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  1. The Twitter does look fishy, you never really see them actually tweeting the people that win the prices either.
  2. Could anybody explain to me what happened between moneymatches and franktheshow? I went on the moneymatches Twitter and it just looks like they giveaway shit, thanks
  3. Finally done. http://imgur.com/4EUny1a
  4. I kinda liked what they have done with the beginning to ease newcomers into dark souls and it helped me a lot because when I have breaks from dark souls/ bloodborne I tend to rush bosses and get destroyed so that nice learning curve at the beginning is nice. This game defiantly is what dark souls 2 should of been and I can see this being game of the year
  5. Take lessons from floyd cubanex this is the correct way to say it and not be a complete dick about it.
  6. I really hope 343i add protect and ban into halo 6 but they need to make it faster because currently it takes 5-10 minute setting up protects and bans on cod black ops 3 so to put it into prospective you spend nearly a full game setting up the protects and bans. They could delay that time tenfold by just simply letting one team pick protects together and the the other team instead of letting each individual player pick within a 30 second window.
  7. We need to start #cut4eg #cut4renegades until they give us losers bracket Edit: joking before anybody actually takes this serious
  8. Thank god epsilon have made it through or I'd be losing all interest if eg lose to clg I know salty fan boy
  9. I wish mlg sold the final boss hoodie again I want one so bad, if anybody is going to HWC and wants to get me one I'll pay for it plus more and I'll upvote every post you make for life.
  10. You'd have to have nandos and crumpits before you're allowed to say cheeky banter.
  11. Anybody still play this? If you do add me my rsn is tomorrow
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