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  1. I've not posted on these boards for years but wanted to just pop by and say that the multiplayer trailer was one of the most anti climatic reveals ever. It really doesn't look great. Hype gone.
  2. I've not really been paying attention to anything pre Regionals, genuine question. Is the radar every being taken out? Just from a spectator standpoint it's not too enjoyable watching people crouching with smg's.
  3. Can't comment on how they play but the maps really are very poor visually. So dull.
  4. I dunno if it's just because I'm watching that ghoul Prodigy's stream but this game is just not fun to watch and this pricks listening to Limp Bizkit and wearing a pair of Gunnars.
  5. What he was saying made perfect sense though.
  6. Halo 5 looks like it's shaping up to be a right bag of scrap. I love halo, well the halo I grew up with but I'm at the point with 343 where I just genuinely want this game to tank so bad so maybe the franchise can be handed to somebody else. They just don't get it. They just don't. Hire as many ex MLG pros as you want, shout E-sports as loud as you want but the fact is we still have a game with sprint, rotten maps and a terrible selection of gametypes.
  7. id take Narrows, Guardian, Pit, construct over any map from the beta or post beta.
  8. H3 maps > H5 maps are just trash. From the beta maps to the ones revealed post beta. Awful and that's yer sprint you've got to thank for that
  9. So much this. The maps in the beta and the ones shown post beta are awful.
  10. H3 sniper is easy the most rewarding sniper on console
  11. Its all personal opinion but there is no way that H5 based on the beta or the gameplay footage post beta looks better than H3 or Reach V7 NBNS. I'll also point out that there has not been a single good map made since the game was built around sprint.
  12. The more footage of this game I see the less interested I become. Just isn't at all the game I grew up playing. Guaranteed the population will be H4 levels after a few months. So grim.
  13. I have to say from a viewer standpoint, i just cannot see myself ever getting excited about watching H5 gameplay which is a shame because i have been quite enjoying watching some of the HCS tournaments. Even Kampys H5 montages are pretty boring to watch.
  14. Flagnum, Jesus Christ they never learn do they.
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