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  1. No, we are gearing up for season 2, we don't want to go to G4G with no practice. Unless we can get a 4th were comfortable with and can get a couple weeks of practice in
  2. I'm from Lebanon, but live in Muncie. There seems to be a lot of good Indiana gamers in my opinion. Look at Snip3down and Chig. I myself am a sponsored gamer, took me 10 years but I was also in the military for 5 of those years and couldn't compete.
  3. Hi all, TQS is in need of 1 very solid 4th. TQS is a new esports organization that has teams in other games as well. TQS has just recently acquired a new halo team that needs 1 player. Every player on the team Have been to events and have placed top 32 in multiple tournaments. We are looking for a player of the same caliber. if you believe this is you message me on XBL or on twitter @TQS_Recon we will be holding tryouts. You must be 18 or older. This could be a great opportunity for someone looking to get on a sponsored team
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