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  1. Fair enough. I guess I just diagree that this is a good example of poor sandbox design in Infinite (minus the TTK). Now show me a clip of the dogshit that is the current Commando balance and we'll have a totally different conversation on our hands.
  2. I was talking more so about tap firing not being 100% accurate, specifically with the AK in GSGO, sorry if I worded it badly. You can test this pretty easily for yourself by loading up a bot match in CS and then trying to 1 tap as many bots as fast as you can, you'll very quickly see that bullets that should hit will frequently miss even when your reticle is directly on their head. IMO that is faaar worse than the tiny bit of recoil that the Infinite BR has at long range. As for whether this can be clasified as "long range" or not I would say that if the player in the clip simply scoped in they would have gotten a pretty easy 4 shot kill. Also I would say that the argument you made about CSGO's TTK potentially makes things even worse, just imagine 2 players looking at each other and shooting with perfect reticle placement but the player that shot first misses due to RNG spread whilst the player who shot late gets the kill all because of the RNG spread on the gun, I mean that's the entire reason why we hated bloom in Reach in the first place right? Except in CSGO you can die in 1 headshot. That just makes the whole thing that much worse. I still stand by my point that all this clip really shows is that when hipfiring a target from long range a miniscule amount of recoil makes you miss shots. That's a far cry from anything that can be considered "RNG" or "bad design" especially when games like CSGO have much worse offences built into the game and are yet still considered a gold standard for competitive esports. With all that said there's still a very valid point to be made about the TTK of the Infinite BR and how that encourages a teamshot meta, I have no qualms about that claim, just specifically the clip presented isn't all that convincing of why the game is "bad". If we want to prove otherwise, we could and should do better.
  3. Doesn't shoot straight past a certain range* Don't get me wrong, I would definitely increase the TTK on the BR if I had the power to, but I don't think that clip in particular really says anything other than "the BR has recoil that comes into effect at long range" and I could easily show you much more egregious things that happen in CSGO and Valorant at much closer ranges, and I'm not talking about just holding down the trigger on an AK.
  4. I mean the BR is slow but that clip just demonstrates the recoil does it not? You can literally see the reticle jumping above the target.
  5. I was literally talking about this with a friend earlier. On Narrows for example you could always tell when someone was lifting from practically anywhere on the map, now the mancannon sounds like any old explosion along with the 100's of other explosion sound effects in the game, it's completely indistinct to the point where you can't hear people cannoning right behind you, they just appear there. If this doesn't exemplify 343's generic, muffled, uninspired sound design I don't know what does...
  6. You would think that developers would have learnt from Fortnite that a game doesn't have to be easy to be fun and extremely popular...
  7. You made possibly the safest/most sensible post possible, but I doubt it will make any difference to the dribbling dipshits over at reddit. As soon as they see any mention of a buff to a precision weapon their brain tunes out and static noise is all that can be heard.
  8. Whilst I don't entirely disagree with what you say, there's a significant amount of negative reviews, and a substantial amount have more than a few hours played. Here, I made a gif for our viewing pleasure. I imagine if you're a 343 employee, it's hard to look at this and think "This is fine." This gif goes on for about 15 seconds of scrolling before looping.
  9. I'm guessing you haven't checked out the steam reviews page? After you scroll past the first batch of positive reviews it gets ROUGH.
  10. At least I can say that I'm not disappointed, after playing the flights I knew exactly where to place my expectations, so everything from then on was entirely predictable. With that said, where do we as a community go next? Move on to another franchise? Hope that people with actual competence will come along and make a title that employs the gameplay principals that made Halo loved by millions in the first place? (Unlikely) Or just move on from gaming all together? Can't say that I know what the answer is...
  11. Shroud already despises the game and has stopped playing. Can't say I'm one bit surprised, it's very clearly a console port with a few pc settings and weapon/sandbox gimmicks sprinkled on top.
  12. If they think they can bullshit the PC community the same way they have been doing for the last 10 years they're in for a very rude awakening.
  13. Increased the aim aissist on the BR hahahahahahah. I just can't, goodluck ever seeing MKB players touch this game on a competitive level...
  14. Make of this what you will... lol.
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