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  1. Sorry dude, you don't know what you're talking about. All spawns in 1v1's are randoms. There is no way to force someone to spawn in a specific location, or even an area in a 1v1. If you're convinced of your theory, come back with a lot of statistics.
  2. Never know dude, my friend showed me a video where some nerds raised $10,000 for some other nerd to come beat Ocarina of Time in like 25 minutes (live performance) for them.
  3. Personally, I think everyone is out of their minds. It is not the same to me, although it's tolerable. The issues with the game go far beyond shooting; the general "feel" of the game was not preserved at all.
  4. Arf, you're right. OG and MCC are indeed different. However, MCC was meant to be a replacement/upgrade of OG. The fact is that it does not function as that, at all. While it's cool to finally play online, it's also just as frustrating for it to function nothing like the game it is supposed to be. Now I don't know if it was you who was mentioning this, but to suggest that we should acknowledge the "best" MCC players is to also leave out the fact that the game is jacked to hell, and that players with better internets will always have a massive advantage. I highly doubt anyone (including your new bff Patch) plays H1 because they want to be recognized. However if I, a Halo CE player, am going to recognize anyone for being a good player, it won't be for what they do on MCC. Speaking of MCC players, anyone know Bobby Blitz well? Would love to see him at BL4, to back up his smack.
  5. Teapot, Just an idea, but you could use the funds for a tourney at the Beach LAN. I'll be there and can make sure its ran properly. MCC isn't fair at all because some people have better internet than others. Plus there will be multiple capture/streaming stations.
  6. Well said. I just don't want the focus of the "community effort" to shift toward determining a convention for dealing with the game in its current state. There should not be a convention until this shit is fixed. I literally don't melee anyone any more, and I haven't picked up a plasma rifle in over a month. If this is supposed to be halo CE, why do I find myself playing it totally different? The game has been gutted. Is it entirely too late to bring the original xbox version in? That's what we all wanted from the beginning.
  7. I don't really understand why we are having this discussion of "who is better on who's host". The game is currently a shell of the original, at best. Melees are shit, plasma rifle is shit, rockets are shit, host advantage/disadvantage is shit, snipers are as easy as halo 2 (Which is shit), Derelict is shit, starting grenades are shit. Tons of little issues collectively make the game shit, in comparison with the original. Want to know who is better? Play Halo CE on LAN. MCC is not the same game, at all. Any discussions of how a series should be ran are far beyond premature. Everyone wants this game to be a replacement for H1, including me. However, right now it is NOT.
  8. I'm gonna have to disagree. I got host a few games and it was literally a case of my shots bouncing off of people and not registering. However, I do have shitty internet and I've only gotten host a few times. In my experience, I can see my shots land, but get nothing. Also I LANed OG this evening, and the pistoling is NOTHING like OG at all. I like that H:CE is online and all, but MCC still doesn't hold a fucking candle to OG. Go back and LAN; who ever was mentioning that MCC was getting close to the original is way off base. I truly wish it weren't the case, but the intangible "feel" of Xbox Halo was not preserved.
  9. I feel the opposite, I think death bonus has an effect sometimes. I'm positive I've started games running super fast. Also, I've been encountering increased spawn times for no reason. I played a custom game on prisoner and every time I died, my respawn increased by 10. After 3 deaths I had a 30+ second respawn. Can anyone confirm?
  10. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2wynp5/i_know_the_other_halos_need_work_but_dont_forget/ Recent Reddit thread if you want to post and get behind it. Can't let them forget about us.
  11. Aborted God here. I probably have the worst internet connection of anyone on this board (2-up, like 0.3-down), which is why you had trouble hitting us. Also, I live in MS which is probably far from you. I promise it was fucking horrible for us though. In my experience, off host is not an advantage at all. Host advantage is SUCH a huge advantage. When I run customs, I always alternate host so that one team isn't getting fucked the entire time. I think everyone should do this. I won't say host advantage is XBC level, but its way way more of an advantage than LAN is.
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