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  1. If my memory serves me right AGL1, and AGL 2 were both 10k events. with first place being 7500. after that the pools fluctuated were one event had a major spike in money then the next event having less.
  2. GOOD GOD how did he post this in time with only 5% battery. He's a mad man
  3. Halo World Championship 2018 Teams, Seeds and Sudds Fighting #weback
  4. the production of the OWL was amazing. The game itself was just all over the place. I felt myself watching the kill feed exclusively to understand what was exactly going on.
  5. Went to buy a beyond hoodie to celebrate. didn't load...........feelsadman
  6. Im calling old teammates and friends. its like Christmas morning when i got my first n64
  7. I'm obviously in the latter here, but maybe just maybe this TO announcement will be great and we will have a good 2018 year for halo. a man can dream cant he
  8. Completely OT. But i was streaming Escape From Tarkov, and out of the blue someone from their PR team hopped into my stream and chatted, discussed the game, its future, as well as gave me some tips (im a noob :/) . Not going to lie it was a breathe of fresh air. It was very surprising to see you dont really get that kind of interaction with developers now a days
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