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  1. Anyone else confused by this tweet? "These won't be drawn live" "we will be drawing the... groups live"
  2. Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of Halo 2 being the best Halo game of all time
  3. https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/27727220864-offset-19662.mp4
  4. This is pretty embarrassing. These are the most important matches. Pretty much all of them are getting restarted.
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-talks-xbox-one-keyboard-and-mouse-suppor/1100-6456853/
  6. I wonder how Splyce not taking scrims seriously will affect their performance on LAN
  7. The stream like glitched out 4 times for anyone else? Like video freezes/sound stalls for a half second
  8. I feel like this weekend the casters have been more reliant on the "They're down 2 kills. Now it's a 1 kill game!" type commentary. It's ok to fall back on it sometimes; but it's been over the top this weekend. We can see the score on the screen, it doesn't need to be read out to us kill by kill.
  9. Yeah Renegades vs Fyra was missed, and Infused vs Fyra at the end of the day was missed. Disappointing, but only 2 'big important' matches missed? That's way better than before. Remember last event when we missed OpTic vs Liquid, the WINNERS SEMIS match? That wasn't on stream at all? Yeah.
  10. Top 8 Teams: - Splyce (Winners) - EnVy (Winners) - OpTic - Reciprocity - Fyra - Renegades - Oxygen Supremacy - Str8 Rippin 9th place: - Infused - Tilted Towers - Fable - Vexed 13th place: - Wise Gaming - Mentality - Mindfreak - Wisefrag 17th place: - Cutting Edge - Myztro - Usual Suspects - The Swindle Squad
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