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  1. I feel like lunge also kills all potential for interesting close range battles, just look at Halo 3 AR battles as an example, where the main strategy is to run at the enemy in a straight line whilst holding down the trigger and then meleeing each other for a trade when within lunge distance. I can't think of anything more braindead than that... I'd like to see people able to crouch under and jump over a melee without without being fucked over by copious amounts of lunge, everyone has had that moment online where the other player has superman lunged at them from a ridiculous distance and I'd like to see that BS completely gone.
  2. I'm kinda getting bored of seeing the same old faces win every time, I hope m&kb is actually viable in Infinite so we can get some new blood into this stagnant scene.
  3. I've been saying this ever since MCC PC was announced. They implemented random spread to nerf the range of the BR after H2 but imo projectile alone achieves this goal just fine, and as far as I'm concerned if a player manages to lead their shots well enough and 4 shot someone across the map they fully deserve that kill and the other player fully deserves to die for being out of position. Random spread has no place in Halo.
  4. Here's a crazy idea, remove all spread. No one wants spread on a fuckin' mouse and I give 0 shits whether it's ''ExAcTlY aS yOu ReMeMbEr'' or not.
  5. Didn't you guys just reduce aim assist in your gold pro settings though..? Also I have no problem with aim assist existing, it's just the amount of aim assist which is the problem, let's not pretend like you need to be a pro player with 15+ years of experience just to get a 5sk with the DMR. I haven't played on a controller in years but I'm considering plugging one in just to prove that 5sk on a controller really isn't that difficult. I think it's best we get this debate settled as soon as possible and really it's a good thing that Reach is giving us this opportunity before Infinite launches, because if it launches with the same balance as Reach, competitive Infinite on PC will be DOA.
  6. Let me clarify, yes he lacks game knowledge and he admitted this but that wasn't the reason he hated the game, he hated the game because he knew no matter how good he got he was always going to be at a significant disadvantage when it came to simple 1v1 gun battles, that's why mentioning the tired old cliches "He's playing against pros!" and "He lacks game knowledge!" are completely irrelevant when the real issue is that he can't even win basic 1v1s against controller users.
  7. Irrelevant, as he stated many times before his issue isn't with his lack of game knowledge, it's with that fact that in a straight up 1v1 at any area on the map he will lose to controller players a majority of the time because of the generous amount of aim assist that Reach has. I'm not sure why all of a sudden people are pretending like Reach doesn't have excessive aim assist when it has literally always been that way, and it probably also doesn't help that the aim assist on DMR was made with bloom in mind and never intended to be balanced for no bloom.
  8. I mean I'm having fun at times too but I'm also not going to pretend like this isn't the game that started the decline of the entire franchise.
  9. I'm using 100 currently, may bump it up to 105-110 but definitely wouldn't recommend anything higher than that, makes hitting targets harder. I hope they fix the giant view-models for the centered crosshair too.
  10. I tuned in to XQC as he's currently the top viewed person playing the game, literally the first words I hear out of his mouth are "HOLY SHIT THE INPUT LAG IS INSANE" ...Uh oh... Edit: Just saw he had Vsync on, hopefully it was that...
  11. If it meant we could mod weapons, yes, but I also don't see why we can't do both.
  12. Must have missed that post, thanks for the response. I'm interested in helping in any way I can once things get moving.
  13. Sorry to derail the thread slightly, here is the context for why I mentioned shotguns.

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