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  1. Been out of the loop for the past month. Where is Evil Geniuses?
  2. Of course they would rather practice every game type. That's probably not going to change so why not suck it up and try a full series against the best? Seems like the best practice to me.
  3. Sounds like you guys don't care to be number 1. You will never beat them if you don't play them.
  4. Hamy doesn't want to play CLG in a full series becuause it's too fatiguing?
  5. Do you guys think that Allegiance players were tipped on them being able to attend PAX East? I was always questioning how El Town joined NV out of the blue over others and how Cratos attracted the players he did.
  6. What's up with @@Heinz ?? Haven't heard him running with anyone lately.
  7. Maybe it's just a personality clash with Spartan and others. He seems to get down on himself a lot and it can be draining on teammates to constantly have to cheer him up. But then again talent should always win out, which Spartan clearly has a ton of.
  8. For as much of a halo "genius" you are id expect you to be higher than diamond 2. I get that your shot sucks but your decision making is questionable at most. Definitely a priority quit playing the game player.
  9. Do you not remember the Noble black vs. CLG ties? That was some of the most intense exciting halo I've ever seen.
  10. Watching this Montage and watching Kampy play a lot of FFA lately makes me wonder why HWC isn't promoting FFA more. I think it'd be awesome to have a FFA tourney with the best players in the world next weekend.
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