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  1. The main concern I have with button combos is how they will translate to PC, I can see macros for these button combos being a major problem, imagine being in a match where someone is hitting quad-shots 100% of the time, I would not be surprised in the slightest if this is a big issue in H2 on MCC PC when it finally arrives, thoughts?
  2. This was the kind of Prometheans I wanted, think it's Halo 4 concept art, still disappointed they went with the Bionicle design.
  3. If sprint wasn't in the game they could have called it 'The power-walk' but we all know it will be in anyway.
  4. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-april-2019
  5. No no silly, noobs are supposed to dominate, that means the game takes loads of skill!
  6. Didn't they already do that with the Mammoth in the Halo 4 campaign, or do you mean specifically for multiplayer?
  7. Don't forget "ADAPT" used unironically by some of the worst players in the game.
  8. It hasn't been perfected yet.
  9. I take it you haven't been paying attention to the hype surrounding MCC PC?
  10. Discussions don't happen in the MCC thread, just lots of screaming...
  11. Pretty sure Lethul uses the rumble triggers too on the X1 controller.
  12. I can still hit the crazy headshots with snipe on mouse, and laser people across the map with the OP hitscan BR but up close battles are noticeable bad when trying to keep the aim on them, I don't have this problem on other games. I will still always play with vibration off, but I bet there's a cool way to implement it into games.
  13. I always thought vibration was just bad and made me panic in tricky situations, but this post has convinced me it could be used in interesting ways.
  14. Even mouse feels terrible on PC, it has some kind of input delay/lag, it's nowhere near as snappy as other games and you can noticeably feel the drag of the cross-hair.

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