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  1. Pro bracket for today is live https://www.faceit.com/en/championship/eca28dcc-5265-4e68-9a4c-e5135f26c5ad/NA HCS Pro Series 1-20/standings/column
  2. The fine amounts should be public just like traditional sports. Also, the over-punishment amount to set an example is a classic move by league owners of said traditional sports.
  3. dead ass were in 2022 with people thinking scrim wins/losses mean anything at all
  4. Today's open bracket https://www.faceit.com/en/championship/801e2c7e-5b0b-4af8-acdc-efea72ee29be/NA HCS Open Series 1-9/standings/column Not sure why G2 is on here, but not OpTic. As both teams placed 9th in the pro bracket this week. *Edit* I guess it was due to points. Idk why this info is so confusing and hidden.
  5. That sounds like a nightmare. The amount of time and money having to spend 2+ weeks away is super not worth it unless it's for a Champs/Worlds.
  6. BBG knocks out KCP, out at 7th. SSG knocks out OpTic, out at 9th.
  7. Today's bracket is live https://www.faceit.com/en/championship/61acb4ff-4791-4279-9b56-4d4f12c9cc5d/NA HCS Pro Series 1-6/standings/column OpTic vs Sentinels round 2. Of course
  8. In some ways I do think the Halo community can be the most negative/toxic. And that'd be towards calling out the developer. 343. The community is very open and accepting and even rewards bashing of 343 with positive feedback. Not to say it isn't warranted, as the Halo community has been kicked, lied to, and let down for over a decade now. But, as far as toxic community towards other players of the game, twitch streamers, or pro players? I don't think Halo is very high on that list. I've worked in multiple game scenes at this point, and most of the negative stuff from Halo players is ribbing. It's an older community compared to other scenes, so the playerbase is a lot more chill about poking fun at each other. From personal experience, I'd say the Overwatch scene is by far the most toxic community I've ever interacted with, but there are several others that are up there too. Halo community has also (from what we know) done a hell of a lot better job of having less predators, kicking out abusers, etc than other scenes (Looking at you Smash Bros, and again Overwatch). Also I agree with Snipe Three above regarding racists, bigots, etc. That shit gets called out and put on blast by players and pros. It's far far less frequent than in scenes like TF2, CSGO, and again, Overwatch. I think Snip3down is probably just missing the Apex community, as it's still a very new and very positive scene overall that is getting a lot of positive support from their developer as well.
  9. Fixed Also the 8 Open Teams that made the Pro Bracket this week (starts Thursday)
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