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  1. TCM vs Team Vibe EGL Grand FInals btw. Coming up soon on www.twitch.tv/egl
  2. With Noble Black's poor showing, you gotta think. What if EVL hadn't given up and gone to G4G? They were only 225 points behind NB.
  3. What's strange is Optic can't move up in the rankings even if they win it all. EG, Denial, CLG minimum 400 points if they get 6th (lowest possible) Optic gets 3000 with an event win. They can't catch any of them. So Optic is only playing for money now. *Edit* Actually, if EG got 6th, Optic could overtake them by 10 points. But doesn't look to be going that way as of now.
  4. CLG had a 4-3 flag lead. Slayer was 40-40. CLG was up big 60+ sec, and 30 sec with a min left. Optic just closed all 3 games better. Time for a losers bracket run CLG!
  5. Reality Check beat Noble Black. This is the darkest timeline.
  6. Heinz kept saying they are a LAN team. To not stress the online cups. He was right.
  7. I'm so ready for these Pro Tips. I'll be fragging like a pro in no time.
  8. T2 gonna be casting the CLG vs NB series. Oh man.
  9. I want nothing but listen-ins for this EG vs Reality Check series
  10. Complain all you want about the H4 banshee spree vid, but that Halo 3 Montage was awesome!
  11. How is the Europe wild card team thing gonna work for Pax East? Will they be facing off against the 8th seed for their spot or something?
  12. Noble Black. Even though CLG evens or dominates scrims with them, they've lost 3 straight cups to them. And because they're a top 5 seeded 8/9 because they formed late, CLG is gettin low finishes because of facing them early. They've consistently been saying they're better LAN, and they've been scrimming more and they do look better. But I think Noble Black is just in CLG's head right now.
  13. You responded to the guy saying "during the hcs on sunday" with "also that night".
  14. Duuude, that CLG vs Denial Lockout TS comeback was awesome though. Yes it's slower; but it's different than other map TS' and is good to see the strategies of each team every once in a while.
  15. Not a win. The maps are built with sprint in mind. So they're large. Take away sprint and the maps become even bigger.
  16. I mean, they could've just raised it up and added the basements. All the the hard parts of the map seemed to be done.
  17. They did make Beaver Creek. It was shown in the Halo 2 Anniversary Forge premiere video. Would LOVE to know where that is.
  18. Coby's answer: https://twitter.com/Cobys2Swift/status/560205929698717696
  19. "Something just occurred our back shotgun" - Ogre2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYM7d6ONLh8

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