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  1. To people questioning whether it's easy to watch/follow Overwatch gameplay. Haven't you ever run into people who don't watch traditional sports? Then if they try to they have a ton of questions about what's going on. I know Football especially gets this.
  2. "Halo without Roy Sprint is not something I want to experience." U wot m8?
  3. But if stats don't matter how can rationalize why Shooter should be dropped?
  4. Ya'll are overthinking it. Turn off Warzone teams into FFA. 1 life. Boom. Halo Battle Royale.
  5. Reflection is an Ivory Tower remake and I will not have you besmirch its good name.
  6. We need a TO announcement soon. This place is falling into argument hell.
  7. At least they stopped calling it "Winnerviews". Man that was awful.
  8. HEY THAT'S MY THING Imma post it anyways T R A D I T I O N
  9. Yea the word 'retire' just doesn't hold the same weight anymore when the players keep unretiring a few months later.
  10. I feel like I would like clamber more if maps weren't built specifically with jumps that force you to use it
  11. With MLG coming back, are radar changes really off the table?
  12. Good luck in CoD Huke. Was a pleasure to watch you dominate in Halo.

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