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  1. I'm trying to save halo You're trying to kill it by supporting shit gameplay And I'm the one shitposting? Mmmmmmmmmkkkkkkay That cat though
  2. I can't get away with playing evolved settings on my 55 plasma. I can't consistently hit shots Which is good because you shouldn't be able to lol. On default it makes little difference though because it's sooooo slow.
  3. I can't get over how unfathomable slow and clunky default h5 feels compared to evolved. Default feelings like babies' training wheels. Boggles my mind that someone can call themselves a competitive halo player and not want to drop default.
  4. I feel like that one response got so blown out of proportion. People were trying to defend you but really they were just making it worse by blowing up my notification box about it every day and continually bringing it back up. I should have let it go though. My bad.
  5. Ah, shit I'm sorry Il stop bugging you guys about stuff. It's not funny anymore.
  6. It's not "still going on" We established long ago that grabbing a power cord before you go to bed out of your child's room is a hurculean task that no reasonable parent could ever hope to accomplish.
  7. Why do people quote posts from weeks ago all the time in this thread? I get the dumbest notifications from this thread.
  8. That's not really the issue. The issue is that it's a little overpowering for how easy it is to pull off.
  9. Teapot you're mixing up the thrust bump and the thrust during fights arguments lol
  10. 80 degree FOV, inaudible game sound and no communication doesn't give me enough situational info to enjoy myself. Team comms is your radar. But if you don't have that then there's an info gap. This is why FFA has always had radar.
  11. Not sure why you keep doing it when your arguments are so piss poor that they weaken the case for everyone in favor of that mechanic. I like thrust lol. Your wording was just so shit though that you somehow managed to make me argue against you.
  12. You always have access to strafing... And strafing requires multiple inputs not just one.
  13. You thrust and bump off and up things and fling into the air.
  14. Sounds like pretty bad game design if the player cannot win a battle if he does not have access to a button press ability. I'm pretty on the fence when it comes to thrust but when you say things like what you just said it makes the mechanic sound terrible.
  15. The settings are not there to make the most competitive version of H5. There meant to make a version of H5 that actually uses the pillars that were established by the original trilogy. Given that the original trilogy was inherently more skill based and competitive(don't argue this, I don't care. You're wrong) than H5, comp H5 players should support these settings. Unfortunately most comp Halo players are long gone and those who are left are obviously the ones that are ok with what they currently have. Which is why these settings shouldn't be aimed solely at the H5 comp playerbase.
  16. Except, it is. Usually I play H5 in my living room with either no headset or the little chat one that came with the xbox. I don't talk to randoms because they're dumb fucks. People are slide boosting and bump fucking the map all over the place. I actually like that the default lists have radar on. I'd love for there to be a super competitive list without radar for when I want to actually try but that's a different story. Most of the time I prefer radar on because most of the time im just trying to relax. I'm going to assume there are more people out there in my situation than there are peopl out there locked away in their hyberbaric Halo chamber with their astros on craving no radar as default. I even prefer radar to be on in our custom lobbies because 3/4 of the time we're playing on a map i've never played and people are just talking, not calling out.
  17. I didn't mean just thrust bumping. I mean all of it combined. Obviously the meta will change. The question is whether or not that change is for the better. Personally I think the movement meta has just become overkill at this point. People have taken the swish cheese and smashed it into a million pieces.
  18. There is tons of data that suggests the VAST majority of Halo players prefer playing with radar enabled. Hell I even remember Shishka talking about veto stats in the team throwback list in H3(featured both radar and no radar variants) and how the the radar enabled gametypes were obliterating the no radar gametypes. Evolved settings are yes going to be niche by their nature but that's even more of a reason to keep it's appeal as wide as possible.
  19. I assumed that is who we are targeting though. Pretty much everyone involved in any way with these settings seems to have the firm belief that the majority of the overall halo playerbase would enjoy sprintless, abilityless Halo. This isn't supposed to be niche.
  20. It's not an attempt to impress you. It's an attempt to show you that your assumption that people only like radar because they haven't given no radar a fair chance is untrue. If we're only targeting the fraction of the playerbase that enjoys no radar then this is going to fail. Especially given that that sub section of the playerbase seems to be the most reluctant to play these settings (HCS thread derptards anyone?)

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