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  1. The more people that leave that clearly don't have a passion for the franchise the better.
  2. Honestly they always reminded me of horse hooves..
  3. I honestly don't know why I still come to this thread.
  4. Maybe if the console scene is currently so weak that this is all that it would take to finish it off, we should pave way for the PC scene? Personally I think the game should be played on PC at tournaments anyway even if that means there's controller only tournaments where they plug their controller into a PC, at least that way we can possibly have real LAN instead of whatever this fake Xbox One 'LAN' is, not to mention the added competitive benefit of higher frame rates and FoV's. I anticipate that with Halo Infinite is where Microsoft will fully embrace cross play, at which point I imagine the console and PC scene will merge with controller players playing against mouse and keyboard players much like Apex Legends, and judging by how well Snip3down is doing in that game I think it's going to be very interesting so see how this plays out in Halo, maybe not as clear cut as people would think. I think console players need to get rid of their anxiety about playing against PC players, I switched to PC a few years ago and trust me when I say the average PC player is terrible.
  5. If Halo is going to revolutionize anything again it will be on PC, I honestly think a big reason Halo has gone down the terrible path it has is because it was locked to Xbox.
  6. I don't remember saying it would? Yeah, thought it was interesting to see more people of prominence speaking up about it, and people like Greenskull who have seemingly changed their minds on the matter, I still don't doubt that Infinite will have sprint though, sadly.
  7. Naded fighting the good fight on twitter
  8. Both sprint and random spread are garbage mechanics for Halo so in my mind I have 2 options in this scenario 1. Sprint is in the game, in which case I would advocate for its removal (we've seen how well that's gone so far...) but at which point the game has already been designed and made with sprint in mind so now I'm only really left with the option of playing forge maps without sprint and that's about as good as it's going to get for me with a game that is designed around sprint. 2. Spread is in the game, in which case I advocate for it's removal (as I will do when Halo 3 comes to PC, and I imagine will a hell of a lot more success than we've had with sprint considering PC players don't put up with BS) in the mean time I can play on modded servers that the community has made that have 0 spread with a sandbox and maps that weren't designed with sprint in mind, also throw in any forge maps too while you're at it. I understand that sprint being a 'garbage' mechanic isn't an objective fact, and that you very well could make the claim that spread is objectively bad because of its RNG nature, and I would agree with you, but let's not pretend that it's completely inconceivable that a scenario could occur where spread would be favorable over sprint despite it being objectively bad. I've been advocating for the removal of sprint since it was introduced as a base mechanic in Halo 4, and if you told me that we could get rid of it forever in exchange for a mechanic that, unlike sprint, with enough community outrage would have a decent likelihood of being removed from the game without it having huge game breaking implication for the rest of the core game, and in a worst case scenario, could be removed in about 5 minutes by the modding community allowing people to enjoy the entire core game on hosted servers instead of just forge maps, then YES I'm going to favor spread over sprint 100 out of 100 times. Of course I only speak for myself when I say all of this, and I appreciate that it's totally possible that someone else could prefer the sprint root because that's just their preference or it suites their oddly specific point of view, but that really highlights what this all comes down to, preference. The sooner we stop acting like our preferences are facts just because they contain things that you could argue as objective, the smoother these kind of discussions will go in the future.
  9. Removing spread on PC with mods is literally a 5 minute job, recreating an entire game to work without sprint when it has been designed for sprint is a nightmare.
  10. Fixing random bullet spread post launch is infinitely easier than fixing everything sprint does to the game.
  11. Tbh I've never really put any thought into the idea of ricochet in Halo before now but the more I think about it and how it would be implemented into Halo the more incoherent it starts to sound, and if CS can function without ricochet then I think it's safe to say friendly fire isn't inherently a bad mechanic. Feel free to prove otherwise though, but let's just say I'm going to take my chances with the CS community on this one over the opinions of a few forum users, no offence intended.
  12. I don't necessarily mind the idea of ricochet but I would want to see it tested properly before we jump the gun and implement it based on possibly wonky logic.

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