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  1. its either a break or completely quit. so break isnt too bad xD
  2. renegade is on a new team, brainstorm and vtec are a to2 and im probably taking a break.
  3. so remember that guy that fucked up the renegades/liquid article, hes doing it for league now too :bman: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/57vh9x/rox_tigers_official_statement_regarding_espns/
  4. No, the LoL team has been out of the picture for awhile. But I was upfront asking if they were trying to sign them and if we needed to find a way to OC over a week ago and we didnt get an answer until last night which is like 12 days before the event and get told we have no funding. Which 12 days is too last minute for some people on the team. Idk it just sucks for me, no matter how hard I try its always something else one after another that keeps happening to me in halo 5 and i just try to ignore it and keep pushing forward and doing the best I can to get to where i want to be and this was an important and crucial tournament to me and everyone else on the team and its just defeating and depressing knowing that we most likely arent going to be at OC. eLevate isnt a bad org, I just think the whole situation wasnt handled the best and took to long to get us an answer to the point where we need a miracle to get to the event. Most of my tweets and what ive said isnt really hate towards them, mostly just frustration with the situation and my sarcasm and making a joke/laughing at it is a way to blow off the frustration. So please dont bring out the pitchforks and torches right away, mistakes happen... hopefully we find a way to resolve the problem and continue working towards the pro league. sorry if the grammar is trash. im sick to my stomach and trying to play this tourney, but i just wanted to post some insight real quick have a good day everyone and glhf to everyone playing :^)
  5. No one is going to want to play a settings that are the drastically different from the pro league settings though, especially since it wont benefit them, yet it will most likely hinder their performance by getting used to the play style and the tendencies of no radar. What you should do is push for them to also test no radar when they do their pro summits during the off season.

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