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  1. It's rich coming from a Counter Strike player, literally Zzzzzzz...
  2. At least people will finally have the chance to decide for themselves, maybe this can finally put an end to the sprint debate? Optimistic I know.
  3. Welcome back to Team Beyond, home of salt.
  4. And I explained how their entitlement and selfishness isn't justified, and you made arguments that either had no relevance or strengthened my stance. Consider me confused... Also did you just unironically link a HaloFollower video? Very confused...
  5. From what I can tell nothing you have said really contradicts the points I made in my original post, which is leaving me a bit confused as to what your stance is, but let's not forget how much of a mess MCC was at launch, I wouldn't be too quick to claim people who didn't want any part of that entire mess aren't true Halo fans. Also I'm almost positive that games that were made for the Xbox 360 aren't going to be running above 60 FPS anytime soon, if people are expecting otherwise then as I said before, they are in for disappointment. Edit: Didn't catch your ninja edit in the post. "4. An Xbox player isn’t going to care what pc fans get, if they don’t get anything it’ll be a bit annoying." So Xbox players, who have had every Halo on their platform for the last 18 years will be 'a bit annoyed' if PC players, who haven't had an FPS Halo title on the PC platform (excluding H5 Forge) since Halo 2 Vista, get a port of MCC in 2019? ...Hmm... Remember what I said about entitlement? Forgive me if I have no tears to shed for that kind of mentality. Everything you have stated seems to either have no relevance to the arguments I've made or in this case, strengthen the arguments I was putting forth. So forgive me if I ask, what exactly is your point?
  6. I'm genuinely not sure who you are directing your comment at here, but assuming it's me, what makes you think I don't have an Xbox and chose to get a PS4 instead? Not sure where I implied that, but then again you might be making a general statement that isn't necessarily directed at me. Why is it selfish for me, or any PC gamer for that matter, who now plays PC despite buying every Xbox and Halo, to want it to be on a platform which would only benefit the franchise and help it regrow? Also the idea that someone is a 'True' Halo fan just because they brought the latest Halo and Xbox is flat out wrong, as far as the majority of 'Halo' fans are concerned the original trilogy is 'True Halo' proven by the fact that as soon as they deviated from the formula established in the OG trilogy, the franchise took a very steep decline. Also if you are expecting MCC to have uncapped FPS you are setting yourself up for disappointment, but I would bet Infinite will have it, or at least SHOULD.
  7. When will Xbox Halo players learn that the MCC PC port, assuming it exists, isn't for them. The amount of posts I've already seen on r/Halo (There's the problem...) stating that they hope the MCC news isn't 'just a PC port' is mind mindbogglingly selfish. There are thousands of Halo fans on PC that have been begging to play the rest of the trilogy on PC since 2007, and thousands upon thousands that have migrated to PC since Halo started to decline on console, the amount of entitlement I see from that particular community is absurd, this is the same community that demands Halo Infinite play like Halo 5, have sprint/other gimmicks, etc. without realizing they are the vast minority of overall Halo fans, meanwhile the remainder of the hardcore community are here begging to get their voices heard by 343. The main thing I hope that comes from MCC PC is a massive resurgence of oldschool Halo players that make their wants for the future of the franchise known, and drown out the bumbling buffoonery that is r/Halo.
  8. https://wccftech.com/halo-infinite-delays-halo-5-5-considered/ https://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-considered-ending-the-halo-series-after-/1100-6465190/ 'She recalled pitching the idea for an internal Halo development studio, and the reaction wasn't entirely positive. Ross said she remembers then-Xbox boss Shane Kim advising against it. He warned her that people at Microsoft might try to convince her to do things with the franchise that aren't right for it. Another former Xbox boss, Robbie Bach, also said it might not be a smart move to continue the Halo series with Bungie out of the picture, Ross said.' This makes me question Bonnie's motives a lot, She always did seem questionable though...
  9. I wish there was someway to communicate with teammates other than screaming at the screen and then rage quitting, oh wait.
  10. I don't see how this has any relevance to the argument I made, I never said the teammates weren't terrible, and it isn't so much an ethical choice as it is a more of a question of 'do I want to get better at the game or not?' As I said before, I can't think of a situation (barring the match being unplayable due to lag or some other issue) where rage quitting the match is going to get you closer to that goal. I don't make the ethical case because I am guilty of rage quitting matches along with having flaws in my gameplay, and will probably be guilty in the future too, but I also know that I'm not doing myself any favors by doing that and certainly not helping myself to get better at the game, self reflection is a hard thing to do but I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up this guys ass about how if it wasn't for his stupid team he would have won the match, because to be blunt, that's pure bullshit, as proof from his own flawed gameplay (not calling out).
  11. You know what would have also solved that problem super easily instead of screaming at the screen and rage quitting? Simply saying into the mic 'Hey X, the flag is behind you, cap it' it's incredibly easy to see what other people could be doing to be better and what they're doing wrong, but we rarely use that skill on ourselves to better our own performance, I include myself in this group because I'm guilty of not using a mic, and also rage quitting too, but I can't think of a single instance where rage quitting from the match is the correct answer (assuming you're trying to better your performance or improve your skill in a game or sport, unless we bring up things like lag which aren't relevant to this particular clip.)
  12. To be completely fair if you're not calling out you can't really complain about teammates, people aren't psychic, even the best players get caught up in the heat of battle.

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