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  1. Yeah that’s true. I want more maps of the guardian and lockout variety. Did they have one like that in halo 5?
  2. If 343 made Halo 1 they'd put little glowing orbs on every random on hang em high.
  3. You could change nothing else but making the starting gun the CE pistol and Infinite would probably be one of the top 3 Halo games.
  4. To have access to the beta today you had to either pre-order the game or have Xbox game pass. He pre-ordered the game apparently.
  5. Yeah that was annoying to differ l discover today. There was some idiot driving in circles in an ATV and after I killed him I noticed it said [AI] after his name. I played for probably 2 hours today and only came across a few bots but still annoying. I hope custom servers will have the option to turn them off at least. The gunplay is really great though and I was enjoying it a lot.
  6. Looking at this video on Reddit makes me feel insane: There’s just no bullet mag on PC controller right? I was playing on PC controller and I can guarantee those would not have been kills for me.
  7. I simultaneously think that BR starts ruin BTB and also that there's enough BRs on the map that everyone has one at all times.
  8. The AR is pretty good. Have you tried it yet?
  9. Take the dead zones down to 0, put the acceleration at 5 and then adjust sensitivity to where you need it. I put mine at 8 even though I do 5.5 on mcc.
  10. Thank you, I didn't know I could do that.
  11. Guess who's back... It's been nearly 5 years since my last video but it's finally finished. Thank you to everyone who has patiently waited. The moment has now arrived. ~~ Dedicated to Mrs. Sporefrog and Sporefrog Jr. ~~
  12. Well, I was drunk for a lot of the editing Tell your lady that Sporefrog does house calls Thanks dog, I don't think I would've done these without the inspiration of the Doomtage. I've looked for my older videos and can't find them anywhere
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