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  1. I swear some of you guys go full autismo sometimes...
  2. Oh I'm all for pings ever since Apex made them mainstream, but outlines are a step too far imo, really don't like the sound of them for various reasons.
  3. We're still the same community that disliked hitmarkers on grenades because it gave away too much information, right?
  4. My bad, didn't check which post you were responding to, haha.
  5. Maybe I'm doing a bad job of explaining what I'm suggesting, or maybe the idea just sucks, but what I'm advocating for isn't really to have a set strategy that you use every time at the start of a match, it's kind of the opposite really, where you have much more options available to you in how you go about obtaining power weapons at the initial spawn. Instead of there being an 'optimal' opening strat such as 1 player always running for sniper on Pit every single match, and atleast 1 for OS and another for rockets etc. you would be forced to use other weapons in the sandbox other than the starting weapon and power weapons to gain control over the map instead of simply being granted access to a free sniper for example because you spawned near to it. Obviously this would require a solid sandbox for those weapons to even be viable but that's a whole other can of worms. Think of it like Chess, imagine if you only ever had the option to move 1 particular piece as your opening move in a match, all other pieces on the board are off limits, that would drastically decrease the amount of possible outcomes in a game of Chess, and make it comparatively 1 dimentional to what it actually is. That's the way I see the start of a match of Halo in its current form. As you alluded to, having situational awareness and being able to adapt on the fly are important factors, if not more so than having a set strategy at times, having the sandbox be balanced in a way that makes those weapons a viable strategy to use in certain scenarios and a threat that you actively have to be aware of and able to counter is more interesting to me than simply having to worry about the rockets, OS, and sniper spawns. Who wants to go out of their way to grab some tier 2 weapon when a sniper spawns right there?
  6. That was actually quite sick, and I'm very much in favor of more of this kind of stuff, which I believe my suggestion would help to promote. You're probably right with your interpretation, or he may have just been avoiding giving away too much info about their strats so they can't be used against them like Bubu's was is that clip. Either way there's a ton of room for more depth in Halo with very minimal changes to the game, you don't need to add loads of entirely new mechanics and risk overly complicating the game like Halo 5 did in order to get deeper gameplay.
  7. If you take the time to write it I'll take the time to read it. No worries if you don't want to though. I like the sound of this idea, but I do still feel that even if such a system did exist, power weapon spawns at the start of a match should still be delayed 15-30 seconds. I much prefer the idea of players having to think about what kind of strategy they are going to use at the start of a match instead of just taking a power weapon spawn for granted. For example the sniper spawn on Pit in H3, it's just a given that one player on the team is going to run to sniper spawn and be granted a free power weapon with zero skill or thinking involved in aquiring such a powerful weapon, a weapon that in the right hands has the potential to swing the entire outcome of a match. There's no decision to be made there, the decision has been made for you by the game. I think the fact you could lose your teams sniper due to a team out strategizing you before the sniper spawns is much more of an interesting scenario, and offers up and whole bunch on new possibilites when it comes to starting strats. I was watching SnakeBite play H5 a few weeks ago and someone asked what his teams starting strats were, he replied with, and I'm not exaggerating, "We don't really have starting strats." I found that kind of insane coming from the current best team in the world, but it really makes sense when you consider how the game is balanced, you are spawned into a match and given any of the 4 starting spawns, then depending on where you spawn you run to the nearest power weapon/power up on the map, the decision is practically out of your control and is decided for you, at random, by the game. How is that acceptable when there is opportunity for a much deeper and interesting style of gameplay which actually involves some form of thinking/strategy? It also opens up a whole new kind of balancing system for asymmetrical maps, which are notorious for being unbalanced and favoring certain spawns, you can now place weapons in totally new positions without their spawn point being primarily dictated by "Which team can run to this position the fastest?" Imagine the amount of variety in the intial strategy involved in trying to take the snipe tower on Guardian before the sniper has spawned, what kind of weapons would the players opt to use, other than the starting weapon, and how would they use those weapons to their advantage? Much more interesting than "I spawned elbow so hold forwards towards snipe tower" or "I spawned blue so throw grenades at snipe tower in attempt to stop the other team getting a free sniper" I hope I'm making sense and what I'm trying to convey makes sense instead of sounding like I'm talking in circles or rambling. Thoughts?
  8. Elaborate on how you would go about achieving this in a practical manner.
  9. I'm very much in favour of the idea of delayed spawns on power ups and power weapons at the start of a match for all gamemodes. I had thought about this before because of scenarios like the mad dash for OS at the start of matches which seemed kind of silly to me and weren't really dictated by skill of any kind other than who got there the fastest, which is a rather arbitrary thing. Ideally there would be 3 tiers of weapons; Tier 1 is your utility weapon ammo, magnum, AR, BR, etc. Tier 2 is your "semi-power weapon" e.g. bruteshot, mauler/shotgun, needler, plasma pistol/rifle, etc. And finally Tier 3 is your all out power weapons/ups, sniper, rockets, sword, OS, camo, etc. Tier 3 would never spawn at the start of the match and would either spawn 30 second to 1 minute into the match, this gives you time to strategize and decide how you and your team are going to set up for the first set of Tier 3 spawns, are you going to try and hold off at OS spawn with a shotgun? Or maybe you want to try and pick some players off with a plasma pistol at rocket spawn. You could even have it set up so that the same power weapon or power up doesn't spawn in the same place twice in a row, for example, you could have the brute shot spawn every minute or so at the rocket spawn location, and on the 3rd minute/spawn cycle the rocket launcher would then spawn in its place instead, or have camo spawn in the power up spawn however many times and then OS would spawn in place of the camo after X amount of minutes/spawn cycles. This sort of stops the use of power weapons you have just aquired being used to then get control over the next spawn of the same weapons thus snowballing the entire match, the fact that the entire match could potentially be decided off of the intial power weapon grabs at the start of the match is, in my opinion, 1 dimentional and boring. I'd much rather see a set up and clear strategy for how a team goes about aquiring the power weapons, and I'm sure with this system there would be a wide range of viable strategies that teams could utilize at the start of, and throughout of a match instead of just "hold forwards towards power item then use said item to snowball." Having that amount of variety and potential when it comes to strategy in Halo is something that very much interest me, and besides, who said the power weapons have to spawn at the exact start of a match?
  10. Sniper looks a ton better than the microwave scope we saw in 4/5, but if I had to be super nit picky I would say the scope is a little bit too far forwards, bring it back a bit more and that's a pretty good sniper model imo.
  11. Good post, definitely agree with removing the tracking from the plasma pistol, and as a bonus you managed to provide a unique balance for a weapon as Boyo wanted all along. Moving on now to something you said in Part 2 of your video essay, some people flat out refuse to play Halo 5 without paddles and I am one of those people, although I moved on from playing on controller/console a couple of years ago and play primarily on PC now. It seems to me that the fundamental characteristic of 'Halo' gameplay is that it is incredibly simple to pick up and play for practically anyone, and yet provides depth without sacrificing that simplicity, Halo 5's advanced movement violates this rule in that, yes as people like Shyway argue, it does provide depth, but it's at the cost of making the game too mechanically complex for the average person to pick up and play, resulting in a game that feels "sweaty" for casual players or "catering towards esports" whilst simultaneously and somewhat paradoxically feeling "nooby" or "catering towards casuals" for competitive players as said mechanics are tuned in a way that makes them easy to achieve kills with (high amounts of assist and magnetism, etc.) What you are left with is a game that is fundamentally and mechanically at odds with itself and its target fanbase, and a mess of game design/philosophy. What we are left with is this following question "How does one create 'deep' gameplay whilst keeping complexity to a minimum?"
  12. Who says they would have to "take over"? They could develop independently of 343 and make their own Halo title like what CoD does with Infinity Ward & Treyarch. Whether their game would be good or not is obvously up for debate but you have to admit it would be pretty interesting to see another developer make a Halo game completely independent of 343 and their standards.
  13. Rumor is Epic Games Store. Would make sense considering the recent Halo X Fortnite promotion.
  14. So on the subject of 'free information' being given in game I had a thought, what if when you assassinate a player the red 'X' which indicates where they were killed to their teammates is not present? It's just a small idea which came to mind but it gives an extra little reward to something that is quite difficult to do in a high level ranked match, you could even make it so it removes the assassinated players death cam so they can only spectate their living teammates although personally I hate the death cam anyway and would remove it regardless, it gives way too much information for what is supposed to be a punishment (death) but I do like the idea of assassinations being more impactful and there being an incetive to consider when deciding whether or not to go for one.
  15. Yeah, I'm leaning more towards this mind set lately, I'd much rather hear about what people are looking forward to in Infinite instead of the 5000th post about why sprint is bad and needs to be removed. We aren't getting old Halo back, whether you like it or not MCC was 343's way of catering to the oldschool fans and at this point you either need to come to terms with what Halo has become or move on to something else, it's mentally draining going over the same points ad nauseam and part of the reason why I don't come here as much as I used to or would like to. With that said, BTB 2.0 sounds like it could be a ton of fun, I've always liked BTB in Halo and hearing that it is getting an overhaul along with the vehicle combat has me optimistic. Not to mention the fact that forge is likely going to be even better than it already is in Halo 5, and with the game being free 2 play and assuming it will have a custom games browser, that gives Infinite a lot more potential than people here are willing to admit.
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