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  1. Sheney' has returned for one last Final Halo 2 montage using clips from Halo MCC on the Xbox. One of the stars of Zola's Trinity returns to close out his Final Montage Trilogy with his montage entitled " Final Final Final." https://youtu.be/UJPnKWTPgiA - Hawk
  2. Hi all- Xer, Uncut Fighter, Driven and Steel Pulse reached out to me to help with a short montage highlighting their best plays playing in the competitive Halo 2 scene. We hope you enjoy! Sincerely, VA BlackHawk
  3. Thank you all for your support! We are all super proud of this video and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
  4. Oh snap. I’m moving back to Virginia in December. Let me know next time yall run this; I have a couple buddies down in Va Beach I could hit up to stay with next time this happens.
  5. The Reunion | A MCC Montage Gameplay: Phurion, VA BlackHawk, Doodlepop and Titaynium Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed. More to come in the future if the community is interested in these types of videos. -Hawk
  6. VA BlackHawk :: Minitage VI Edited By: Zentz Productions Some of you may know me, most of you most likely have never heard of me. I have been on a hiatus from video making since XBL shut down in 2010. I released a re-edit of BlackHawk Down (My Final Halo2 Montage) in 2013, but that is about as active as I have been editing wise. I have always enjoyed releasing mini-edits to keep my skills sharp and to show off gameplay I enjoy. Since the release of MCC and the invitation I recieved to join LiT (Lost In Time), A Halo Montage group on Youtube, I have been recording more frequently and have plans to release more videos throughout the year on my Youtube channel and on this forum. This is my first release with new gameplay footage since 2010. I hope you enjoy! Comments and feedback are welcome. Also, Feel free to check out some of my older videos if you have not seen them before. Thanks again for watching! Youtube.com/jrdnzntz
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