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  1. What about back when MLG did bo5 then finals would be best of 11 continuation.
  2. Yea for longer than I can remember. But I don't live in Memphis. I made it like in 04 when I was into gone in 60 secs. Haha
  3. Hope 2gre gets a team. Storm rifles blow Anyone in a large Spartan company able to invite me? Please and thank you. gt: memphisize
  4. sent you an xbl message to play today. GT: Memphisize
  5. i have a to2, hit me up GT: Memphisize
  6. message me if anyone can play today, have a to3, need a 4th ASAP GT: Memphisize
  7. have a to2, 100% can go. can play whenever. GT: Memphisize. hit me up
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