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  1. I definitely do this. But with the rate of posts here if I'm not checking the site at least twice a day it becomes a huge burden to catch up, even while skipping the posts I'm not interested in. There is clearly enough content in H5 to warrant subtopics. New users and people like me who check the forum once or twice a week have no way to digest what is going on with the game.
  2. I can't stand how this forum is organized anymore. I work. I don't have time to read two dudes arguing about their space barbies for three pages just to be up to date on the game. Can't there be a H5G: Req thread, H5G: Aiming/Mechanics thread, and a H5G: State of the game thread (patches and current issues or something). Sticky a few of the big topics so they don't get lost. I'd get hours of my life back.
  3. Had the other teams game chat coming through my speakers in H2A
  4. just got a 3v3 game on shrine. Was great until it black screened after the game....Nice getting another 3v3
  5. /check h2 anniversary thread /check twitch "pacmaynes streaming great" /check Twitter /check download progress /check h2 anniversary thread /check out halo channel /check twitch "shit now gandhis streaming /check halo 5 beta thread /close halo 5 beta thread /check Twitter /explodes
  6. You have some serious forging skills chunk. The jumps, height variations, and angles are all brilliant. Also really appreciated the video Zandril
  7. Would any of you experienced forgers consider streaming your forge sessions in the future?
  8. -Lacks direction -Hard to get past grammatical errors -Keep working at it though
  9. bump...was hoping for some feedback but never got any. I was thinking about making a new map for fun but want to know what i need to clean up in my forging before I go ahead.
  10. https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/statuses/429798115244507136
  11. Final Boss plays round 5 next http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/ against fear
  12. Here is my map. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/h%20n%20f%20r%20mangos/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=be237ca4-6310-413e-a4ab-603ddf2b4450 Drives me crazy how the pieces move just a bit after saving, that water should be a straight line. Anyway this is the sewer/rocket spawn. Blue team spawn. Left of picture and point from where the shot taken are entrances to the sewer room. Right of picture leads to Atrium. Red team spawn. Kind of want to change up this hallway. Back left in this image leads to cave room. Level above last image on red side. Right of image leads to top Gold as well as a drop down area into red spawn. Entrance to cave room from sewer. Cave room. Left into sewer. Right leads up to red spawn. Straight ahead are a low and high entrance into Blue Atrium. A Sniper spawns down here. Blue Atrium looking into blue spawn. Top Gold. A ramped hallway connecting blue atrium to top red. I see this as being the power position. I feel like they are a few changes that could vastly improve the map but I'm not sure yet. I think there are some things aesthetically that could be improved (lights, those light things people put in walls, making the rock pieces fit together more naturally). I don't know anything about setting up spawns other than I put near 40 of them in into what i thought of as covered corners. Weapon placements could likely be improved as well but I do want them on bottom away from top gold. Anyway let me know what you think. This is the second map I've completed and I think it's an improvement over my first attempt.
  13. 1) Source that he is gametester2) There is no way his hiring could ever be a bad thing. Yes I get the argument but the "pro testers" and KF et all are a little more competent than you give them credit for... 3) Literally just regurgitated somehing we have all read before. 4) Try posting in bullet points next time. Maybe it will help you get your point across faster.
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