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  1. I get what you're saying, it's for variety, but I have yet to see this be done properly. Sure, that doesn't mean it can't be done properly, but it always just comes across as a gimmick when done on a large scale. For example, Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai, this map plays fine when the skyscraper is up but as soon as the skyscraper falls it plays like ass. Another example from BF4 is Gulf Of Oman, occasionally there will be a sandstorm which makes one of my favorite Battlefield maps play like, once again, ass. All for "variety". That just isn't a good enough justification for me, and your reply already provided the solution to the variety problem which is, different maps... I think if we are to have interactive/dynamic elements on the map they should stick to small scale things such as the bridge on Zanzibar/Last Resort, otherwise you run the risk of turning a would be decent map into total dogshit.
  2. I think the real question that no one is asking is, WHY?
  3. I would say that really depends on your expectations, were you expecting the return of classic Halo? Well then Infinite probably plays like dogshit to you. Were you expecting the bare minimum e.g. a game that is fun to play? Well then you got possibly the best Halo 343 has yet to develop. Yes it has its problems, but it meets my minimum requirements so I'm happy.
  4. I wouldn't go that far, although we havent been able to make progress as fast as we would have wanted you can see the clear influence the comp community has had simply by comparing H4 and Infinite.
  5. Yes 1080p. From what I saw there was no significant res changes, although a friend was definitely having issues when it came to that. I assume it's just very inconsistent atm. Also streamers like Naded were using the same min-max settings as me but still getting lower fps with a better PC. Like I said, inconsistent.
  6. I was pushing 200fps in the academy with a 9700k+3060 and 130-140fps in the bot matches, I had everything set to low and the min+max fps cap set to 240. I was getting significantly more fps than pretty much every streamer that I checked out who all had better builds thanks mine, so obviously the game is very badly optimised atm but considering I was getting the frames that I was getting I imagine it will be significantly better for everyone by launch.
  7. The entire point of projectile is to limit its effective range, otherwise you are left with something that can beam people across the map, meaning no one leaves the safest areas of the map. I'm not sure I agree with the comparison of the BR to the Apex wingman, for the obvious reason that they are 2 weapons that function completely differently, not to mention the fact Halo doesn't have a strafe as fast as Apex's. As for hoping it's not the starting weapon, that's just a none starter and you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. What are the alternatives? The Sidekick (which we already know is meant as a sidearm as the name implies)? AR? Commando? We know the team skins for orgs are on the BR, so you can bet your ass it's going to be the starting weapon in comp, and I don't buy into the idea that the BR cannot be done right. Is it unlikely? Sure, but just because it hasn't been done properly before does not mean it is somehow undoable.
  8. I'm not sure what you really mean with this comment. The H2 BR has a faster fire rate than the Infinite BR, does that make it "spam city"? I also clarified that it would be a very slight buff, obviously no one wants a super fast spammy BR, that just sounds terrible. As for the Apex wingman, it sounds like you are arguing that it should be even easier, which sounds equally as terrible, maybe I'm misunderstanding you? But as for the BR in its current state, the game with absolutely stagnate with BR starts as the starting weapon in comp if changes aren't made, it's by far the easiest gun in the entire game to use.
  9. Assuming this is true, this is our opportunity to influence actual change for this game. I've already seen far too many badly argued posts since the flight started, the main example being "The AR is too OP". The AR is not OP, the other weapons in the sandbox are just badly balanced. If we are going to influence any kind of change we have to get our arguments straight and try to reach some sort consensus (yes, I'm fully aware of how unrealistic that sounds) on what the most vital changes are that need to be made. A good way to do this may be to post your top 3 changes that you would make. I've already seen a few essay style posts outlining people's thoughts on every single feature in the game but realistically no one has the time to read all of those if everyone writes an entire essay and even more importantly is we reduce our chances of changing anything at all. I'll start by posting my top 3, and fundamentally for me it comes down to the weapon sandbox. 1) The Battle Rifle. The BR in Its current form is far too easy to use. I propose that the BR should be projectile with a very slight buff to the rate of fire. This would make the average kill time longer whilst shortening the perfect kill time to bring it more in line with weapons like the AR, if this is not done and the BR is indeed the comp starting weapon I predict a similar situation to the Halo 5 beta BR starts where everyone peek shoots from cover simply because of how supressive and easy it is to use. 2) The Sidekick. This weapon feels flat out terrible on mouse and keyboard. A weak peashooter that is useless beyond 20 meters due to its kill time only made worse by bloom. I propose they reduce the fire rate and decrease the amount of bullets to kill by 1 and remove bloom, this brings it more in line with the likes of the gun fighter magnum from Halo 5, not so powerful that it becomes the utility weapon (clearly their intention with this weapon is that it isn't the utility weapon, hence the name "sidekick") but not so weak that it is overshadowed by pretty much every other weapon. 3) The Commando. I'm not really sure what they were going for with this weapon but it has some major issues. Trying to use this weapon whilst scoped in is comically bad, it has a ton of bloom and recoil which you would think means they intended for you to pace your shots with it, well think again because tap firing this gun is a disaster, you're much better just holding down the trigger and aiming for the mid torso and praying that the recoil hits them in the head by the time their shields are stripped. In all honesty I'm not sure exactly what I would do with this weapon yet but all I know is that it needs a big rework. Feel free the reply to this with your top 3 changes, they don't have to be limited to the weapon sandbox like mine, but try to outline specific issues and what you would do to fix/change them.
  10. I literally had this exact same thought for opening up that area on this map and adding something top mid. It almost seems like they designed it so that they could do that if needed based on the fact there's already doors there, and especially after playing a bit of PVP on this map holding the top areas on either side of the map and the rocket spawn platform was way too powerful, it just led to players peek shooting across the map and then going back into cover whenever they lose their shields, there's really no reason at all to not do that strategy on this map in its current form, the middle area is just a death trap akin to shooting fish in a barrel.
  11. Sidekick needs; Slightly slower RoF Higher damage by at least 1 bullet and at most 2 No bloom. It really is that simple and in its current state the sidekick is completely unfit for use in any capacity above "spam to finish off a player who is one shot and no further than 20 feet away". I have similar feelings about the Commando. For context I've played on both MKB and controller to see how they performed and they feel terrible to use on both inputs in their curret interations. What are peoples thoughts on what should be done with the Commando? I want to say it needs a RoF nerf and no bloom, but keep it's current damage, otherwise we run the risk of it basically just being a longer range version of the pistol which feels pretty redundant. Thoughts?
  12. I understand why you were skeptical so that's why I recommended you try if for yourself, anyone who knows what they're talking about will be able to immediately notice the difference, and as you said fullscreen exclusive mode should definitely help even more too. I would also like to see Nvidia Reflex implemented in the final game too but I'm unsure if that is even in their plans. Either way, feels playable for now.
  13. Whilst I don't have the means or know how to physically test the input lag myself, all I can really say is to test it for yourself. I get enough fps on this game (around about 130-140fps with a 240hz monitor) that I could tell within a couple of minutes that there was pretty wonky input lag in this game with MKB, after the last 2 updates it feels significantly better, if not completely fixed, but as I said I don't have the means to actually confirm that. I mean, the "timely fix" I was referencing was the fact that the 5.8gb update introduced a ton of microstutters, making the game all but unplayable (especially so for MKB users), which were then completely eliminated with a 66mb update about 6 hours later. I was expecting that the stutters would be there all the way until the end of the flight which was frustrating since the prior update seemed to have removed/reduced the input lag, and I was pleasently surprised that they managed to diagnose and subsequently engineer and implement a fix so fast, if at all. That is timely and worthy of acknowledgment, no?
  14. Trust this forum to take issue with the smallest of possible compliments towards 343 for a timely fix and then continue to write an entire essay on how much they dislike the game/number company. In all honestly what you wrote sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than you are anyone else here. There's literally no one left on this forum to be convinced who isn't already convinced, hence the reason they are here, so why bother with these posts that only purpose is to serve as a reaffirmation of your opinions from users that are already likely to agree with you.
  15. Yeah I heard the same about controller, but haven't verified that for myself. I'm getting around 130-140fps on average so It's in the "serviceable fps" range for me, but I'm aware that it's super unoptimized and people with much better rigs than mine are getting much worse fps. I can only really speak for myself but currently the game is feeling pretty nice atm. Also you may already know this but it's important to have your "min fps" cap set as high as it will go if you want the best performance, I've heard 343 support recommends you set it to the lowest but that only resulted in noticeably less fps for me, I've asked around and many others have had the same experience and I've been able to help a few people with their performance by recommending setting it to as high as it will allow. All in all I expect the game will run much better all round for everyone upon release, and as for me I'm having a ton of fun after the last few updates, which I know is forbidden here.
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