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  1. I have no doubt that sprint will be in Infinite, that said I'm still going to be immensely disappointed when it's finally revealed...
  2. Interesting idea, I wonder how things such as the gun view models and FoV will work in theater mode, assuming someone changes their view model will the theater mode use the modified view model of the player or some kind of universal default?
  3. Well that works for 2v2 sure, but that wasn't what anyone here was really talking about. 4v4 Slayer has always had problems, Ironically even more so in CE than in some of the other titles, this is mostly because of the spawn system but that brings me on to another important point, we shouldn't force gamemodes to be similar just for the sake of it, 2v2 has suffered since H2 because of the focus on a more friendly spawn system for higher player counts, ideally 2v2 and 4v4 Slayer should have completely different spawn systems so that both can reach their potential independently instead of forcing some kind of 'unity' in the settings and essentially watering down both experiences. I never brought into the idea that we need unified settings (not that that's what you're arguing for, I understand where your post is coming from, just using your post as a stepping stone to make another point), If people can handle team snipers, swat, infection, invasion, warzone, etc. I'm sure they can deal with gamemodes being optimized for their respective playlist, imo 2v2, 4v4 and FFA should all play differently, e.g. weapon balance and damage is all the same but things like the spawn system, spawn points and weapon spawns/timers would all be optimized respectively.
  4. I mean if it has 2 flags is it even Slayer at that point? But besides that I do think that Team Slayer and FFA Slayer can be fixed whilst still retaining the main objective of 'Kill the other team to win' I don't think it has to be purely utility weapons only though as that seemingly circumvents the real problems, poor sandbox and map design, which has implications reaching far deeper than simple Slayer. That being said I also don't think utility only settings are a bad place to start. I don't belive Slayer has to be bad, and I'm interested in exploring ways to make it into an actual compelling gamemode, I don't imagine you guys would have stopped at utility weapons only if you had the option/freedom to actually change the things you dislike about the sandbox (or things beyond that for that matter), obviously Halo on console has never really had that kind of freedom to modify the games, and so the next best option would be to simply remove everything that is unfavorable to the gameplay, much like the Evolved Settings, and I imagine the Utility only settings too. There's many people here (and in the community in general) that have interesting idea's, and I'd like to see people put their idea's to the test instead of them being either something you 'believe' or something you don't. For many of us this is simply a hobby at the end of the day and shouldn't be taken as seriously as we sometimes take it, especially considering none of us really have the means to back up what we say, fully, yet. I'm hoping soon enough we can transition from talking about the same subjects in circles to actually testing and evolving our opinions on Halo.
  5. Would you not be interested in trying to 'fix' Slayer if you could, maybe even with the use of utility only settings?
  6. I'd be willing to try utility only customs on PC assuming you guys are willing to find a suitable Halo title to mod and truly make it feel the way you want it to, I haven't played my Xbox in a while now so there's probably no chance of me playing H5 or MCC on console again. I think a good place to start for utility only would be FFA instead of Team Slayer, mainly because Team Slayer has so many problems it might as well be completely redesigned at this point.
  7. To be honest I am interested in some of the idea's your side puts forth regarding Halo mechanics (despite being neg bombed for no reason at one point), but without being able to test them these conversations seems to devolve into arguments which just boil down to "just trust me bro, this is the way things are/should be, I can't prove it but trust me" which obviously neither side is willing to believe, and in all honesty, is genuinely difficult to know who exactly IS right. I'm all for idea's which could improve Halo's gameplay, that's why personally I'd like to see people test their idea's when we have the opportunity on PC, in a similar way to how we tested Evolved Settings, instead of engaging in fairly pointless arguments which aren't going to be settled until people can back up what they're saying with some kind of proof.
  8. Do us all a favor and block each other..
  9. Is this video yours? If so I saw 'How 343 Industries Has Affected Halo' was a pretty good video detailing good facts about 343. Video here for anyone who hasn't seen:
  10. I've thought about this before and I do think a momentum based movement system is the best way to go, the problem is there's no real way to test it until we can mod MCC on PC which I'm hoping will bring in a lot of fresh new ideas for the Halo formula and which will allow us to test things empirically instead basing things off of pure speculation, there's an absolute wealth of idea's that could be tested that we have never had the means of testing properly before. @Boyo I think your comment about how a momentum based movement system might feel 'unintuitive' overly simplifies the problem, not to mention the fact that momentum movement is already a thing in Halo (movement acceleration) although it has never been properly fleshed out I think it's the ideal solution to replacing sprint and returning to a more classic style of gameplay.
  11. Yep, saw the same GDC talk, he was talking about Halo 5 iirc. You can tell sprint is broken in Halo by the simple fact that they had to add other mechanics like stopping power in Halo 4 and 'de-sprint' and 'no shield recharge whilst sprinting' in Halo 5, all so that you can move a little bit faster than you could in past games, expect not really because they stretch the maps too so you don't get across them any faster than before... It doesn't take a genius to come up with a way to make players feel faster that doesn't require you to rework massive parts of an already well established formula or add a bunch of other mechanics just to 'balance' it. All that being said I still fully expect so see sprint in Halo Infinite at E3 tomorrow but I'm also not going to kid myself and act like I'm totally not buying the game.
  12. I have had the same thoughts in the past regarding autos being used to counter OS/Camo, much like how people use the AR in CE to reveal camo'd players, I think the SMGs bullet hose like nature would be a good fit for a counter-camo weapon, and the Plasma Rifle's ability to strip shields for a counter-OS weapon. I also like the thought of certain weapons being compatible with certain power-ups, like Sword-Camo or SupressedSMG-Camo etc.
  13. The main concern I have with button combos is how they will translate to PC, I can see macros for these button combos being a major problem, imagine being in a match where someone is hitting quad-shots 100% of the time, I would not be surprised in the slightest if this is a big issue in H2 on MCC PC when it finally arrives, thoughts?

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