I went from being at the top of the world to essentially have nothing. And of course there were other bumps in the road, and end of a 4 year relationship in a pretty shitty way. Family things. Hell I had quite a bit of savings post-Treyarch and within 3 months my bank account dipped into the negatives right around Christmas time...which wasn’t fun. And people always love to get on me when I make these posts and say things like “No wonder no one wants to work with you.” Let me be clear - I had a LOT of offers post 343. I received emails from no less than 7 studios and 5 of them were AAA. But something inside of me that didn’t exist prior took root and drew me to create my own groundwork for my own project. Something that to be frank, I had never cared for prior. But looking at the situation now, if things continue to progress I will have gone from being a forger, to working at Treyarch, getting the offer from 343, and then running my own studio within 12 months. 1 year. But these hardships had to happen to me because if they hadn’t, I never would have pursued what I am. I absolutely never would have even attempted to create my own project because I was too comfortable doing what everyone else in the industry is doing. I’d always heard close friends brainstorm hypothetical dream projects but it never interested in me in that moment. And literally within 2 weeks I had more or less an entire game outlined down to the control scheme. Almost every weapon, the map principles, campaign structure, menu format, customization systems, tone, movement mechanics, art style… everything really. It came together quicker than I could’ve ever imagined and I seriously believe with all my hear that it was divinely inspired. I’m not here to ‘be nice’, frankly nowhere in the Bible does it say to “be a nice person” so it’s not really my montra -but I am here to make a difference and hold people to a higher standard. And I believe that I’m the person to do it. I don’t want to waste time tiptoeing around bullshit ideas or shit maps. If it’s bad, it’s bad. I don’t need to spend 5 months diddling it around to know that when I can just look at something and then tell you if it’ll work or not. What I’m about to say I am going to say as clearly and blatantly as I can so there is no room for misinterpretation or ambiguity and I want everyone to read this very carefully. -I have completely reinvented the First Person Shooter from the ground up for the first time since Combat Evolved hit the Xbox 20 years ago. There is NOTHING like it. -My team is made of the best level designers in this world. -My game will have the best movement mechanics, shooting mechanics, and level design of any FPS to ever come out. In both single-player and multiplayer. -This is not about me, nor has this ever been about me. I genuinely believe with all my heart that I am making this game to serve a purpose higher than my own. With the backing I have it will not fail, and I’m not talking about the publisher I’ve been working with. If they back out for whatever reason, I’ll simply just find another. I’m talking about the big guy upstairs. -Every single person here will drop Halo to play this game. I’ll see you guys on stage at E3 in a few years. Until then, I’m logging out.
  5. Forewarning, I'm day drunk. Ask me if I give a shit about AAA map makers. My experience in the industry was literally so polar ass backwards fucking ********, the only thing holding me back from spelling out ever stupid conservation I've ever had that lead to some dumb shit 3 lane map maker is my NDA with Activision. I want to say this as clearly as I can. I don't care who's offended. I don't care what people think. EVERY mapper in the industry is missing the point. There is so much more than they realize and when you see what my team and I are capable of you'll eat your words.
  6. If something is shit I say it's shit. It's literally not any more complicated than that. I expect my team members to say the same thing to me if that is the case. Otherwise you end up with mediocre watered down compromised bullshit. I'm not here to coddle feelings - Im here to say what I think. Just like everything here, including myself, has expectations for games mechanics, I have expectations for level design. Higher expectations. If they're not met, I say it. Whether or not people are comfortable with what I'm saying is literally irrelevant to me I don't care if people are comfortable. Im here to make the greatest shooter ever made, with the best movement mechanics, best shooting mechanics, and best level design.
  7. No I know man, I'm just rambling, you're good. To be honest my patience for forgers is probably the same as my patience with 343 at this point, I just want to see quality.
  8. Lol. I don't believe you can be an asshole if your critique has nothing to do with a person personally. I'm not commenting on Squally or Negative Zero as a person, their personality, or their intelligence. I'm just saying their maps are trash. If they choose to take that as a personal attack fine that's on them, but truthfully I find that ridiculous. People can choose to be offended by whatever they want
  9. That's something that needs to be worked out but of course my preference is console / PC + crossplay outside of ranked. But there's always hurdles to figure out when working on different networks like that.
  10. I'm not afraid to call things shit when they're shit, and the critique of Halo players mean nothing to me. I just call things how they are man, no one improves when you sit there and coddle them. The maps chosen were only chosen because actual decent maps aren't made by designers who actively care to advertise their work. The ONLY reason I am as good as I am, is because for 10 years I sat there and made maps next to my buddy Tyler (now at 343) and when something was shit, I would tell him it was shit. And when my work was complete crap, he would look at it and tell me that. That's something that most designers, in the community and in the industry, don't have. Don't worry about my game, you and everyone else here will be playing it without a second thought when the time comes. I know what I'm doing.
  11. I couldn't help but chuckle when I read they wanted to play oddball on that symmetrical guardian map lol like why. These picks were shams. Forge community drops the ball, again
  12. Non shit network engineers. Bungies networking has always been their crutch, don't know if you played a lot of Destiny 1 but my god was that bad. Blizzard and Dice have some industry leading networking, on the other hand.
  13. Welp. Have fun either A: getting spawn trapped to high hell Or B: Running in circles on donuts (peak competitive mind games) What a shame these are the maps provided for HCS contenders.

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