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  1. It's hard to be hyped when the future of the franchise is still up in the air.
  2. Let's not confuse the idea that we have a better chance (no guarantee ofc) of Halo Infinite playing like one of the original 3 games, or at least not having sprint if we have a pro team, with an "infatuation". Unless you believe perhaps we have a better chance of getting that without a pro team? In all honesty though I wish 343 would just come out and say whether this game is going to have sprint or not so I can know whether or not to even waste my time talking about it.
  3. This got me thinking about the fact they're putting a new pro team together, maybe they will actually listen to them this time? I don't really see any good arguments against going back to the classic gameplay formula at this point, the 2 main ones I see on r/Halo (which makes me want to rip my hair out) are "you're just nostalgic!" or "if you want the old gameplay just play MCC", well pretty fast you can disprove the first one by just hopping on MCC and seeing, Oh, I STILL like the original trilogy more than any of the titles that came after, and as for the second argument, could I not just use the same logic against them? "You want Halo Infinite to be like Halo 5? Well why don't you just go play Halo 5 then!?" not to mention this argument works even better in my favor since Halo 5 was the most recent title in the series. To be honest, I don't know where these people even came from, why is it now taboo (on r/Halo at least, which don't be fooled, isn't even close to being the majority of overall Halo fans) to suggest that Halo should go back to a formula that was tried and proven and doesn't have the glaring flaws that the newer titles have? Yes, the original trilogy wasn't perfect, but isn't that all the more reason to go back and make it even better than it ever was? IMHO Halo has so much untapped potential, more so than any other franchise, it could be as competitive as Counter-Strike and as casual as Fortnite, but instead here we are pandering to people who wouldn't even stick around if it wasn't for all the extra gimmicks, doesn't Halo deserve better than this? It's honestly depressing to think about. Speaking of Fortnite, that game has also proven that you don't need to make your game as accessible as possible (as if Halo ever had a problem with accessibility to begin with) for it to still be the biggest shooter in the world currently. As for sprint, I don't see why we can't just increase the base movement speed a bit and add a FoV slider, would this not appease both the sprint and no sprint crowd? Anyway sorry for the rant, just getting reeeeal bored of some of the dumb shit I see on r/Halo.
  4. Yes, because Halo, one of the most accessible shooters to ever exist, was never actually accessible until they added sprint to it. TheMoreYouKnow.
  5. It's as if disappointment comes from expectations.
  6. Imagine being surprised about micro transactions in 2018
  7. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/M6D_Personal_Defense_Weapon_System Get lore'd nerd!
  8. Your argument for a 1.2 second kill time is based on how Halo 5 plays without sprint and thrust but forgets to take into account the ease of use of the magnum and how stretched out maps are in H5, if the utility weapon were to actually become a 4sk projectile-low magnetism-single fire and sprint were to be removed therefore making the maps smaller, and then increase the BMS on top of all of that, then a 1.2 second kill time may very well present some problems with escapability. Obviously this stuff isn't very straight forward to test and I'm not throwing out everything you brought up, but I do think there's a lot of other factors that need to be taken into account. Personally I think a 4sk CE magnum would be ideal for Halo, I know CE players would rather it just be 3sk but if we're gonna be real that's never going to happen again, and considering how bad some of the starting weapons have been in the past I think a 4sk CE magnum with a 0.9 ttk would be more than fine. Also give players an option to choose the model of their utility weapon so we don't have to hear that stupid "why is the pistol the starting weapon" argument again.
  9. Video by LevelCap Imho Halo has more potential than any other franchise that I've ever played or seen, and even at its peak never reached its true potential, I just want at least some of that potential to be actualized. It's time for 343 to stop pandering to the hypothetical crowd of millions of unknown and unheard gamers that wont play the game unless it has gameplay mechanics from other games, and start doubling down on the gameplay that is already tried and true.
  10. Agreed, I'll wait till 2020 if it means we get a good Halo, but if I do all that waiting and it's still bad... Well time will tell.
  11. No shit, which is why I find it amazing that whilst I can find something completely ugly, someone else can think it's the best thing ever, I never said there was anything wrong with that, their opinion is as valid as mine. I just said it amazes me. Never said people can't enjoy things, nice try though.
  12. I'm amazed that people actually like the ugly ass Halo 4 armor.
  13. I am whelmed. But hopefully don't have to wait too long for more info.

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