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  1. Getting in the same party and matching your friends in the playlist sounds like boosting to me.
  2. Directions unclear, deleted my whole HD. Someone help please.
  3. Can confirm training mode is really sweet. We used it on a lot of the new maps at the Ohio LAN.
  4. DA idk if I can even do 1 push-up. Also I'm commentating the series hardway is playing in with patch and will shotgun a beer every time Ted gets a killing spree.
  5. GOAT squad working for dat 50. still havent dropped a game. J UP
  6. we can pretty much throw this list out the window now that the h1 playlist is ranked boys.
  7. How can they fix something that isn't broke? H1 is the best it's ever been on mcc. Now they are going to finally have ranks and it's going to be easy mode again. Time to 3tire boys.
  8. neither of those things apply to me and I am enjoying this patch more than any other one. hosting isn't even that bad, still unsure why everyone says that. I seriously feel not that much of a change on/off host.
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