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  1. I've had discussions about this specific point with Lethul and other TB members before so I won't re-hash it. OpTic is still the best in my eyes, I'm just saying nV will never get a clean win the way OpTic and their fans act. I'd like to think that's a pretty objective statement as I'm a fan of OpTic as an organization and their Halo players.
  2. Not to mention every time they lost an online cup or w.e it was Royal 2's internet.
  3. Glad I caught the last 5 games, intense man love game 7's. -Trophy is lame -Always an excuse when OpTic loses man its so old, yes they're still the best but give nV props when they beat them you salty dogs.
  4. Solo queue success 101: Have a diverse set of heroes that you play well, so many people can only play 1-2 characters or 1 role. Thats my 2 cents grinding from 2100-3100 these last few months on PC.
  5. Oh gosh, I haven't been here in months and skimming the last few pages showed me its business as usual in this thread...lol
  6. Maybe I'm in one of my "too beaten down to believe anything can change" moods again, but I feel like even if we got everything we wanted at this very moment we would still be way too late in H5's lifespan to make a difference. We would all be ecstatic but 343 would be looking at numbers and honestly the new player ship left the dock soon after worlds ended. Hopefully I'm wrong. Also @@Neighbor Descope, flag drop, scoreboard whilst in motion, etc. Thank you for RE-adding those features into H5, but the fact that those are the pro teams contributions makes me want to laugh and cry simultaneously. This is not meant to be an insult directed towards you or the pro team.
  7. Agreed, both super nice guys as well. I'd throw Shooter in the underrated category with those two.
  8. Quitting is a huge problem right now. Can't solo queue for shit.
  9. This. I miss the old MLG H3 events where many different games were showcased. Halo was the powerhouse but CoD, GoW, and Smash had their own spaces in the venue, it was a really cool experience to go check out other games while Halo was in between matches etc. Unfortunately I think those days are over.
  10. Dropshot is a little gimmicky IMO, like a better Hammer of Dawn. The starting AR's seem a bit more powerful compared to previous titles, it eliminates the gnasher fest but it requires me to alter the way I play. Is there an active reload limit now?
  11. Wow. That was the best clip I've seen in a while, this kid should seriously be in Pro League.
  12. Totally OT but my father and I were hysterical laughing when this guy stood up and asked his question. "This is the biggest night of this guys life" "Put that outfit on, looked in the mirror for 5 minutes, put two thumbs up and says "nailed it!"" Best part of that debate by far.
  13. Starting to see why the official Halo Twitch channel didn't want to claim streaming responsibility...
  14. Dev support from 343 seemed like a dream because we had been shunned for so long but looking at the big picture we surrendered all control over competitive Halo. Dev support pros: Microsoft $$$ Dev Support Cons: Complete control over gametypes, maps, and settings Complete control over Pro League formatting Complete control over tournament organizers and locations Complete control over grassroots events with dedicated server dev kits Feel free to add to either list.
  15. We aren't moonwalking, that paints a picture of style and confidence. We're just drunk and stumbling, running into ex-girlfriends who remind us how much better life was and what could have been. Anytime we try to make a move and rekindle an old flame our over-protective mother grounds us an prevents us from seeing each other. 4MS Monitors is ludicrous, The official ViewSonic MLG used for Halo in 2009 was 5MS. #salty
  16. I don't even have a word for the level of frustration I feel when I read about MLG's interest in picking Halo back up and 343's refusal to hand over any control. Just months ago it felt like the Halo scene was going to explode again with MLG, ESL, YouTube Gaming, etc all partnering for HCS Worlds, I was literally at a bar and X-Games Halo was being played on ESPN... Between the deterioration of this game (servers, gametypes, maps, settings), and a refusal to work with MLG, 343 sucked the hope right back out of me.
  17. EG's "scrims" discord channel currently has Roy, LBX, Ninja, and Stellur in it?
  18. Agreed, good teamwork means high assist totals which means less perfect kills. Accuracy is a much better indicator but even that doesn't paint the full picture. Viewership is the only true way to tell.
  19. Oh give me a break, I most certainly have lived on my own in multiple countries. I admit I'm unfamiliar with the visa process as it relates to gaming as an occupation. But what is so wrong about suggesting a professional player who has made over a quarter-million-dollars relocate to put his team in the best situation to continue winning? I also admit that I thought Royal 2 was a few years older but regardless its not outside the realm of possibility. Uproot his entire life for gaming? You make it sound like he would be without family and friend contact and that if he wanted to go home he would have to walk. Plenty of gamers have relocated internationally and nationally in order to put themselves in a better position whether it be because of regional leagues or team houses or internet concerns. In the end it's his decision and I'm not sitting here mad at him for not moving for a video game, I'm just tired of hearing about his bad connection. This has all been hashed out already and I'm sorry to bring it up again. This comment just irks me.
  20. If OpTic is a long-term thing (I'm sure it is) then Hecz would absolutely do everything he can to facilitate Royal 2 to the U.S. (if that's what he wants). They have a CS player from Spain living in the CS house if I'm not mistaken. Hecz will do whatever it takes to put his team in the best position to win.
  21. I agree with everything you're saying. But if this is a serious endeavor and moving is the only solution then it has to be done. TJ said they have plans in place so I don't wanna clog up this thread with this topic anymore.
  22. Again, I didn't know about these plans. All we as fans see is tweets and mentions regarding internet struggles constantly, and I'm glad there are solutions in motion. The more you know.
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