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  1. It's been a while since I uploaded anything but with Halo 2 Anniversary coming out Tuesday I'm going to try and pump out some more content. Here's a nice gameplay of just searching in matchmaking. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/inQ7uoJ9RAA
  2. Short Fortnite edit I made. Hope you guys enjoy. I also intend to make more of these so stay tuned.
  3. Finally finished this. Started this project when the Team Throwback playlist ended sometime early October. I originally wanted to finish this and enter it in the Haloisback montage competition but I got busy with other things. This is easily my biggest and most likely my Halo project. The gameplay consists of myself, Uhh Jeremy II, and SoundCat who are some of my closets friends on Xbox Live. We wanted to make this video as a last hurrah in the dying Halo scene. With this in mind, a lot of smurfs were used to make sure we had clips we were satisfied with. Quick note, I didn't want to add a watermark for every clip so the GTs used by us are the following: Thank Yeezy: Hello Mr West Hail Chief Sosa Booty Warlord iKhanye West Jeremy: uhh Jeremy II Jeremy Sux atH3 Uhh Jeremy IL SoundCat: HuntsoFresh Hope you guys enjoy!!
  4. (use below link to watch with audio) https://skhan24.wistia.com/medias/i6ho05f5po?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 Quick little description of this tage. I recently got my appendix removed and I was on pain killers and stuck in bed all day. I decided to kill my time by try making a small minitage of the clips I got of the new H5 playlist. I had a blast playing this playlist with some old Xbox friends. The name of the tage comes from the surgical procedure to remove someones appendix. Clips are mostly from Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and I edited the video most the day Monday. I tried being a little creative with the edit because this is currently one of my favorite songs in my playlist. I'm really proud of how this video came out and I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did making it. Be sure to leave a like my YT channel at: if you enjoyed. Special shout out to the Besteon aka Hunter. Song: Jocelyn Flores - XXXTentacion
  5. Just a short video with some leftover GP from myself and Mederma. I really just made this video to work on my editing and in my opinion it came out pretty well but any critiques on the editing would be greatly appreciated. I could have made the video longer but I wasn't really a fan of the screamo parts so i just cut it short. I also didn't put the name on the clips because I thought it would be slightly distracting but most of the clips are mine. Mederma let me use his Guardian clip and his Construct clip. Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. I usually make MCC videos if guys want to check out my channel @www.youtube.com/SHERisBATMAN My most recent videos: I also post my videos in here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/10259-thank-yeezys-halo-videos/
  7. Been a while since I uploaded anything. I've been working a lot lately and its hard to find time to get clips and make videos. This video consists of gp from myself and my friend Mederma (Musa). GP is from Team Hardcore and Team Snipes. I made the editing kind of simple with only a few effects to give a chill vibe. Hope you guys enjoy. Also be sure to check Mederma's Stream @ www.twitch.tv/mederma
  8. Due to copyright YT video had to be muted. If you liked the video plesase visit the origianl upload video below and leave a like
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK3FylyLe6w
  10. Just a short 1v1 video from a 1v1 session with my xbox son Sab. The clips are actually really old I just finally found the song I wanted to edit too. I'd really appreciate if you guys would critique the editing and overall flow of the video. I got a little lazy towards the end but i still liked how the video turned out overall.
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