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  1. I recently left my old forums, and I'm looking for some new people to run some matchmaking with. I usually play around 8PM EST, and generally run Arena/ Slayer Rank: I'm looking for Onyx 1500-1900 players preferably Send me a message if you would like to join me at any point: GT: Mr FFish
  2. Halo CE- 8/10 Halo 2- 9/10 Halo 3- 6/10 Halo Reach v7- 7/10 Halo 4- 3/10 Halo 5- 8/10
  3. Hello team beyond! I have been going around to all the forums that I use/ lurk in that shadows in, and have been trying to share this tutorial video that I made. This tutorial shows you how to preform 17 different nerd nades that will launch the sniper or rocket right into your loving arms! Though if you want to be technical about it, there are really only 8 nerd nades (preformed once on each side) and 1 nade that's unique to the blue team. Still though, these nerd nades can be very helpful in certain situations, and hopefully this little tutorial will be just what you need! I'm sure there are more grenades to blast weapons to even better areas, but these are the ones that I was aware of at the time that I was making this video. Also, please know that these grenade tosses are IDEALLY lined up before the weapons are dropped onto their weapon pads, as some of these will be a little difficult to line up on your first few tries. With enough practice, these nades could feel like second nature, and you'll be able to do them on the fly! Also please note that you will need a plasma grenade to preform these nerd nades (though I'm sure the majority of you here are well aware of that). Frags and Promethean grenades will not move these power weapons at all. So it's worth learning the spawn points for the plasma grenades, and just try to keep a couple in your pockets should you want to preform these throws.So that's it! Hope this video helps improve your gameplay, and that you get a LOT of Combat Evolved/ Alley Oop medals!
  4. Your Name: Mr FFish Winner: Lawlessferret53 Round Number: 1 Score: 0- 2 (Best of 3 games)
  5. Ok, I guess I'll give it a shot. Maybe I am over thinking this, and all I need to do is use the respawn zones like you suggested. Thanks for the reply. Side note; Sanc 1v1s work great with Halo Reach's spawns (limiting the player's spawn points to their initial half of the map). It's one of my absolute favorite 1v1 maps around. To each their own I guess!
  6. Hey guys, I'm planning to run a 1v1 tournament in the near future, but before doing so I wanted to make some adjustments to the maps and gametypes that I have (weapon spawns, powerups, player spawns, etc). I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to the spawn system in any Halo for that matter, so I was looking for some help. Specifically I was looking to make the spawns H2A's Shrine, reflect the type of spawns that were seen in Halo Reach's forged Sanctuary. As it is right now, players can spawn on either side of the map, and I just don't like that. I'd prefer to keep players spawning to their starting half of the map only, since I feel like doing so reduces the amount of chaos in the game. So is there anyone out there that REALLY knows what they're doing with spawns, and would be willing to lend me a hand either today or tomorrow? I'm free from now until Sunday night really. The best way to reach me would be my twitter account, or just replying to this thread. Anyone willing to help?

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