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  1. "A new chapter begins in 2018. Learn more tomorrow at 11AM PST. #HaloWC #HCS" g-L-m Edit*
  2. Out of all the things E6 has done, this is the deal breaker?
  3. I know there were farmers out there; but the best time was having a group of 10-12 players and just searching Warzone Assault for fun. Even pros did searches with subs/viewers, which was great. Having a 6 party max got rid of the farmers; but also ruined the playlist.
  4. Not if they finish Grand Finals in the next 36 minutes. They're in central timezone. Edit* Damn, they got to Game 3. But Championship Monday is real.
  5. I've been running around non-stop, didn't have time to make the beard look good today
  6. Just talked to Puckett for like 10seconds as we were both running around. He told me to tell you guys "What's up".
  7. When you finally accept that MLG isnt gonna be thew new TO
  8. 3 maps > 3 gametypes. Especially with all 3 maps being all amazing. Lockout, Shrine, and Warlord. Being able to watch CTF, Assault, Oddball, KOTH, or Slayer never made the viewing experience boring to me.
  9. Despite the broken game, I still consider every HCS season of H2A to have been better than every HCS season of H5 so far. Especially Season 1 where we had multiple event winners in CLG to Denial to EG. Then the crazy Losers Finals match between Noble Black and CLG.
  10. I mean, think about what would Gears viewership be at if they didnt have MLG and a Developer that listens and great production quality.
  11. It's still Gears of War. Despite everything; it's still not as popular as Halo. And probably never will be. This is not the fault of MLG though.
  12. Saturday, that's only Twitch numbers, there's also Mixer and MLG.tv numbers, Hmm. Also the production has been Tier 1. Short down-times, jumping into off-stream matches. No tech issues. Has a Bravo stream.
  13. Well fucking rip to console PUBG. First Destiny 2, now PUBG. How much can I get for selling my Xbox One?
  14. You just reminded me how MLG changed their logo to some generic garbage. ughh

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