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  1. I texted @@Chig not too long ago saying how he was probably better off getting away from competitive halo when he did lol. Can't image being in the position FS is right now
  2. Anyone else think the sudds playing under the final boss named cursed them into getting first rounded?
  3. I understand and thanks for doing this for everyone! Everyone makes mistakes lol, and everyone has the right to post dank memes making fun of peoples mistakes B) Edit: Also I blame Lethul for actually making me believe EG might have crumbled right before the roster lock
  4. You're right thanks for understanding lol some people on here are less mature
  5. Or you could just explain that the ladder rosters are different?
  6. you're right, my bad. Why would the ladder rosters be different?
  7. @@Batchford was 14-0 vs OneGaming in the UK qualifier and then died :'(
  8. Something tells me @@LethuL knew this was all going to happen
  9. I wonder if he means both last chance to qualify and also last chance to be on Optic. Can't be happy with his Optic Halo squad as a whole right now
  10. Shows how crazy everything has been lately that this tweet by Ninja was/is 100% necessary
  11. Now imagine if a player really contracts an STD from another players gf? keep the drama comming edit: cmon I wasnt being serious
  12. @@LenoxCG I have a question that im sure is on everyones mind, are the rosters for XGames pre-Lethul Hurricane or post-Lethul Hurricane?

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