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  1. Yeah that never made sense to me too, I always imagine a snapshot as being a quickscope rather than a no scope.
  2. The point is though that the community will always look at current players online as that is what affects their ability to find good quality matches the most, whereas devs will look at unique players per month/year because it gives them a good looking statistic for their dying game. There's a reason they removed the population counter you know...
  3. If I've learnt only one thing about 343 over the last 10 years, it is that anything Frank O'Connor claims is the opposite of the truth.
  4. Probably the correct move tbh, MCC is dead in the water at this point.
  5. I'm surprised you guys keep finding new ways to disappoint yourself.
  6. For sure, I tried to describe something similar here, the particularities of what I posted don't have to be exact but you kinda get the idea of the type of weapon I'm advocating for, I definitely feel that there's room for it in the sandbox.
  7. I've mentioned this before but Halo 5 is by no means a bad game, infact it's actually pretty good, but my expectations for what Halo should be definitely poisoned my experience with that game to the point that I didn't have fun playing it because it didn't meet those expectations. I've been critical of Infinite for it's graphics in the showcase but gameplay wise it actually looks like it has the potential to be pretty fun, which is really all you can ask for in a video game. If you're going into Infinite with some wild expectations and then end up inevitably disappointed, then that's really your own fault.
  8. 343 Industries and horrible management, name a more iconic duo...
  9. You should have seen the rabid fanboys in the Halo Discord that were in deep denial when I asked for proof of the build being months old.
  10. I'm glad there is backlash, but the post you linked has a mere 2.5k upvotes compared to the 30k upvotes of the one I linked, make no mistake people are in full on denial, I got piled on and called an idiot and a troll in the Halo discord for asking for proof of the "multiple month old build" claim, but they got a whole lot less mouthy and a lot more quiet when they started to realise I was right and that it seems the build shown is the most polished one available based on the info in the interview I linked. What really stood out to me was their desperation to write it off as a very old build despite any actual confirmation from 343, some even claimed it was from January because deep down even if you're the biggest fanboy, we all know it looked terrible for the flahship title of a next gen console, of which the main marketing point has been "power, power, power" and a game that has been in dev for 5 years with a supposed "$500 million" budget. What a disaster.
  11. Man, the wider community is in full on denial/damage control mode, insisting maniacally "It's just an old build, it's months old!" when there's absolutely no evidence to support that claim, their denial also seems to suggest that deep down they know it looks terrible and that they need to come up with some rationalisation for why it looks the way it does. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming months with there being only around 4 months left before the game launches... If there's one thing I've learnt about games over the years it's that the people who blindly defend unpolished games are the ones who end up doing the most harm to it in the long run by defending mediocrity and not forcing the dev to get their damn shit together, and that the idiots are always the loudest in the room prime example - https://old.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/hx1hlk/to_everyone_complaining_about_the_graphics/ Also this interview seems to imply that what we saw was the most polished version of the game they had and that the rest of the game looks even worse, but lol "iTs JuSt An oLd BUiLd! https://www.343industries.com/news/articles/employee-spotlight-ani-shastry
  12. As long as they're not on grenades I'm completely fine with them, but a toggle option to turn them off would be nice.
  13. Looks like all those rumors about development hell were absolutely right.
  14. This dude singlehandedly fixed the problems with the graphics in Infinite, really puts into perspective how underbaked the original looks.
  15. Hmm, so it turns out Infinite IS a Megabloks game afterall...
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